Purported Kushner Peace Plan Won’t Fly

Purported Kushner Peace Plan Won’t Fly March 19, 2019

U.S. President Donald Trump says his son-in-law Jared Kushner has crafted a peace plan for the Middle East that will be “the deal of the century.” For many years, Trump has often said that would be the case if the Israeli-Palestinian conflict gets solved.

St. Martin’s Press released a new book today that supposedly reveals Kushner’s plan, which he has kept under wraps. Journalist Vicky Ward has written Kushner, Inc. based on over 200 interviews of people on the inside of this conflict who she says she interviewed about it. The Jerusalem Post apparently has seen an advance copy of the book.

Ward says Kushner’s plan involves Arab nations, especially Saudi Arabia, forking up a bunch of money to try to placate the Palestinians in hope that they will abandon their aspirations for their own independent state in The Levant. That would make former PLO President Yasser Arafat turn over in his grave in order to pull out his pistol! Even if there is a solution to this problem which does not afford Palestinians with their own state, or even it the traditional two-state solution is imposed, they will not work.

So, this Kushner plan apparently is not a two-state solution. That is ridiculous! This problem will NOT be solved without the Palestinians getting their own state. Trust me; it’s in the Bible. I’ve written all about this in my book, Palestine Is Coming: The Revival of Ancient Philistia. Not only that, I believe the Bible predicts pretty much where the future Palestinian state will be located–only in the coastal plain as a VERY expanded Gaza Strip, with Israel annexing all of the West Bank and forfeiting coastal territory.

This should be obvious by both my book’s title and the map on the book’s front cover. Published nearly thirty years ago, events have been moving steadily along in the direction of what I lay out in the book. You can still read for free over half of the book, the essential part of it (without the history), at my website kermitzarley.com.

Ward also says the Kushner plan involves a land swap. My proposed solution does too. Kushner proposes that Jordan give up some of its territory located adjacent to the West Bank in exchange for Saudi Arabia forfeiting some of its territory to Jordan. Yeah, sure! Western Jordan is livable, but Saudi territory adjacent to Jordan is not. All of that is a great big desert.

Ward also says the Saudis would construct an oil pipeline to Gaza and build both oil refineries, desalinization plants, and a shipping terminal there. That supposedly would create much-needed jobs for the Gaza Palestinians.

Ward says the big, black hole in this plan is that Israel doesn’t have to cough up anything to make it work. That figures! Jared Kushner is an observant Orthodox Jew. He’s not exactly an unbiased person trying to solve a conflict between two parties.

Kushner recently described his plan generally by saying it is “really about establishing borders and resolving final status issues . . . The plan will have a broad economic impact, not only Israel and the Palestinians, but on the entire region as well.”

If Ward is right, I believe this Kushner plan will end up in the dustbin with all the others that have been proposed before it. And since it is not even a two-state solution, it’s a big waste of time.


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