Just Call It “Trump Roast” And Get On with It

Just Call It “Trump Roast” And Get On with It April 7, 2019

For the third year, President Donald Trump revealed Friday that he will not attend the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Why should he since he thinks the press is “Fake News” and “the enemy of the people.” This black tie event is about joking around and just having fun. Trump doesn’t exactly fit in to that no matter what he says. Being a classic narcissist, in my opinion, he’s the opposite of being self-deprecating.

The president seemed to indicate he has a prior commitment. He said, “I’m going to hold a rally. The dinner is boring and so negative, that we’re going to hold a very positive rally . . . everybody wants it. The Correspondents’ Dinner is too negative, I like positive things.” Uh, yeah. Such as trashing now deceased John McCain at your rallies.

I think they should change the name of this function to Trump Roast and get on with it. President Trump increasingly appears “unhinged” as he furnishes more and more fuel for making fun at his expense. The best may be his recent statement at a political rally in which he suggested that noise from windmill turbines causes cancer. Plus, as an advocate of increasing coal-making energy, he joked that a household that would depend on solar energy would not be able to watch TV at night due to no sunshine. Wow! Does he really not understand that solar energy is stored, often in batteries? And what about his Trumpsters who were there and heard that? What did they think of it? Maybe most of them were coal miners.

President Donald Trump is helping keep the late-night TV comedians in business. After Attorney General William Barr issued his four-page “summary” of the special counsel Robert Mueller’s finished report on Russian interference in the 2016 election, wherein Barr said the report finds no connection between Trump and this Russian meddling, comedian Stephen Colbert quipped on his TV program, “If President Trump is not a Russian asset, what the hell is wrong with this guy?” There’s your Trump Roast.

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