Too Many Guns

Too Many Guns September 7, 2019

The mass shooting in West Texas on August 31 seems to have caused America to turn a corner on gun regulation along with the growing fact that Democrats are gaining a foothold in winning the 2020 election, certainly in the House, the Senate right now is up for grabs, and the presidency–go figure. Nobody thought Donald Trump win the presidency, at least early on after he threw his hat in the ring to run the race. How so? Democrats took control of the House in the 2018 mid-term election, and twelve Republican and three Democrats in the House recently announced their retirements.

Democrats are for more regulation of guns, whereas Republicans are not. So, it’s looking like there are going to be more laws passed in the U.S. Congress in the near future that will more strictly regulate gun ownership. America has by far the highest rate of gun ownership per capita of population in the world among advanced nations. It is about one gun per person. President Trump says our problem is not too many guns, but too many crazies that get guns, so we need to get them into mental hospitals, and to do that we need to build more such hospitals.

I live in the metro-Phoenix area of Arizona. In 2015, researcher Sherry Towers at Arizona State University published her research paper on the contagion effect of mass shootings. She states, “We found there was no relationship to mental illness, but we found that there was a very significant relationship to the prevalence of firearm ownership.” That’s what I’ve been saying for years. See my recent post, “The Political Right Says, ‘Guns Don’t Kill People.’” As I say in this post, Trump’s conclusion means the U.S. has a lot more crazy people than other nations, which is ludicrous.

My next book has a chapter about Bible prophecies indicating that in the latter days of this age, there will not only be no guns on earth but there will be no bombs and other advanced weapons. Ezekiel 38-39 makes it very clear that the world will have only primitive weapons–such as swords, spears, bows and arrows, and clubs–with which to fight wars. See my post, “Someday, No More Guns,” and I’m not talking about eschaton–when Jesus comes back. I mean before that.

People have a hard time believing this because they don’t think far ahead. And many Evangelical Christians believe Jesus will return soon so that it can’t be true that the world will disarm itself of all advanced weapons. See my correction of this error in my post, “‘The Doctrine of Imminence’ Prevents Abolishing Guns.

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