Donald Trump Is the Bonehead

Donald Trump Is the Bonehead September 11, 2019

President Donald Trump this morning tweeted a message calling Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell, whom Trump appointed, a bonehead for not cutting interest rates to “zero or lower.” Actually, Trump called Powell and other members of the Federal Reserve “boneheads” for it. Mind you, this comes from a businessman who declared bankruptcy four times in his career and now has over a dozen FBI investigations looking into his possible financial corruptions.

What is a bonehead? It’s a “stupid person.” Donald Trump is a bonehead for twice identifying himself publicly while president as “a/an (extremely) stable genius.” I think that’s about the height of stupidity to say a thing like that about yourself even if you are a genius.

Donald Trump is the bonehead for constantly speaking so uncouth, so disrespectfully of others, so unpresidential. He should go back to the building trades where they talk that way and leave such language out of the U.S. presidential arena. Such talk by the man in the Oval Office makes the U.S. a laughingstock around the world, and not in a good way.

Donald Trump is the bonehead for thinking he is such an expert on just about everything, in this case the economy. As I’ve said multiple times on this blog, it’s because he is a psychologically sick man, being a classical narcissist at the least. Donald Trump doesn’t have a humble bone in his body. He doesn’t believe in it. That’s mostly why he is such a bonehead.

Donald Trump is a bonehead because he is a climate denier. That is, he doesn’t believe that the 1-2% increase in earth’s temperatures in the past century or more is human induced. Yet something like 99% of all experts in this category claim that the clearly-proved global warming is mostly caused by humans. I think that 10-20 years from now, all present climate deniers will be running for the closets to hide their stupidity on this.

Donald Trump is a bonehead for taking lying to a whole other level, especially as president of the what has been the greatest country in the world for a long time. And that may not last if he continues as president and then his children follow him into the White House. Surely that cant’ happen. But then, who really believed Donald Trump could become president, other than Steve Bannon who helped immeasurably to orchestrate it?

The two best newspapers in the land–The New York Times and The Washington Post–have tracked President Donald Trump’s “false and misleading statements,” public that is, at over 10,000 early this year. To be exact, on June 10th, Fact Checker had it as 10,796 in 869 days in office. But don’t get the idea that the presidency turns you into a liar. Trump’s statements were awarded PolitiFacts 2015 and 2017 Lie of the Year. The SharpieGate boondoggle about Hurricane Dorian is the latest example.

Jerome Powell is a smart guy, witnessed by his ignoring the president’s many negative remarks he’s been making publicly of the Federal Reserve chairman of late. In doing such things, Donald Trump just keeps on proving what a bonehead he is.

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