Republicans–Three Strikes and You’re Out

Republicans–Three Strikes and You’re Out October 4, 2019

In 1968, the Republicans put Tricky Dick in the White House. President Richard Nixon had to resign in 1974 or be impeached due to his many lies and coverup about the stupid Watergate break-in of the Democratic headquarters. In that particular case, the coverup certainly was worse than the crime. During my lifetime, this Nixon affair was Republican strike one.

In 1999, the Republicans impeached Democratic President Bill Clinton in the House–but it failed to pass in the Senate–for lying about a sexual encounter he had with an intern in the Oval Office. Most of America, as I did, thought that was not a legitimate reason for impeaching a president, which is such a big deal. So, that was Republican strike two.

Democrats last week opened an impeachment inquiry in the House into whether or not Republican President Donald Trump has committed “high crimes and misdemeanors,” as the Constitution declares. I think he has–several times. He even admitted one this week, though he believes he did nothing wrong. He said it was “a perfect call,” referring to his July 25th phone call to the Ukraine president in which he leveraged U.S. foreign aid to get dirt on his Democratic rival Joe Biden. If Republicans don’t impeach and remove this president due to his danger to democracy as set forth in our Constitution, that will be strike three for Republicans. Three strikes and you’re out!

I mean Republicans will no longer control either house of Congress or the White House. If that happens, Republicans may be a long time recovering, if they ever do. There could be a formation of another, viable, political party. Why do I say that. I don’t think our two-party system has been working very well lately. Neither party comes very close to representing my values, and I think it’s the same with a lot of Americans.

The evidence against President Donald Trump is piling up. It’s overwhelming. He is even incriminating himself with his public remarks. And whistleblowers continue to come forth. I think the handwriting is on the wall. It is that the House will impeach him. Whether or not the Republican-controlled Senate removes him from office is another matter. Right now it’s extremely doubtful; but that could change.

It’s a shame that hardly any Republicans are standing up against this corrupt president. They are uncourageous because they are afraid of Trump’s Twitter bashing and his base of voting support. I thought when our politicians took their oath of office, they promised to uphold the Constitution. It looks as though they will not separate from this president unless the polls show very convincingly that America wants this man removed from office. More reason why Republicans are going down.

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