What Trump Should Read in the Bible

What Trump Should Read in the Bible November 3, 2019

Over a year ago I blogged about Three Main Bible Proverbs President Trump should immerse himself in to change his aberrant way of being so full of himself. The following is more of the same:

  • President Trump will say something and later claim rather unconvincingly, “I was only joking.” The Bible says, “Like a maniac who shoots deadly firebrands and arrows,” meaning indiscriminately, “so is one who deceives a neighbor and says, ‘I am only joking'” (Proverbs 26.18-19).
  • When President Trump recently defended his decision to remove troops from Syria and thereby no longer protect the Kurds, he claimed he did it “in my great and unmatched wisdom.” The Bible says, “Do you see persons wise in their own eyes? There is more hope for fools than for them” (Proverbs 26.12).
  • President Trump is well known for believing in conspiracy theories. The U.S. Congress now has an impeachment investigation of him based mostly on his July 25th phone call with Ukraine’s President Zelensky in which he was withholding $391 million in military aid for Ukraine to defend itself against aggressor Russia due to his asking Zelensky to investigate political rival Joe Biden and his son based on a debunked conspiracy theory that Ukraine stole the Democratic Party’s server. And he has many Republicans believing it. But the Bible says, “Do not call conspiracy all that this people calls conspiracy, and do not fear what it fears, or be in dread. But the LORD of hosts [=God’s angelic armies], him you shall regard as holy; let him be your fear, and let him be your dread” (Isaiah 8.12-13).
  • President Trump reportedly is disavowing legal advice and even says he is his own “team” for deciding strategy in opposing impeachment in Congress. But the Bible says, “by wise guidance you can wage your war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory” (Proverbs 24.6).
  • Many evangelical Republicans say President Trump is innocent. But they should know that the Bible says, “Whoever says to the wicked, ‘You are innocent,’ will be cursed by peoples, abhorred by nations; but those who rebuke the wicked will have delight, and a good blessing will come upon them” (Proverbs 24.24-25).

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