Trump Should Quit

Trump Should Quit May 14, 2020

U.S. President Donald Trump keeps sinking in quicksand. First, he was investigated by the special counsel Robert Mueller for two years, and the report says the Trump administration, led by Trump, appears to have tried about ten times to obstruct justice. Second, the House impeached Trump, though the Senate did not. Third, Trump continues to obstruct justice by preventing his people–such as former White House lawyer Don McGahn and former National Security Advisor John Bolton–from obeying a court subpoena by testifying before Congress. Fourth, Trump’s miserable response to this coronavirus pandemic–by first denying its threat, then failing to lead in the fight against it, and finally refusing to accept any responsibility for what will soon be over 100,000 deaths from it–is the last straw that should make him resign the presidency. But no, he sacrifices the health of the country by planning his strategy based almost entirely on the politics of getting reelected this November.

President Lyndon B. Johnson was our president from November, 1963, after President John Kennedy was assassinated, to January, 1969. The nation had gotten bogged down in the Vietnam War. Johnson was lying to the American public about it, hoping this U.S. misfortune would turn around so that the U.S. would be winning the war. But it only got worse, and Johnson and his generals were fudging on the numbers. Johnson finally did the honorable thing, due to his failure to be straight with Americans, and announced his decline to run for another term. I think he would have had another term to serve as president. Trump should do likewise.

On April 27 this year–18 days ago and less than three months into this COVID-19 pandemic–the U.S. death toll for this virus had surpassed the total 58,220 casualties the U.S. suffered in nearly two decades of the Vietnam War. But experts say the figure of virus deaths will be double that by mid-summer.

Trump has shown himself to be such a stooge about this virus. He is still touting the value of fighting off this virus by taking hydroxychloroquine, which has not been proved to be beneficial for it. Plus, all medical authorities caution against taking it.

Moreover, Trump’s worst hour was in a press briefing twenty days ago when he suggested that people with the virus should swallow disinfectant, such as bleach, for it. What a complete BOZO! You can die from that! And what a COWARD! If he’s going to say a STUPID thing like that, he should have a doctor inject him with COVID-19 and swallow disinfectant himself just to show us if it works.

As I have said on my blog perhaps over 100 times since Donald Trump began to run for the U.S. presidency, back in 2015, he is absolutely not qualified for such a position. And he just keeps proving it more and more, day after day. Due to all of this, the American public does not trust this man at all to manage the country through this devastating health crisis.

Trump’s primary downfall is his huge ego. He doesn’t have an ounce of humility in him. He doesn’t believe in it. He believes in being super macho, winning at any cost. As I have posted many times about him ever since he became president, the Bible says,

“When pride comes, then comes disgrace” (Proverbs 11.2 NRSV).

“Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverb 16.18).

I think we are witnessing the truth of these two scriptures. And it is not me saying this; I’m only quoting God, who spoke through King Solomon. If people don’t believe this will happen, they don’t believe God.

So, TRUMP NEEDS TO GO! He should do the honorable thing, as President Johnson did, and QUIT! It probably would save lives.


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