Wear a Mask or Be a “Moron” Says The Terminator

Wear a Mask or Be a “Moron” Says The Terminator June 22, 2020

All those guys out there who think they are so tough and macho or just plain individualistic, and therefore refuse to wear a mask in public because of this terrible health crisis called COVID-19 that we are going through, should listen to what The Terminator has to say about it.

California Governor Gavin Newsom issued an order this week making it mandatory for California residents to wear a mask or other facial covering due to the COVID-19 health crisis that the world is enduring.

Thursday, Arnold Schwarzenegger–former seven-time Mr. Universe, Hollywood movie mega-star who played The Terminator film series, and Republican Governor of California from 2003 to 2010–spoke in strong support of Governor Newsom’s order, saying, “This is 100% the right move. This will help us beat this terrible virus. The science is unanimous. If we all wear masks, we slow down the spread and can reopen [the economy] safely. It’s not a political issue. Anyone making it a political issue is an absolute moron or can’t read.” Arnold has a way of getting to the point!

With that last sentence, The Terminator seemed to be pointing his finger at Republican President Donald Trump, who early on downplayed the importance of this health crisis, now seems to be ignoring it, and all along has refused to wear a mask in public.

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