It Was a Real Debate This Time

It Was a Real Debate This Time October 22, 2020


President Donald Trump and challenger and former Vice President Joe Biden faced off in the final, televised debate with just twelve days left before the November 3rd election. The previous debate was so chaotic mostly because moderator Chris Wallace was not able to control it, with especially Trump constantly interrupting Biden. The event got such a negative response that it seemed that these presidential debates, which have been conducted for the past sixty years, may be in jeopardy. But the commission introduced a new rule–silencing either microphone of the two contestants if they went much beyond their allotted time to speak and if they kept interrupting their opponent. For the most part, that solved the previous problem so that it came off as a real debate.

It has been reported that in preparation for that onerous first debate, President Trump and his advisors–specifically Rudy Giuliani and perhaps Chris Christi, both of whom helped prep Trump–decided that Trump should constantly interrupt Biden in an effort to try to throw him off his game. That is, Biden has always been known for having somewhat of a stuttering problem which he increasingly overcame in his life. But it was a strategy that strongly backfired because it didn’t cause Joe to stutter and the viewing public were generally incensed with Trump doing that.

So, who won this second debate? I think it was closer than the first debate, which I believe Joe Biden soundly won, but Joe still won this debate as well. However, he didn’t have to win it to maintain his almost 10% lead with the voting public according to polls taken the last few weeks. All Biden had to do was maintain his composure, sound presidential, and appear likable. I think he did all three.

As for Trump, with the polls showing him that far behind, he had to hit a bases-loaded home run, and it didn’t happen–not even close. If the election was tomorrow, Biden probably would win in a landslide. It’s even looking that way to me come November 3.

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