Nero Fiddled and Trump Golfed

Nero Fiddled and Trump Golfed November 22, 2020

The story goes that when Rome caught fire and much of it burned down, madman Emperor Nero resorted to playing his fiddle, thereby ignoring the known crisis. A parallel occurred yesterday when U.S. President Donald Trump joined the virtual G-20 meeting of the world’s leaders, hosted by Saudi Arabia this time; but when it turned to discussing the worldwide health crisis called COVID-19, which has now killed 1.3 million people, with over 255,000 of them Americans, and has had a devastating impact on economies the world over, President Trump immediately headed for his Trump National Golf Club in nearby Sterling, Virginia, to get in another quick 18 holes. So, whether thumbing a fiddle or fingering a putter, the result is the same: tune out the people-killing catastrophe.

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