No More Donald Duck Tweet Tweet

No More Donald Duck Tweet Tweet January 13, 2021

Twitter cut off his account this week. So, Donald Duck Trump is now a dead duck who can’t tweet anymore. As the U.S. president, Donald Trump tweeted over 25,000 times. If he could, here are seven tweets I think he might want to tweet right now:

“Nervous Nancy this week has been a witch on a hunt.”

“The Peoples House has been taken over by the enemy of the people.”

“Nervous Nancy’s impeachment is nothing but a great big hoax.”

“And her article of impeachment is the same as before–FAKE NEWS.”

“Mighty Mitch needs to do the right thing and reject the dishonest article.”

“If not, the good people, on both sides, may rise up and hang Mitch.”

“Then, I will return.”

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