The Trump Brand Is Going Down in Flames

The Trump Brand Is Going Down in Flames January 9, 2021






President Donald Trump has eleven more days until he will be just another U.S. citizen like the rest of us. His actions since the November 3rd presidential election have been devastating to his Trump brand, upon which his Trump Organization depends so much. Most injurious has been his childish refusal to concede defeat in the election, his constant and false allegations that widespread election fraud made Joe Biden the victor, but especially Trump’s inciting mob violence Wednesday that resulted in thousands of people assaulting the nation’s Capitol and causing six deaths.

Even though the Republican Trump presidency is about to end, many Americans, especially Democrats and their elected representatives, are worried that Donald Trump is mentally unstable, very vengeful, and therefore might do something with his presidential powers in these last days that could cause the nation great harm.

Therefore, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced yesterday that the president should resign. But since he likely will not do so, the Speaker said she has begun proceedings to impeach President Donald Trump a second time, an unprecedented act in the nation’s history. This, of course, is a controversial decision, especially since only eleven days remain of his presidency, and it would likely take more than eleven days for such a proceeding to be complete. If it happened, the impeachment would then go to the Senate, as it did the first time.

The main thinking of those favoring a second impeachment of Donald Trump seems to be that, even if the affair would extend beyond the eleven days and whether or not the Senate would find Trump guilty, such a second impeachment by the House would prevent him from ever being the U.S. president again. For, President Trump has been saying or indicating that he would run for the presidential election again in 2024.

Donald Trump is in other deep trouble–legal trouble. And no one knows it better than he does. He always knew he was vulnerable to being prosecuted for crimes committed as a shady businessman. He’s going to continue talking about fraud all right, but not just election fraud. He is under several investigations for bank, insurance, and tax fraud committed before he ever became president. That’s why he wanted desperately to win the November election and thus remain president for the next four years–to “Stay Out of Prison.” He would have continued to enjoy his immunity from prosecution for crimes since he would have remained a sitting president. And maybe he could have run out the clock on some illegalities due to statutes of limitations.

Another question is whether or not Donald Trump will be prosecuted for having incited mob violence on the nation’s Capitol. Many expert lawyers are saying he likely will be.

All of this will be disastrous to the Trump brand. Some people have already been angry about hotels and resorts displaying the Trump name. And this week the Canadian online Shopify, which is much like, removed all Trump products. This is something that may continue elsewhere.

Politics just reported hours ago, “‘The events [of Wednesday] have cemented a terminal threat to the survival of what was left of the Trump brand,’ Eric Schiffer, serial entrepreneur and regular business contributor to CNN, told Adweek. ‘It is currently melting down in a dumpster fire.'”

Even finding a place to live may be difficult for Donald Trump. He apparently has been planning to live at his Mar-a-Lago Estate in Palm Beach, Florida. But last month, a group of neighbors issued a letter to the city council saying Donald Trump has been violating the agreement he signed with the city when he bought the property. Trump had asked for the property to be designated as a social club having paid guests. The city granted this request with the provision that the estate also would not also be Trump’s residence.

But President Trump kept visiting Mar-a-Lago during his presidency, living there part-time. And he would play golf there at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach. Mar-a-Lago therefore acquired the name the Winter White House. Thus, it became questionable if he was violating that Palm Beach city agreement. It is said that city council members turned a blind eye to the issue since he was the nation’s president. But what about when he is no longer the president, in eleven days from now?

These neighbors say they want Trump gone. In fact, one of those wealthy neighbors, the well-known Evangelical Christian philanthropist family DeMoss, recently issued a brief letter stating this. It concludes by saying of Donald Trump, “Palm Beach has many lovely estates for sale, and surely he can find one that meets his needs.”

In a political rally on October 16th last year, President Trump surmised in apparent jest concerning the upcoming presidential election, “Could you imagine if I lose? I’m not going to feel so good. Maybe I’ll have to leave the country, I don’t know.”


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