U.S. Announces Renewed Relationship with Palestinian Authority

U.S. Announces Renewed Relationship with Palestinian Authority January 28, 2021

It has been over two years since former President Donald Trump foolishly cozied up to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and ended the U.S. relationship with the Palestinian Authority, thus throwing away the important U.S. status, which had existed for over five decades, as the sole peace broker in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Plus, the Trump administration had ended the annual $200 million U.S. foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority for its governance of Palestinians in the West Bank. It also had stopped the $350 million annual contribution to the UN Palestinian refugee camps. These dastardly Trump deeds surely contributed to the increase in anti-Semitism around the world in recent years.

But yesterday, Richard Mills, the acting U.S. ambassador to the UN, announced that the new U.S. Biden administration will renew the U.S. relationship with the Palestinian Authority. This action will represent a more fair policy regarding the seemingly intractable Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Mills also reaffirmed the previous U.S. longstanding position that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can only be solved with a two-state solution. Interestingly, Mills spoke of “a mutually-agreed two-state solution.” Thus, he did not restrict solving the matter of granting a Palestinian state with the traditional West Bank-Gaza concept joined by a corridor. In my now thirty-year old book, Palestinian Is Coming, I endorse a two-state solution as the only possible way to solve the problem, yet I assert that this traditional arrangement will not work. Instead, I interpret ten Old Testament Bible prophecies to show that Palestinians will have their own state during the last day of this age, but it will be located only in the coastal plain as sort of a revival of ancient Philistia (Palestinians derive their name from the ancient Philistines), and Israel will annex all of the West Bank. Thus, this Palestinian state will be a very expanded Gaza Strip. (Read the main half of this book for free and see updated articles at my website.)

Mills further invoked previous U.S. policy that Israel should allow no more settlement of Jews in the approximately 130 government-approved Jewish settlements in the West Bank as well as the approximately 100 such settlements that are not so approved but were not prevented. The Trump administration had only told Israel that it should not annex the West Bank at that time, which Israel was saying it was going to do. Of course, that would be extremely detrimental to the conflict.

Mills also said to the UN Security Council that the Biden administration “welcomes the recent normalization agreements between Israel and southern Middle East states. The Trump administration had helped facilitate these relationships, which involved the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, and Sudan. But Mills added, “Arab-Israeli normalization is not a substitute for Israeli-Palestinian peace.”

Of course, Palestinian leaders welcomed this Biden administration announcement.

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