Will I Blog About Biden As Much As I Did About Trump?

Will I Blog About Biden As Much As I Did About Trump? January 27, 2021

NO! I won’t need to. I’ll do it if I feel the need, which likely will be rare. Trump’s presidency was a very unusual four years in our nation’s history. My blog is on the Progressive Christian Channel at patheos.com. So, that indicates I blog mostly about spiritual things, especially the Bible since that’s what my eight books are about–Biblical Studies. Trump had to be called out because he was so unfit for the job.

I’m saying this because I’ve gotten some push-back by commenters about my blogging about Trump so much. I was warning readers about him, as were many other people, and it turned out that we were obviously right. I don’t take any pleasure in calling out a person for his/her ineptitude and falling down on the job. Instead, I wish them well–do unto others as you would have them do unto you” Jesus said. Yet see my post, “I Feel My Critique about President Donald Trump Has Been Validated.”

I had my blog for three years of Barack Obama’s presidency (blog started in 2013). I don’t think I posted about it except probably his good efforts at getting the Iran nuclear agreement. I didn’t need to post about Obama’s presidency because I think he did an okay job. Moreover, he’s a very likable guy, intelligent, quite a reader of books, an outstanding orator, and thus terrific for being our first African-American president.

And President Obama was well liked by the international community except in the Middle East. But he had the right viewpoint about that, including his stance regarding Israel. Jews generally are biased about that, and Christian Zionists are out-to-lunch about it. Read my chapter about them (31 years ago) in my Palestine Is Coming book (now free reading of half the book, the main half, at kermitzarley.com, though it doesn’t have the chapter on Christian Zionism).

Regarding the Middle East generally, Obama was trying to lower the tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and them as leaders of Shiites in the north and Sunnis in the south, respectively. That was exactly the right approach as I will be showing in my next book about the Middle East.

But with Biden, the U.S. is in good hands. That job is never easy–perhaps the toughest job in the world. And I think Biden also may do pretty well in bringing back some bipartisanship in Congress through negotiation. But that will be tough to accomplish. Biden was known as a senator who worked across the aisle. And he already is being well received by U.S. allies, who couldn’t stand Trump. President Trump insulted our allies and praised the dictators, even aspiring to be one of them over us Americans. But now he is gone and our democracy is back on track with this Biden-Harris team.

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