Spieth Wins Valero

Spieth Wins Valero April 4, 2021

Jordan Spieth, after nearly four years of absence from the winners’ circle, finally broke through today to win the Valero Open at the TPC San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas, Spieth’s native home state. It was his twelfth victory on the PGA Tour.

Beginning the day tied for the lead with Matt Wallace, Spieth took the early, sole lead and finished the day with a six-under par 66 to win by two strokes over Charlie Hoffman. Spieth had to overcome the jitters starting out, missing the first two fairways off the tee. During this drought period, he had not only struggled with his golf swing but his confidence as well.

Jordan said today’s win was important for restoring his confidence. The three-time major winner is now primed for the Masters next week for the first major of the year.

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