This Week’s Politic Humor Part 1

This Week’s Politic Humor Part 1 August 15, 2021

George and Kellyanne Conway

Washington attorney George Conway is still at it, ragging on former President Donald Trump. What Republican lawyer in Washington, who was primed to serve in the Trump administration and got rejected, does it more, and perhaps better, than George. Yet he is still married to Kellyanne Conway, the former chief advisor for Donald Trump during his entire presidency. She seemed to have coined the expression “alternative facts” by applying it to Trump’s lies and falsehoods, as if dressing up a pig and putting lipstick on it. For the past five years, George and Kellyanne have surely been the premier odd couple in the nation’s Capitol.

George wrote this week about this week’s revelation that President Trump tried to get his acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to say publicly that the 2020 election was a fraud. Mr. Rosen testified before Congress this week, saying President Trump told him last December 27th on a phone call, “Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the R. Congressmen.” Many lawyers are saying that may be a crime in itself that will send Trump to prison.

So, did Kellyanne ever contribute to Donald Trump’s possible presidential crimes? If so, could she ever be investigated and indicted? Then, would husband George be her attorney arguing that neither his wife nor Donald committed crimes? How could he do that since he has been saying for years that Trump committed crimes as president.

Lindsey Graham

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina—one of ex-President Trump’s golfing buddies—has slowly been regaining some of his sense after falling into the pit of Trumpian sycophantcy for four years. But Mr. Graham has still got a long way to go to recover what most of us used to think was a lot of common sense. This week, Lindsey said Donald had better get over the nonsense of Joe Biden stealing the 2020 election from him or it will be his “Political Obituary.” I guess the senator means it will be the ex-president’s death in politics, so that he will not be able to run for president in 2024. Trump has been hinting at that, and thereby fleecing his political supporters to tune of about a $100 million recently, is that right? Well, political obituary would be better than a prison sentence. This week’s revelation that Trump told his acting attorney general Jeffrey Rosen to falsely declare there was election fraud last November and that he really won the election could, like other things President Trump did, be a crime that could send him to prison.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, the right wingnut (pun intended) Representative from Georgia, commented yesterday on the failed prediction believed by a huge portion of the Republican Party that Trump would be reinstated as president last Friday. She told them, “be careful what you believe in.” Uh, that seems to me to be the pot calling the kettle “black.”

Mike Lindell

Republican businessman and sales pitcher Mike Lindell—the ubiquitous Pillow Guy owner we see all the time on TV, who looks like he wants to be ex-President Donald Trump’s shadow or mouth—was the main Trumpster predicting that the ex-president would be reinstated on August 13th, thus last Friday. Since it didn’t happen, has Lindell done any more calculations and prophesied a later date? I think he should lay his head down on his nice, soft pillow and take a long nap. Maybe Mr. Lindell will wake up twenty years later, like Rip Van Winkle did, but disappointed by believing he missed one of those alternative facts—seeing Donald Trump reinstated as president.

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