“Putin’s Brain” Is Aleksandr Dugin

“Putin’s Brain” Is Aleksandr Dugin March 28, 2022

Putin’s War in Ukraine is stalling as U.S. President Joe Biden flew to Europe and met with government leaders and others in Brussels, the headquarters of both the EU and NATO the past week. The agenda for discussion was Putin’s War and how they should respond to it further, applying more sanctions on Russia, weaning Europe off of Russian natural gas, and firming up the necessary unity within the EU and NATO, which latter has indeed been happening. Then Biden gave an important speech in Poland. It’s core was the necessity of strengthening democracy amidst the rise of autocracies in the world, which is Biden’s main theme he promotes as president. Biden concluded the speech by apparently going off script and saying of Putin, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.” That has been a controversial statement since it appears to overturn U.S. policy which does not advocate regime change of other nations.

Why has Putin attacked Ukraine and what does he want? It’s largely has to do with the huge influence of Aleksandr Dugin upon Vladimir Putin. Dugin is a 60-year old Russian intellectual who is well known to Europe’s “new right” and America’s “alt-right.” He is sometimes called by those groups “Putin’s Brain.” That’s because Dugin has influenced Vladimir Putin more than any other source in Putin’s attempted restoration of the Russian Empire of medieval times if not more.

In Dugin’s books, he lays out his vision of a future empire that he calls “Eurasia” which stretches “from Dublin to Vladisvostok.” It even to includes India in a triple axis, with western Europe crumbling from within (same for NATO) due to its moral corruption and Russia ruling the whole empire as supreme.

Yesterday, David Von Drehle wrote in his column in The New York Times about Dugin, “In his magnum opus, “The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia,” published in 1997, Dugin mapped out the game plan in detail. Russian agents should foment racial, religious and sectional divisions within the United States while promoting the United States’ isolationist factions. (Sound familiar?) In Great Britain, the psy-ops effort should focus on exacerbating historic rifts with Continental Europe and separatist movements in Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Western Europe, meanwhile, should be drawn in Russia’s direction by the lure of natural resources: oil, gas and food. NATO would collapse from within.”

Ain’t gonna happen, folks! How do I know? The Bible tells me so. More specifically, it is Daniel 2. It lays out the framework for Daniel’s three following visions of the future of world empires, related in Daniel 7–12. Daniel 2 tells of King Nebuchadnezzar having a dream that foretells it all, with Daniel’s three visions filling in the details.

I have blogged about this multiple times. It’s briefly in my book, Warrior from Heaven, which relates that the world is presently in a process of reestablishing a revival of the ancient Roman Empire. But it will rule over a larger territory than Rome ever did. My book explains it as follows, with a map included (pp. 5-6):

“It is a confederation of ten contiguous kingdoms that surround the Mediterranean Sea. The entire geographical extent of this union includes all the lands of Europe, the Middle East, and far Northern Africa.

“So, this great empire joins together all of the lands of the four empires of this region of the world that existed during antiquity. Going as far back as the seventh century BCE, these empires were, in chronological order, (1) the Neo-Babylonian Empire, (2) the Media-Persian Empire, (3) the Greek Empire, and (4) the Roman Empire.

“Many Christians anticipated the formation of this ten-nation confederacy. They claimed it was predicted in their Scriptures. Many of them called it the ‘Revived Roman Empire.’ Revived it is, except that its dominion stretches beyond that of the old Roman Empire to include all of the lands of those three Mediterranean empires that immediately preceded it. Thus, this ten-nation empire includes a considerable amount of territory that ancient Rome never did rule.”

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