Howard Stern Calls Republican Party the “Wacko Party”

Howard Stern Calls Republican Party the “Wacko Party” March 28, 2022

I don’t listen to Howard Stern as host of his “Howard Stern Show” on Sirius XM. I have in the past watched his previous TV program a few times. He’s too far afield with bad language and such for me as a Christian. But the guy does get to the point–call a spade a spade–and thus sometimes speaks the truth.

Five days ago on his radio program, as reported in the media, I think Stern nailed it by calling the Republican Party the “Wacko Party.” He explained, “I miss the old Republican Party. It used to be nice to have a two-party system. Now it’s wackos versus Democrats.” My sentiments exactly! That’s why I’ve been advocating for years for more of a multi-party system since our two-party system just isn’t working. Neither party now comes close to my values.

Although I’m an independent voter who voted almost all Republican in the 20th c., I’ve blogged many times about this (Republicans: Three Strikes and You’re Out“, “The Republican Party’s Reputation Is Shot to Hell,” “The Republican Party Is as Phony as a Three Dollar Bill“) These are now chapters in my new book, Bible Predicts Trump Fall.

Stern gave as an example the huge contingent of Republicans, which includes former Republican President Donald Trump, who like Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Stern said of them that they say, “‘Putin is cool. We like Putin.’ I mean, it’s so outrageously bizarre.” Indeed, since Putin’s War in Ukraine began on February 24th, Trump has called the invasion “genius.” It always looks like Putin has something on Trump, but it may just be that Trump so admires autocrats and dictators, just power itself.

Even though Howard Stern has for many years been a friend of Donald Trump and interviewed him many times, Stern also said on last Wednesday’s program, “The stupidity of the way we have our voting set up. The system was rigged — Trump’s right. It was rigged in his favor. It was absolutely absurd that this guy got to be the president of the United States.” Stern then blamed it on our antiquated Electoral College. Indeed, I’ve blogged about that before (“The Electoral College Is a Farce” and “Most Americans Say Abolish the Electoral College“), which is also in the my Trump book.

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