The Republican Party’s Reputation Is Shot to Hell

The Republican Party’s Reputation Is Shot to Hell April 23, 2019

First there was the right-wing Tea Party. Then along came Donald Trump, who used to be a Democrat. Together, they threw the Republican Party’s reputation into the toilet. Then there has been the president’s comical lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who said yesterday, “There’s nothing wrong with taking information from the Russians.” Finally, there is the new Attorney General William Barr, who is tucked away snugly in The Donald’s pocket. Barr has flushed the toilet with his false summaries of the redacted Mueller report made public last Thursday. The result: the Republican Party is floating away in the sewer.

Donald Trump strode into Washington like a knight in shining armor. He exclaimed that the nation’s capitol was controlled by Deep State and that he would “drain the swamp.” On the contrary, he and the corrupted Republican Party are in the sewer that is emptying into the swamp. The swamp wasn’t all that bad, but now it smells so foul it is stinking up to high heaven.

The 448-page Mueller report presents a president who is very unethical, who does not respect U.S. laws, who acts like a white-collar mobster by telling his underlings to break the law, and who himself has seriously obstructed justice about ten times or more, especially by trying to end special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Trump and his team regarding collusion with Russians about the election. And during this time, President Trump has more than 100 times called Mueller’s probe a Witch Hunt. I think it was a Witch Hunt, and Trump was the witch!

Plus, President Donald Trump publicly bashed the press and called it Fake News so many times that it’s hard to keep count. Yet Mueller’s report cites facts and testimonies from so many witnesses he interviewed which shows that the press has been amazingly truthful and accurate in its investigative reporting of Trump so that it’s been The Donald who has constantly been the Fake News because he is such a serial liar.

And who among the Republican members of Congress have sounded off by chastising their president for so disrespecting the highest office in our land? Only one Republican senator–Mitt Romney. He said the Mueller report made him “sickened” by Trump’s “dishonesty.” And Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich–who like Romney also ran against Trump for the Republican nomination for president–said the Mueller report proves Donald Trump is “disgusting.”

But where are all the other Republican Congress folk with courage to speak the truth? Republican Senator Susan Collins could only say the Mueller report is “an unflattering portrayal” of her president. That’s it. No others. The rest are still standing with their president. That’s why the Republican Party’s reputation is shot to hell.

(BTW, I voted Republican pretty much all my life until recently. As I posted before, “The Black White House Is Turning Me Into a Democrat. I didn’t quite mean that, but that’s the way I feel.)

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