Who Are Angels?

Who Are Angels? March 13, 2022

The Bible has many narratives about angels appearing to humans and sometimes conversing with them. However, there are many questions that people have about angels that the Bible does not answer or provide information about. Here are some of my beliefs about angels that I have gleaned from the Bible:

1. Angels are spirit beings who, like God, do not have physical bodies (Hebrews 1.14).

2. As spirit beings, angels do not die. Earthly flesh dies; spirit does not (James 2.26).

3. Angels have form and can instantly appear and disappear to human sight.

4. Angels always appear human-looking to human sight.

5. The Bible does not say God created the angels.

6. The Bible categorizes angels as God’s angels and Satan’s angels (Rev. 12.7-9).

7. Also like God, angels are neither male nor female (Gen. 1.26-27; Luke 20.36).

8. The abode of angels is heaven, which consists of spirit and is outside the universe.

9. Angels are curious about humans. God’s angels serve God’s people (Heb. 1.14).

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