Trump Says Throwing Fruit Is “Dangerous Stuff”

Trump Says Throwing Fruit Is “Dangerous Stuff” April 27, 2022

In the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, a civil investigation of financial wrongdoing of the Trump Organization is going on. It was just revealed yesterday that former U.S. President Donald Trump sat for a deposition for it last October in which he expressed his disdain for throwing fruit, saying it is “dangerous stuff.” Thus, it seems to be another one of his several phobias besides the main one–being a clean freak.

The occasion was a discussion about what Trump had said at a political rally to his supporters back in 2016. He told attendees, “If you see someone getting ready to throw a tomato, just knock the crap out of them, would you?” He even said he would pay their legal fees if any were involved.

A deposition lawyer then asked Trump why he said that about fruit. Trump revealed that his campaign staff had told him in advance of the rally, apparently due to their security information, that someone in the crowd was “going to throw fruit.” Trump explained, “You get hit with fruit, it’s–no, it’s very violent stuff. We were on alert for that. . . . But tomato, when they start doing that stuff, it’s very dangerous. There was an alert out that day. I wanted to have people be ready because we were put on alert that they were going to do fruit.”

Do fruit? When people say “do fruit,” Donald, they usually mean eat it. But then, maybe you were thinking of a food fight, to which “do fruit” would apply. “Do fruit” sounds to me like more of Trump’s New York mobster talk. Did the Mafia ever “do fruit”?

Trump further explained his somber revelation, “Some fruit is a lot worse. Tomatoes are bad, by the way. But it’s very dangerous.” He even admitted that he further instructed the crowd that if some protestors did throw fruit, “knock the crap out of them.” The lawyer asked him, “Is it your expectation that if your security guards see someone about to throw a tomato that they should knock the crap out of them?” Trump answered, “yes.” He then added, “A tomato, a pineapple, a lot of other things they throw. . . . Because if that happens, you can be killed if that happens.”

Really! Does The Donald know about that popular, annual tomato festival in Bunol, Spain, where they throw tomatoes at each other all day long just for fun. Lovely, bright red, but crushed, tomatoes are all over the place. I don’t know of anyone ever being killed from that. Donald, you should go there and try it out just to sooth your fear of getting whacked by a tomato and learning that it won’t kill you.

Asked if he meant literally hitting someone for throwing fruit at them, Trump said that if someone in the crowd had a tomato in his hand and wound up to throw it, people, including his guards if then can, should exercise “the use of physical force” against that person. And he added, “To stop somebody from throwing pineapples, tomatoes, bananas, stuff like that, yeah. It’s dangerous.”

[This info is taken from today’s article by Bess Levin in Vanity Fair entitled “In Sworn Testimony, Trump Says He Has Real Concerns About Being Killed By a Piece of Fruit.”]

I wonder what Rex Tillerson–former longtime CEO of Mobil-Exxon and briefly President Trump’s Secretary of State–would say about this, since he reportedly called Trump “a moron” in a closed governmental meeting in which Trump was not present.

I also wonder if The Donald has ever visited a zoo and watched those big, muscular, gray gorillas. I am so fascinated with those great apes that I can watch them for hours. Some of them like to throw stuff at their human visitors. I’ve had it happen. It’s usually a banana peel or their excrement. If one of them ever threw that stuff at Donald Trump, I wonder if he would order his security guards to go after the big brute with “the use of physical force.” And which would The Donald think was more dangerous–the gorilla throwing a banana at him or his guard tangling with that massive, frowning, gray-furry guy.

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