Chris Christie Lays a Zinger on Trump by Changing RINO

Chris Christie Lays a Zinger on Trump by Changing RINO May 12, 2022

Chris Christie laid a powerful zinger on former President Donald Trump yesterday. Republican Christie, you may recall, is the former governor of New Jersey and a close friend of Donald Trump. Christie has been a candidate for the Republican nomination for president. Trump even had Christie work with him in practicing for debates.

But lately, Chris Christie has departed somewhat from Trump’s inner circle. He has correctly alleged that the 2020 presidential election was conducted fairly so that current President Joe Biden did truly win it. Trump still claims that election was a fraud and that he won. But there is no evidence of it, with 60 courts ruling so.

Trump and many of his Republican supporters accuse Republicans, who don’t agree that the 2020 election was a fraud and Trump really won, of being RINOs, meaning Republican In Name Only. Christie came out yesterday with a Twitter tweet that included this statement, “Maybe the ‘R’ in RINO really stands for ‘Re-elected.'”

BTW, concerning my two posts, “Trump’s Says Throwing Fruit Is ‘Dangerous Stuff‘,” that “you can be killed if that happens,” and “Trump Should Carry an Umbrella Due to His Flying Fruit Phobia,” maybe if someone threw a coconut at the guy it would knock some sense into his head.

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