American Jews Say Trump Is Antisemitic

American Jews Say Trump Is Antisemitic November 12, 2022

J Street is a moderate, Jewish, lobby group with headquarters on J Street near the U.S. Capitol. They are the counterpart of the larger, right-wing, Jewish, lobby group AIPAC–American-Israel Public Affairs Committee. AIPAC historically has been against the peace process regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. J Street says it is “pro Israel, pro peace,” so it supports a peace process which involves Israel and the Palestinian Authority engaging in talks. That hasn’t happened now for several years partly because Benjamin Netanyahu was Israel’s Prime Minister, and he did not favor the peace process. Now, he just regained the PM office.

Polling research group GBAO conducted a poll of voters for J Street Tuesday evening when voters were exiting polling stations during the midterm elections. They questioned about 800 Jews. They asked them to answer yes or no if Donald Trump and his MAGA portion of the Republican Party were causing antisemitism and white nationalism in the U.S. A majority of 76% answered “yes.” GBAO also asked these American Jewish voters to answer yes or no if Tump and the MAGA crowd are “a threat to Jews in America.” A majority of 74% answered “yes.”

J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami announced these results along with a statement, saying, “The vast majority of our community,” I assumed he means the Jewish community and not J Street’s membership, “is deeply alarmed by the rise in antisemitism, white supremacy and far-right extremism,” I assume he means in the U.S., “driven by Donald Trump. and his allies in the GOP.” The statement also alleged that the Republican Party as a whole is destroying “democratic values and fundamental rights.”

While the U.S. president, Donald Trump accomplished a controversial campaign promise of transferring the U.S. embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. I believe that was a mistake, and it certainly was against the peace process. Because of that and then President Trump’s positive relationship with Prime Minister Netanyahu at that time, Trump bragged a lot about the good he had done for Israel and how much Israeli Jews love him. But it seems to be the opposite in the USA.

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