Is Cannon’s Selection as Judge for Trump’s Trial a Scandal?

Is Cannon’s Selection as Judge for Trump’s Trial a Scandal? June 14, 2023

U.S. Judge Aileen Cannon, Southern District of Florida

The Bible is a book that constantly calls for justice. Without justice, evil prevails. A nation should have just laws and then enforce them. And all citizens should be treated alike before the law. The Bible often condemns partiality in matters of judgment.

The United State of America was formed largely by settlers who migrated from Europe to escape the tyranny of unjust European kings and religious persecution in which citizens were forced by church-states to subscribe to some particular form of Christianity. The U.S. Constitution therefore guarantees freedom of religion, assembly, and speech. Those European kings were the law. Thus, the U.S. Constitution is supposed to be understand as affirming the equality of citizens before the law, so that no one, not even the president of the USA, is above the law. But we just underwent four years of Donald Trump as president in which he sometimes acted as if he was above the law. See my book, Bible Predicts Trump Fall.

Yesterday, former President Donald Trump was arrested and arraigned in a federal court in Miami, thus in the Southern District of Florida. He was charged by Special Counsel Jack Smith of the Department of Justice with 37 felony accounts for unlawful removal of dozens of boxes of government documents that included hundreds of “classified” documents that are therefore “top secret.” When Trump was asked by the National Archives multiple times over a long period of time to return the documents from his Palm Beach, Florida, residence/private club, Trump denied he had them, thus lied about about it, and tried to coverup his unlawful behavior.

This is a serious matter. If Trump is found guilty of all counts, he would be subject to easily spending the rest of his life in prison. Many of those classified documents involve U.S. national security and that of our allies, including potential defense vulnerabilities to military attack upon both the U.S. and some of our allies. And some of these documents involve secret information about nuclear weapons belonging to the U.S. and other nations.

Five days ago, Judge Aileen Cannon, a young, 42-year-old, inexperienced, Hispanic woman born in Columbia, South America, was selected as the judge over this possible Trump trial. She is a Trump appointee to the bench by Trump at the end of his presidency. I think that in itself looks a bit suspicious. She was reprimanded by an appeals court for unlawfully recommending a special master to examine the documents Trump had taken. Due to that, I think she never should have been selected for this Trump trial. Many are calling for her to recused herself from this trial because of that.

How was Judge Cannon selected for this trial? Angela E. Noble, a young chief clerk for the Southern District of Florida, thus an administrator, says Judge Cannon’s selection was “random.” I have a hard time believing that. I think the media should be focusing on that selection process, and it is not. Is it a scandal?

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