Judge Chutkan Assigned to Trump’s Third Indictment

Judge Chutkan Assigned to Trump’s Third Indictment August 2, 2023



U.S. District Judge Tanyan S. Chutkan

Yesterday, at the 5 PM ET, the U.S. Justice Department’s Special Counsel Jack Smith made history when he brought an indictment against former Republican President Donald Trump for his alleged part in planning and causing the riot on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, for the purpose of preventing the U.S. Congress from executing its formal transition of power making Democrat Joe Biden the new president succeeding Donald Trump.

Smith charged only Trump and brought only four charges against him, thereby simplifying his indictment. Trump will be arraigned before a magistrate judge tomorrow in Washington, DC. This is now the third legal indictment that has been brought against the ex-president, and all within in the past four months. Since Smith indicted only Trump, and only cited six co-conspirators without charging them with a crime, it is expected that this action will enable this trial of the former president to move forward with expedition.

Plus, Smith did not charge Trump with inciting the riot with his outdoor speech delivered one mile from the Capitol and only minutes before the rioters stormed the Capitol. It is believed that if Smith had brought this charge, it would have enabled Trump’s lawyers to make the defense of the Constitution guarantee of free speech which would have seriously lengthened the trial. Smith is under a time pressure because Trump is now campaigning for the presidency again, and that election will be in November next year. Overall, legal experts are claiming this indictment by Smith is a masterstroke of legal prosecution.

Today, U.S. District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan of Washington, DC, was randomly assigned as judge of this now impending trial of ex-President Donald J. Trump. Chutkan is a Black-Asian woman born in Jamaica. She worked for two law firms in the Washington, DC, area and then was appointed to the bench in Washington, DC, by President Barack Obama in 2014. She served eleven years as a public defender. Ms. Chutkan will be much scrutinized, especially because she is not white. Due to the color of her skin, she claims to have a necessary “thick skin” because of this in order to be a judge. Some legal pundits are claiming this indictment of Trump will result in “the trial of the century.”

So far, nearly 1,100 January 6th Capitol rioters have been convicted of their crime and sentenced to either jail or prison. And since these legal proceedings are still ongoing, experts claim this figure could become enlarged by another thousand such defendants.

Judge Chutkan has been the toughest sentencing judge of these January 6th Capitol rioters. She has had thirty-one of them tried in her courtroom, and she has sentenced all of them to jail or prison. She has explained from the bench, “It has to be made clear that trying to violently overthrow the government, trying to stop the peaceful transition of power and assaulting law enforcement officers in that effort, is going to be met with absolutely certain punishment.”

With Jack Smith as chief prosecutor, and Ms. Chutkan as the judge, I think this “trial of the century” will result in Donald Trump going to prison. But this case may not be the only one that will put Mr. Trump behind bars. Trump will face other trials. As time proceeds and the wheels of American justice grind forward, however slowly, it appears that I was right on in posting about 350 times during Trump’s 2015-2016 presidential campaign and then his entire presidency, that he was unfit for that office and would pay the consequences. I claimed this mostly by constantly citing wisdom literature of the Bible and applying it Trump. After Trump’s presidency, I then made it into a book, Bible Predicts Trump Fall. You could say it was a gutsy move, but I didn’t think so because I believe in God. Why did I predict on my Kermit Zarley Blog on May 20, 2016, ” I think Donald Trump is a big bag of hot air ready to blow up like the Hindenburg blimp if he becomes U.S. president,” and on June 1, 2016, “I think he’ll bring American down, no Make America Great Again,” and on July 21, 2018, I think Trumpgate will make Watergate look like a Sunday school picnic,” it was because such biblical proverbs that say, “Price goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16.18).

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