GAZANS!!! Listen to Jews, Not Hamas

GAZANS!!! Listen to Jews, Not Hamas October 13, 2023

Israel Defense Forces reportedly has quickly amassed 350,000 reservist troops along the Israel-Gaza Strip border. Israel has announced that it is going to conduct a ground war in the Gaza Strip. Israel says it is going to annihilate Hamas so that it can never govern the Gaza Strip again. Israel is calling for all one million civilians in Gaza City, which is located in the northern portion of the Gaza Strip, to immediately evacuate to the south of the Strip. But an unnamed Hamas official very recently has said, reportedly that this call by Israel to relocate is “fake propaganda” and urged all Gaza City citizens to remain in place. GAZANS, IF YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE CRAZY AND NEED TO PREPARE TO MEET YOUR MAKER!

However, the United Nations also said such a relocation will be impossible “without devastating humanitarian consequences.” But Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, said that UN announcement is “shameful.” Israel says it already struck 750 military targets in northern Gaza overnight.

Then there are the estimated 150 hostages that Hamas took when it attacked Israel last Saturday. What they do with these hostages remains to be seen. They have threatened to kill one whenever Israel strikes a civilian area. The Gaza Strip has 2.3 million population. Israel has cut off all electricity, food, and water to the Strip. Hamas reportedly killed 27 Americans in its attack Saturday, and it has some Americans as hostages. Palestinian citizens of the U.S. are fearing for their safety due to increasing anger of Americans toward the Palestinian people due to this Hamas attack.

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