How Far Is Donald Trump Going to Fall?

How Far Is Donald Trump Going to Fall? January 14, 2024

Former FBI Director James Comey had an excellent article in The Washington Post last Wednesday entitled “Donald Trump isn’t coming for us. The rule of law is coming for him.” It’s about the fear some Americans have that prosecuting Trump for crimes will result in so much violence from his MAGA crowd that the U.S. should refrain from trying to legally make the former president accountable for any misdeeds he may have committed. For, he has two federal and two state lawsuits against him for a total of 91 charges of felony, and some of these could result in him being imprisoned.

Threats of violence by means of social media or telephone are being made by some of the MAGA crowd against government officials, judges, and others involved in these lawsuits against Mr. Trump. And he tries to stir up these threats, as if it might benefit him. This week he said if the DOJ’s special counsel Jack Smith prevails with his federal lawsuit against Trump for insurrection on J6/21, Trump warned publicly it will result in “bedlam” in this country. Comey brings to our attention concerning that fateful day:

“Yes, there were sophisticated actors in the crowd that day, especially the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys, who operated with seditious intent in organized teams. But, in the overwhelming main, the offenders of Jan. 6 were morons who bought Trump’s lies. They must be held accountable — every last one of them — but they shouldn’t be the monster under our national bed.

“That accountability should comfort us. The Justice Department’s prosecution of more than 1,200 Jan. 6 defendants has sent a shock wave of deterrence at those who might otherwise be tempted to take a day off work to literally fight for Trump. They now know it will cost them dearly and most of them have no interest in paying that price, despite his generous offers of pardon. These aren’t jihadis looking to blow themselves up for some reward in paradise. These are mostly people with day jobs who feel a sense of grievance stoked by the amoral demagogue now running for president again. They might vote for him — those who are not yet felons — but they’re not looking to die for him, or even go to jail for him. They weren’t there when he was arraigned in New York or Georgia or Florida or D.C. They aren’t coming. Sometimes, even idiots aren’t fools.”

Indeed, the United State of America is a constitutional, democratic nation of laws, and those laws need to be upheld by means of our judicial system that is the envy of the whole wide world. The thesis of my book, Bible Predicts Trump Fall, has already proved true in that Donald Trump was impeached twice by the nation’s House of Representatives, which is unprecedented, and now he has fallen further as a public figure by proving himself over and over again to be as Mr. Comey rightly says, “the amoral demagogue.” It just remains to be seen, mostly because of our legal and political systems, how far Donald Trump is going to fall.

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