Make Post-War Gaza an enlarged Palestinian State

Make Post-War Gaza an enlarged Palestinian State May 3, 2024

When the war in Gaza ends, the situation may be close to the establishment of a Palestinian state replicating the ancient nation of the Philistines.

The New York Times reports today that, although Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has remained somewhat silent about what will happen to the Gaza Strip when the war ends there, “Behind the scenes, however, senior officials in his office have been weighing an expansive plan for postwar Gaza, in which Israel would offer to share oversight of the territory with an alliance of Arab countries, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, as well as the United States, according to three Israeli officials and five people who have discussed the plan with members of the Israeli government.

“According to that proposal, Israel would do so in exchange for normalized relations between itself and Saudi Arabia, according to the people who spoke on the condition of anonymity given the sensitivity of the matter.”

The U.S. Trump administration had been working with Persian Gulf nations to restore diplomatic relations of many of them with Israel, which Israel desperately has wanted. I think this should not be done without an agreement to declare a Palestinian state.

For decades, events have been moving in the direction of the thesis of my book, Palestine Is Coming: The Revival of Ancient Philistia (1990). In it, I claim that Israelis and Palestinians should do a land swap and a transfer of peoples by allowing Palestinians to have their own state in all of the coastal plain south of Tel Aviv, and let Israel annex all of the West Bank, which is the heartland of ancient Israel.

When this war ends in Gaza, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be closer to what I’m proposing, as an alternative two-state solution, than this conflict has ever been. Thus, I believe events are marching toward what I’m proposing, and it is not original with me. I believe this is predicted in Bible prophecy, and that is where I got the idea. The two foremost texts are Isaiah 11.14 and Zechariah 9.5-7. But it is difficult for the average Bible reader to understand these scriptures without a comprehensive view of the end times as predicted in the Bible and without considering their immediate contexts. I’ve been a serious student of biblical prophecy all of my adult life. My close friend Professor Scot McKnight endorsed one of my books (on the back cover). It begins, “Kermit Zarley has studied the Bible prophetically more than any person I’ve met, and I include academics and pastors.”

So far, 34 years since my Palestine book was published, no other book has been published that advocates what I’m saying. I think everyone needs to wake up and see what’s happening, that a Palestinian state may soon be established as a very expanded Gaza Strip that represents a revival of nation of the ancient Philistines, from whom today’s Palestinians derive their name.

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