Fear and Loathing in the Pulpit

Fear and Loathing in the Pulpit May 21, 2012

I hardly know what to say right now.  The words are coming in slow sputters and my heart of hearts is deeply hurting.  You can hear the amens, see a few heads nodding.  There are people sitting in that congregation who believe what their leader is saying. Some whose hearts are as rancid as his.  But it is likely there is a gay son or lesbian daughter sitting on those rigid pews.  It is possible there are queer sisters and brothers whose hearts have long ago grown leathery with the scars left by such hate.



What I do know is this man is not a follower of Jesus.  Jesus whose love is immeasurable, my Jesus who dined with, touched and loved the most despised of his day, my Jesus who lived his full humanity all the way to the cross – and beyond.   This is not The Way of Christ – this is evil pure and simple.  Hatred, bigotry and ignorance dressed up in a suit and carrying a Bible.

There is a protest planned for this coming Sunday, a peaceful protest from 10am – 1pm outside the “church” where this dangerous man holds hostage the hearts and minds of a community.

I have to think more about this and hope you will help me think.



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