Tēnā Koutou!  My name is Gina Colvin.  I am a New Zealander of Māori, English, Irish, Welsh, German and French descent, and I’m  a multi-generation life long Mormon.  Aside from being a bit of a Mormon cliche (domestically at least) I’m also a university lecturer mostly teaching and writing in the field of  cultural studies.

Having poked around the Mormon Bloggernacle for a number of years now I’ve noticed that for all of the democracy of social media, these wonderful, enriching commentaries are largely out of the US and understandably reflect an Amerimormon experience.   Yet the experience of Mormonism in places where the lights of Temple Square don’t shine is somewhat more ambiguous.  Join me in my musings as I attempt to make sense of my religion at the geographical and cultural periphery.


Header image courtesy of Donnie Ray Jones (flickr CC license).