Thomas B. Marsh: A tale of Being Offended or an Act of Integrity?

Guest Post by Ganeshji Cherian.  Wellington New ZealandBelonging is a big part of our validation as people. Our groupings give us a sense of security. They may even be the foundation of our economic and emotional wellbeing.Part of belonging to a group is believing that the association is valuable, so when people leave, it can be difficult for those that stay, to reconcile their departure.President Uchtdorf in his October 2013 conference address tried to encourage some understanding … [Read More...]

Mormon McDonald’s: An Allegory

For a lot of people, McDonald's is enough. They could eat McDonald's all their lives and be completely satisfied.You've grown up on McDonald's  and for a time you enjoyed it. You might even be grateful for it because McDonald's came along and freely gave you burgers and fries when you were starving. But these days you are curious and thoughtful about the quality of the food.   You ask if there are any other types of food on the menu?   You want to know what ingredients really go into the beef … [Read More...]

The Arrogance of False Expertise on Church Disaffection

These days the LDS Church is trotting out expert after expert on why people leave the church.   From my own local pulpits I've heard the following solutions for dealing with people's potential disaffection: You need to try harder, read your scriptures more, pray more and you'll feel the spirit a … [Read More...]

Indigenous People are More Than their Dance

The LDS church recently released an inspirational short reminding us that it's not enough for us to slavishly follow rules or instructions, but that we need to feel into the reasons for our doing what we do. On the surface it  makes a lovely point.However,  the story was set in the context of a b … [Read More...]

Dear Mormon Patriarchy

  Dear Mormon Patriarchy,I hereby and absolutely revoke any consents taken or presumed that entitled you to the exercise of authority or dominion over me. I do not consent to your presiding over me. You may not summon me, compel me or interrogate me without my informed consent. … [Read More...]

The Ugly Cost of Making Temples Pretty

Over the years the LDS Church has used the labour and money of poor, brown folk to build temples and schools around the world.  A couple of generations later it is shutting these same people out from the communities they created to make the Church property environs look beautiful.Here's a case … [Read More...]

Me and The Book of Mormon: It’s Complicated

My mother insisted I read The Book of Mormon before my baptism.  It was a slow grind, but every morning I would jump into bed with her and snuggle up against her soft, warm body,  and we'd make our way through eight verses at a time until it was done.  Thinking about it now still arouses feelings of … [Read More...]

When There’s No Turning Back

By Gina Colvin & Thomas McConkiePreface by Gina:  I think I’ve been in what some might call ‘faith crisis’ for at least 10 or more years. I don’t think its unusual for anyone pursuing a religious life to  wonder at the incongruities between history, doctrine, policy and scripture. When I was … [Read More...]

The Spiritual Dangers of Religious Elitism and Secrecy

It turns out that the General Authorities of the LDS Church are remunerated in six figures.  By all accounts, in 2014, the base pay was $120,000.  The reason we know this is the publication of a leaked letter notifying someone in the First Quorum of a pay increase.   It's important to note that this … [Read More...]

On the Sin of Weaponizing Testimonies

 I've been asked on several occasions to bear my testimony. On one occasion I was seeking a renewal of my Temple Recommend from  a counsellor in the Stake Presidency who announced: "I've heard your testimony of Jesus Christ often enough, but I haven't heard your testimony of President … [Read More...]

Dear God, Please keep America a Foreign Land

The best thing I heard on National Radio this morning was;"This is a wake-up call for the rest of the world. America is foreign. They may talk like us and look like us, but it's foreign."Except if you are New Zealand Mormon where America is present everywhere.  From our services to our d … [Read More...]

Hurray! It may or may not be fine if you are Mormon and Gay!

The re-vamped Mormon and Gay website  went live today. If I had discovered the website as a newbie I might give a wee yip of approval. But I'm not new to the Mormon church's misguided and historically painful past on the matter,  and anyone who has paid attention might be all too aware that the … [Read More...]

The Spiritual Dilemma of the LDS Church’s Overblown Wealth

I've tried and tried over the years  to figure out why the LDS church needs so much money.  Estimates are that LDS Inc. owns about USD$375B, debt free.  That makes them a Fortune 5 company.  It feels  sketchy and inexplicably off to me.  I know, I know - I've heard all about the church's rainy day po … [Read More...]

Holding on to those in Faith Crisis: A Sacrament Talk

 Guest Post by Nathan McCluskey.    What follows is an extract from a 15 minute sacrament talk Nathan was asked to give as the Ward Mission Leader on the topic of "Reactivation and Rescuing."   In April 2012  Bishop Richard C. Edgley of the Presiding Bishopric stated that: … [Read More...]