A couple of Sundays ago  I preached three back to back sermons at All Souls Anglican church on ‘The Way of Jesus and the Women’s March in Washington DC.’ My family, dressed in their Mormon Sunday best, sat on the front row listening to my discourse on the feminist Jesus.   I was so happy that my boys were able to witness the depth of my love for Jesus and why as a woman Jesus continues to mean so much to… Read more

  Dear First Presidency,   I refer you to just one of the many conclusions from the many years of research done on culture and identity.   “Cultural identity is an important contributor to people’s wellbeing. Identifying with a particular culture gives people feelings of belonging and security. It also provides people with access to social networks which provide support and shared values and aspirations. These can help break down barriers and build a sense of trust between people -… Read more

To what degree, (do) our congregations constitute “environments of developmental expectation.”   Do we signal that ongoing growth and change in faith and vocation are expected and will be supported?  Do we provide images and understandings that will sponsor persons in moving into the questions and issues that seem to lie on the frontiers of their commitments in faith and vocation?  Do we draw on the rich process imagery our tradition offers in the themes of journey, pilgrimage, wilderness, shipwreck, struggle,… Read more

Last week I stated that I was going to bring my best and honest out-of-the-box self to the Mormon pew for a year.  Just to see what happens.  Yesterday was Week One and here’s my report:   I belong to a very diverse ward where extending warmth and welcoming is a high priority.    That diversity was expressed in the testimonies.  Gratitude was extended for God, for the Book of Mormon, for the restoration, for Heavenly Mother, for the Māori language,… Read more

Last night as our family and some friends saw the New Year in, we talked about our worldviews and how over the course of 2017 they’ve been challenged and shaped.  ‘Are we in the box or out of the box?’ was a question we passed around. The box is the established order of things; The way things are or have become.  They include our agreements, our beliefs, the prism through which we see the world and these are all supplied… Read more

When I was a Laurels’ class president I was invited to a conversation with the General Young Women Presidency who were touring New Zealand.  I was free to come with my questions. So I said to them:  “The boys have priesthood ordination, missions, home-teaching, and access to the temple.  Young Women have Personal Progress.  What do we really have to look forward to in the church except for marriage?  And what if we don’t want to get married or we want to… Read more

When Nathan and I first married I discovered, somewhat to my dismay, that this charismatic and eccentric young man who seemed so differently and charmingly wired was also a stamp collector.  Stamp collecting had always seemed to me to be a strangely tedious pass time for the creatively challenged.  But his interest in philately would soon turn to my advantage.   In the flotsam and jetsom of things that came with us to our first home together was a stamp collection that… Read more

Utah! No other place outside of New Zealand feels more like home. A lot of this has to do with the relationships that I have here. Utah is where I have ‘family’ and soul friendships that have been forged through ‘real talk’ and shared spiritual yearnings. I’ve said that I have little loyalty left to the Church as an organization. It’s messy, confused, patriarchal and poverty-stricken in its theological and spiritual discourse. But I will always be loyal to its… Read more

For the last month, New Zealand has been in the grim, dim shadow space between a general election, vote counting and coalition deals.   Tonight it was confirmed that New Zealand First has chosen a deal with the New Zealand Labour Party.   This means that after nine long years of dudebros in suits;  a rising tide of ugly neo-liberal politics;  rising public debt;  rising rates of homelessness;  hospitals that are straining to actually care for the sick, and waterways that have been infected by… Read more

Reports are circulating that rogue Apostles are plotting the take down of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   A group of three key individuals have been meeting weekly for several years on a sophisticated conspiracy that combines all of the worst public relations blunders, clangers and bangers in order to create an irrevocable brand scandal.   Several email correspondences between the LDS church’s legal firm, Kirton & McConkie and the group have surfaced on MormonLeaks TM indicating that… Read more

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