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A Book, A Buddhist, and a Change of Heart?

A review of  "Navigating Mormon Crisis:  A Simple Developmental Map." by Thomas Wirthlin McConkie I received an email in early October asking me if I’d be interested in interviewing the author of a new book ‘Navigating Mormon Crisis: A Simple Developmental Map, for the ‘A Thoughtful Faith Podcast.’ I said ‘yes’ largely because the name of the author ‘Thomas Wirthlin McConkie’ intrigued me. I admit to thinking churlishly, “What on earth could anyone with such a name tell … [Read More...]

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Something Broke Open Today

Something feels terribly, horribly broken in the church. Today my friend Kendall and I took our cameras down to City Creek Park to document the resignation event.   We were there a little early and we set up our equipment in hearing range of a Temple Square heckler. He shot machine gun bursts of vitriol against Mormonism at the first trickle of ‘resignees’ who responded in turn with, ‘You’re preaching to the choir buddy.’ A trickle turned into a stream and t … [Read More...]

So what kind of church is this?

In a previous post I mentioned that I had been attending a local Baptist church. I’ve been doing so quietly for about a year, sneaking out of my LDS ward meetings and sneaking into the Baptist church. The fact that I keep going back there surprises even me - I mean - its Baptist!!!  I’ve sometimes go … [Read More...]

An Open Letter to My Ward

Dear Ward Family You have probably noticed I haven’t been to church lately. Nathan told me that a few of you have asked about my absence. I know it’s hard when one of your own doesn’t show up – particularly when you think they are choosing not to come. So, I’ll be honest – I have been ch … [Read More...]

Priesthood, Patriarchy, Power, and the Penis

I am reposting this re-edited article from June 2013 in response to the recent release of the church's essay on Women and the Priesthood. The Lord said to Moses, “Say to the Israelites: ‘A woman who becomes pregnant and gives birth to a son will be ceremonially unclean for seven days, ju … [Read More...]

The Leper-ization of the Mormon Doubter

In case you ever wondered what its like to be LDS and to want racial, gender or social equality  in the church  and have attempted to  express it vocally - this is  indicative of the kind of response  that  is regularly hurled at us: Of course these kinds of remarks aren't  excommu … [Read More...]

Three White Utah Males Called to Fill Vacancies in the Twelve

In an unusual move by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints three white males from Utah have been  called to fill the vacancies in the highest council of the church - the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.Ronald Rasband from Salt Lake City, Utah;  Dale Renlund from Salt Lake City, Utah, a … [Read More...]

50 Shades of Grey: Mormonism’s Accidental Allegory

The truth is we can thank the Mormons for 50 Shades of Grey. Stephanie Meyer’s sexually frustrated adolescent romp that saw her brooding ancient vampire hero hold onto his virtue long enough to virginally marry his teen first love seemed swoony enough to spawn a generation of (probably n … [Read More...]

Intellectual Honesty and the Dance of Fear

Religion at its best should be biblically responsible, intellectually honest, emotionally satisfying, and socially significant.  Robin Meyers (2009) I was added to a Facebook group some months ago. I surveyed the discussion and realized quickly  that my contributions wouldn’t be entirely wel … [Read More...]

The Letter from the Office of the First Presidency that Never Came

The Office of the First PresidencySomewhere on Temple SquareSalt Lake City, UtahUSA 19 June 2015 PresidentEverywhere StakeAll continents To be read at Sacrament Meetings Worldwide: On the 12th of August 2013 the Office of the F … [Read More...]

Choosing NOT to Serve a Mission

This guest post is by 21 year old Isaac McCluskey - my son.  Raising children to be LDS is always difficult,  particularly if they are male.  To go on a mission is the epitome, the crowning glory of ones parental efforts.  We had hoped that he would serve a mission because we know how profound and im … [Read More...]

Polygamy – It’s in our bones

Ganesh Cherian, a former bishop from Wellington, New Zealand joins KiwiMormon once again as a guest blogger.Any good sculptor will tell you that if you want to replicate the human form you have to know the skeletal framework, how muscles attach and how that lays the ground work for the skin. But … [Read More...]

The Foolishness of the Calderwood Excommunications

Last night Marisa and Carson Calderwood were excommunicated at a Church Discipline held at their Maple Valley, Washington stake.Marisa and Carson are cradle Mormons who had done everything they were required to do;  missions, temple marriage, children, church service.Their sin? They talked t … [Read More...]

Freedom for all, except people who disagree with me

This guest post is by Nicola Ward Petty, a convert from Catholicism, a returned missionary and a former Stake Relief Society President.  Nicola and her husband Mark are the parents of two sons and the grandparents of one grandson.  They live in Christchurch, New Zealand. At the recent G … [Read More...]