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Reflections after Temple Square: Furious musings from the periphery

Two nights ago there was a men’s dinner at our home.  It was Nathan’s birthday celebration and I had offered to cater a sumptuous blokey kind of meal for him and his friends.  Friends who included two bishops, one former bishop and former counselor on the Stake Presidency, and one young men’s president and former high counselor.  They were each very eager to hear about the OW action on Temple Square.  After a quick good-natured catch up they retired to the dining room to riff on … [Read More...]

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I’ll be at the Ordain Women ‘Event’, but…….

I’m going to the Ordain Women action on April 5th.  I support it.  Anytime a group of people get together to lobby for change for women it’s worth paying attention.  Historical public action to highlight the lack of equality for women  has earned some women the right to vote, it has earned women  reproductive rights, the right to own property, the right to employment and pay parity.  It has challenged the cult of domesticity, the sexual objectification of women, the normalization of … [Read More...]

Its Time to Overhaul the Church Bureaucracy!

Years and years ago I was the Stake Librarian.  My first job was to bring order to the Christchurch Stake Library which was  straining under the weight of decades of junk.  In order to make sense of what I was to do with a dusty room full of layers of stuff I cracked open the librarians handbook … [Read More...]

BYU search committee considers both Men and Women for BYU President: Why another man?

The appointment of the new BYU President, Kevin Worthen is the first  major leadership change for the church owned, run, and administered University since the Mormon cyber reformation.  From New Zealand I watched Eyring’s announcement at today’s BYU devotional - live.  Aside from the fact … [Read More...]

Uncorrelated tips for how NOT to be a terrible Bishop

A few years ago, seeking a temple recommend from the Stake Presidency (in a Stake in which  I don’t currently reside) I was refused an interview.   Despite the fact that I had an unswerving love of Christ and God, and despite the fact that I have an abiding belief in the power of the … [Read More...]

Becoming Like Goddess

The latest Gospel Topics statement ‘Becoming Like God’ is a wonderful affirmation of one of the most compelling doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The notion that God was once like us, and we can one-day become a God, is an exhilarating and thrilling thought.  … [Read More...]

A Former Bishop’s Doctrinal Dilemmas

GUEST POST:  Ganesh Cherian of Wellington, New Zealand is currently a Stake High Counsellor and has served as a bishop for five and a half years.  Feel free to address comments to Ganesh on this site or visit his own blog LDS Essays. Last month our Stake Presidency selected President … [Read More...]

“Church Instructs Leaders on Same-Sex Marriage” – or did it just make a bad situation worse?

Once again the church releases an ‘Official Statement’ that makes the hearts sink.  My first thought when I read the latest was, ‘lets  watch and see how many members will bail’, and then over the ensuing hours the exit narratives in the social media began; ‘I’ve had … [Read More...]

Mormons, Mandela, and the Race and Priesthood Statement

And yet there is more that could be said and done.  Call me cynical but the timing of the Race and the Priesthood statement from the LDS Newsroom;  the PR department;  the First Presidency, or wherever it came from appears to be an effort, in light of Mandela’s death, to mitigate for the church … [Read More...]

On giving a Sacrament Meeting Talk about Official Declaration Two

On Sunday I was asked to give a sacrament talk on Official Declaration Two, which is the Church’s 1978 statement extending the Priesthood do all ‘worthy males’.  The subtext of this declaration was obviously  that at one time not all worthy males were eligible for the priesthood with the … [Read More...]

The Allegory of the Sinus

Firstly, let me point out that this post isn't really about my husband or his snoring - its allegorical - which means I'm talking about something else. Let me preface this essay by saying that I am confident that  many Mormon men are quietly aware  that a change is on the wind.   Not that … [Read More...]

On being ‘that girl’ no longer

I used to be that girl.  Devout, unquestioning, orthodox, loyal, safe.  But I’m not now, and there is no going back. I spent time at the beach last night chatting with a good friend who was also, that girl.  But in recent unbidden flashes of knowing, sudden critical insights, and the lifting … [Read More...]

Mormon Culture Wars: Samoan Members Take on the Corporation!

I belong to a very diverse ward which includes Maori, Pakehā (Haolies or Palagi), Canadian, Tongan, Samoan, American, English, Zimbabwean,  Iranian, Nepalese, and Ghanaian to name a few. Yesterday at church we were offered the chance to take Samoan language lessons.  Quite a few members of the … [Read More...]

Blood and Horror on this Earth

Thousands and thousands of Mormons all over the world attend temple services on a daily basis, and thousands and thousands will watch a metaphorical reenactment of the creation story.   Included in this drama is an exchange between God and Satan. In a rage with God for cursing him, Satan … [Read More...]