Greg Wright puts Peter Jackson in Perspective

Greg Wright puts Peter Jackson in Perspective November 22, 2004

Congratulations to Greg Wright for completing and publishing Peter Jackson In Perspective. This exploration of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films is probably the most thorough and insightful interpretation of the films yet published. Wright examines what Jackson and his screenwriters got right, what they misunderstood, where they triumphed, and where they fell short. Reading this book should give Tolkien fans a deeper appreciation of both the books and the films.

This is the perfect Christmas gift for the Tolkien fan in your family. (After all, you know they’ll buy the DVDs for themselves, so why bother?) Click hereand scroll down for information on ordering.

And speaking of Greg Wright, he’s wrapping up a marathon of online essays about the film trilogy over at I was flattered by his invitation to write a guest piece to cap off the series. There’s so much to say about Tolkien, and to talk about both the books AND the films is a massive undertaking. Wright’s already said so much, I fear I may have repeated some of his own points. But I hope I was able to bring something valuable to the collection.

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    I love GUERO, and not only that, I have loved SAM PHILLIPS since before she was called by that name. I also love ORTHODOXY. In short, I’m really glad to see other bloggers, other humans even, w such a GREAT combination of interests. Forward march brother!

    Bill from Tampa