Through a Screen Darkly: It’s Done!

Through a Screen Darkly: It’s Done! June 19, 2006

After some rest, watch out… I’m going to get busy here again.

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8 responses to “Through a Screen Darkly: It’s Done!”

  1. “Jesus Camp” is great journalism because the incredible harm that such fanatics (including Pat Robertson, James Dobson, and Jerry Falwell) have done in American politics far outweighs the good of “mainstream Christian conservatism,” which has fox news and 24-hour am talk radio as its propagandists. It is just a shame that “Jesus Camp” didn’t get any significant attention. Only Keith Olberman paid any attention to it.

  2. I love the comment from eucharisto. “I am convinced that this whole film is slanted against conservative christians despite the fact that i haven’t seen it!”

  3. Do you want to know why Haggard is distancing himself from the film? Because it misconstrued and misrepresented him and NLC. That’s why. The whole film is slanted against Conservative Christians. Even Becky Fischer has conveyed a little dismay over how the film turned out.
    But I’ll be able to say better when I see it next Saturday here in Seattle.

  4. Sharlet didn’t misconstrue Brownback in that story. Brownback was talking about how the Swedes are godless because they have same-sex marriage. Brownback then said “by their fruits you shall know them” which he followed with an embarrassed laugh because of how the statement might sound and Sharlet put it down as nothing more than a slip of the tongue. Read the story sometime.

    IMHO, Sharlet and The Revealer has been the best on conservitives. My friends at churches like New Life think he’s targeting them, but they’ve only heard Rev. Haggard’s (who is trying to sink Jesus Camp) reaction to those stories. Even when profiling a megachurch, it can only cover the fringes because the smaller, more mundane things aren’t covered.

    But yeah, none of this stuff shows up on TV or in the paper.

  5. Of course this is the same Jeff Sharlet who in a Rolling Stones story . . .

    Heh. That’s kind of funny, actually, because there’s a scene in the film where Becky Fischer says “Rolling Stones” when what she means is “Rolling Stone”, too. :)

  6. Where is the great journalism about the kind of Christianity that I’ve encountered in a lifetime of Christian education, Christian community, and, yes, for all of its ups and downs, Christian conservativism? So far, I haven’t seen it in the mainstream press.

    Maybe this is because the mainstream press deals in easily digestible stereotypes and soundbite-friendly, quickie hatchet jobs. So of course they aren’t going to take the time to explore the depth of views represented by, say, the First Things crowd.

  7. Of course this is the same Jeff Sharlet who in a Rolling Stones story misconstrued Sen. Brownback’s quoting Mt 7:16 “By their fruits you shall know them” as a slur against homosexuals.

  8. I agree. The fact that the film company is saying this film has “no prepackaged pov ” is a joke.

    My terse review is up at Beliefnet for any who are interested.

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