Has Terry Gilliam Found His Don Quixote?

Has Terry Gilliam Found His Don Quixote? May 26, 2008

Has Terry Gilliam found his Don Quixote?

Contactmusic reports that Johnny Depp is back in cahoots with Terry Gilliam as they try once again to make The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, a movie about that greatest challenger of windmills, Don Quixote. Depp worked with Gilliam on this project once before, but the production collapsed due to various catastrophes chronicled in the hilarious documentary Lost in La Mancha. But it looks like they’re ready to try again.

Alas, Gilliam’s first choice to play Quixote will not be returning to the project for another try.

So who *will* play Quixote?

Contactmusic is passing along an intriguing rumor. It might be Gilliam’s old Monty Python pal Michael Palin.

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  • PeregrinJoe

    Michael Palin as Quixote? BRILLIANT! I think he would be wonderful in that role.

  • Well, if it doesn’t work out, hopefully another hilarious documentary will come of the effort.