Through a Screen Darkly 2: Even Darklier

Through a Screen Darkly 2: Even Darklier September 9, 2008

The curtain just went up on my new monthly column at Christianity Today Movies. It’s named after my “memoir of dangerous moviegoing.”


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7 responses to “Through a Screen Darkly 2: Even Darklier”

  1. About The Island, you wrote,
    “The Island is one of the most provocative parables to reach American moviegoers in years.”
    After watching the movie and reading this, I was wondering what the story is a parable for. Who represents who/what? Even though I didn’t catch the parable part, I did love the movie and saw it twice! Thanks for finding the “diamonds in the rough.”

  2. Not to discourage anyone from subscribing to Film Movement, since it sounds like a good company, but it looks like all of their movies become available as Netflix Watch Instantly titles after their public release.

  3. I saw the headline and thought for a horrifying moment that you were praising the Michael Bay movie The Island. But this Russian Island sounds good. I’ll have to check it out sometime.

  4. Jeff:

    I’m delighted you wrote about The Island (AKA Ostrov), the movie which has been on my mind for weeks now, ever since I watched it twice through in short order. Superlatives miss the mark. For all its quiet lack of pretension, this is an astonishing film in every way.