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4/8/14 Here and Now American Muslim Men and the Search for Love

3/8/14 The Huffington Post Salaam Love excerpt – The Ride by Ramy Eletreby

3/5/14 KQED Forum with Michael Krasny Interview with Ayesha Mattu & “Salaam Love” writers Stephen Leeper, Ramy Eletreby & Sam Pierstorff

3/1/14 Golden Thread Productions Ayesha Mattu: Creating an Islam of YES

2/28/14 Marianas Variety (Micronesia) Book on American Muslim men’s views on love, sex & intimacy

2/22/14 Joy Keys Interview with Editor Nura Maznavi

2/20/14 The National Men & Women are Partners, Not Rivals

2/18/14 story & chai Salaam, Love Review

2/17/14 The Muslim-American Love Collector: Ayesha Mattu

2/15/14 State of Belief Rev. Welton Gaddy interviews Nura Maznavi 

2/17/14 Neederish Salaam, Love Review

2/14/14 The Guardian  Muslim Men  Don’t Know How to Talk About Love. But They Need to.

2/14/14 KQED Muslim-American Men in the Bay Area Talk About Love

2/13/14 Patheos Review: Wa’alaykum Salaam, Love

2/13/14 AltMuslimah The “full court Aunty press” and other obstacles to love

2/13/14 Huffington Post The Ten Surprising Desires of Muslim Men

2/13/14 PRI’s The World Muslim American men share their stories of love and intimacy in a new book

2/12/14 San Francisco Chronicle American Muslim Men Open Up on Love, Sex & Intimacy in New Book

2/12/14 WGBH, Forum Network Ayesha Mattu & Nura Maznavi discuss how American Muslim men view relationships

2/12/14 Caffeinated Muslim Salaam Love: A Book oN American Muslim Men

2/11/14 The Aerogram Hot News Mix: The Love Lives of Muslim Men

2/11/14 ArtsAtl Q&A: A window on love, Muslim style in frank, revelatory books edited by Ayesha Mattu and Nura Maznavi 

2/11/14 Freedom From the Forbidden Why You Should Read Salaam Love

2/10/14 Writing Like An Asian Salaam Love, American Muslim Men on Love

2/10/14 Muslimah Montage Profile: Salaam Love editor Ayesha Mattu

2/9/14 A Muslimah Writes The Men Who Are

2/8/14 The Huffington Post This Is the Year Liberals Take Back Religion from Conservatives

2/6/14 KPFA Interview with “Salaam, Love” editor Ayesha Mattu & contributor Sam Pierstorff

2/5/14 Forbes India Stories Worth Telling: Long Tailing it in the Publishing Industry

2/4/14 Huffington Post The Tumblr the Ummah has Been Waiting For

2/4/14 Illume Magazine The Muslim Male Perspective of Faith, Love & Relationships 

2/3/14 Aquila Style Interview with editor Ayesha Mattu: Unveiling Love (digital download at link)

2/3/14 Aquila Style Review: “Salaam, Love” reveals Men’s Feelings on Love and Relationships

2/2/14 NPR  American Muslim Men Balance Faith & Love in “Salaam”

2/2/14 Salon Excerpt from Maher Reham’s piece “Just One Kiss” from “Salaam, Love” 

1/31/14 The Washington Post “Salaam, Love” counters stereotypes about Muslim men 

1/30/14 The Modesto Bee MJC Civic Engagement Lecture Series: Salaam, Love

1/20/14 Publishers Weekly Review: Salaam Love “An insightful, thoroughly charming read.”

1/10/14 The Huffington Post ‘Hot Muslim Men Of 2014’ Calendar Creator Ayesha Mattu Addresses Objectification Accusations

1/10/14 HuffPostLive Ahmed Shihab-Eldin aka “Mr. May” chats with Love InshAllah/Salaam Love editor Ayesha Mattu about the Hot Muslim Men Calendar

1/10/14 Religion News Service Islamo-Hunks

1/9/14 Aquila Style “Hot Muslim Men” Mock Calendar Brings More Chill Than Thrill 

1/8/14 HuffPostLive Breaking News – Mr. May 2014!

1/7/14 Buzzfeed Hot Muslim Men of 2014 Pinup Calendar

12/14/13 Kirkus Reviews Review: Salaam, Love

11/7/13 The Aerogram Quick Picks with Writer Ayesha Mattu

11/8/2013 Writing Like an Asian Feature: 5 Qs with Nura Maznavi

10/25/13 New America Media Eroding Muslim stereotypes, with love stories


5/16/13 Brown Girl Magazine Book Review: InshAllah

5/13/13 Angela the Librarian Love InshAllah review

5/6/13 Jannah’s List The Mother of All Gift Guides (Love InshAllah as selection for Mother’s Day)

5/2/13 The Telegraph (UK) What Muslim women really want in the bedroom

4/27/13 Religion in American History Negotiating the boundaries of Islam in America with love 

1/9/13 Turnstyle News An Online Sex Column by Muslims, For Whomever 

10/16/12 NPR’s Here & Now Ayesha Mattu & Zahra Noorbakhsh interview with Robin Young

10/11/12 KALW’s Crosscurrents  Extended interview with Ayesha Mattu & Zahra Noorbakhsh

9/30/12 Examiner Nura Maznavi Discusses American Muslim Women in ‘Love InshAllah’

9/27/12 KALW’s Your Call: Reconciling Our Inner Lives with Our Religious and Cultural Identities, Interview with Ayesha Mattu and Zahra Noorbakhsh

8/20/12 KPFA Women’s Magazine Show Interview with Ayesha Mattu and Ify Okoye (Interview starts at 30:16)

7/31/12 Hespress (Morocco) Love InshAllah review

7/18/12 Kalimat Magazine Issue 06, Summer 2012 Love InshAllah review (PDF)

7/17/12 SFist Summer Reading Selection: Love InshAllah 

6/14/12 Interfaith Voices Radio Show Love, God Willing – Interview with Editor Nura Maznavi

Interfaith Voices Radio Show web extra: Nura Maznavi reads her story, “Last Night on the Island”

6/8/12 Newsline (Pakistan) Book Review: Love InshAllah

6/7/12 The Rumpus Review: Love InshAllah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women

5/21/12 Succulture (Germany) Book Review: Love, InshAllah

5/16/12 My Savvy Sister The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women

5/2/12 Plop! Review Twenty-five American Muslim women break it down in the name of love

May 2012 Edition The Los Angeles Review Review: Love InshAllah

May 2012 Edition Gazelle Magazine (France) Americaines, Amoureuses…et musulmanes (PDF)

4/24/12 Long Beach Post  Nura Maznavi: A Sense of Sisterhood

4/24/12 Aquila Style (Malaysia) Love, InshAllah

4/17/12 Common Ground News Service Muslim women tell their own stories about love

4/13/12 The Muslim Street Love, InshAllah writers to appear on the Muslim Streetinterview

4/7/12 Winnipeg Free Press Muslim women lambaste one-dimensional stereotypes

4/5/12 On Islam Book review: Love InshAllah

4/3/12 Marin Independent Journal Anthology Busts Stereotypes about Muslim Women

3/29/12 Al Hurra TV (based in Dubai)

3/29/12 The Journal (Humboldt County) Love InshAllah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women

3/27/12 Tu Style (Italy) Ha Messo il velo

3/22/12 KPFA APEX Express Interview with contributor Leila Khan

3/21/12 Hyphen Magazine Books: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women

3/21/12 WUNC, North Carolina Public Radio Interview with contributor Deonna Kelli Sayed, Even Muslim Girls Get the Blues

3/21/12 Where the Girls Go Najva Sol sheds light on Muslim queers in ‘Love InshAllah’

3/18/12 The Maharashtra Times (India) Love InshAllah

3/10/12 The Lady Brain Show Love InshAllah editor Ayesha Mattu

3/8/12 The Huffington Post Muslim women take back the mic on International Women’s Day

3/8/12 The Times-Picayune New book tackles sex, love & Islam 

3/7/12 News & Observer Love, Muslim-American Style

3/6/12 Ms. Magazine Great read for Winter 2012: ‘Love InshAllah’ 

3/5/12 State of Formation Muslim women have love lives too!

3/5/12 Oumma (France) « Love InshAllah » explore les vies amoureuses des musulmanes américaines

3/2/12 Probe New Magazine (Bangladesh) Love, sex, and all things taboo

3/1/12 Stylist Magazine (UK) print edition Sex and the Hijab

3/1/12 Voice of America TV, Middle East Voices: Women Rising American Muslim women tell all about love & sex

2/29/12 Pomona College Magazine The love lives of American Muslim women  

2/29/12 Go City Girl Book of the week: Love, InshAllah

2/28/12 YoDesh Truth, Unveiled

2/28/12 Chicago Tribune Love, Muslim-American style

2/27/12 NPR- AirTalk Losing & finding love, American Muslim style

2/27/12 Oakland Tribune Love, American-Muslim Style

2/24/12 The Guardian A book that goes to the heart of Muslim women

2/23/12 San Jose Mercury News New book tackles, sex, Islam, love

2/21/12 NPR- Multi-American Seeking, losing & finding love, inshAllah

2/20/12 Dawn (Pakistan) Love, God-willing

2/18/12 Joy Keys podcast Love, InshAllah with Ayesha Mattu & Nura Maznavi

2/17/12 Talking love, Islam, & American Muslim women 

2/17/12 NPR  – Tell Me More Muslim women lift the veil on love lives

2/16/12 Houston Chronicle Book shatters stereotype on Muslim women, sex & love


Washington Post In new book, Muslim women tell their own love (and sex) stories 

Huffington Post Newly released book shatters stereotypes on Muslim women, sex and love

Christian Science Monitor Getting past Muslim romance stereotypes

San Francisco Chronicle American Muslim women on sex My Take: Top 5 Myths about American Muslims’ Love Lives

NPR – The Takeaway New collection of essays details the “secret love lives” of American Muslim women

WPR – Here on Earth Love InshAllah

South Asian Journalists Association podcast Books: Love, InshAllah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women

Divanee Magazine Review and selection as February book of the month An anthology of love- Muslim style

Amy Reads Review of Love InshAllah

2/13/12 Center for American Progress Podcast Interview with Ayesha Mattu & Nura Maznavi

2/13/12 Times of India Muslim, American, female and in love

2/13/12 Boston Herald Love, American Muslim style

2/13/12 WPR – Inside Islam Polygyny: For the benefit of women

2/12/12 Muslim Voices ‘Secret’ Love Lives of American Muslim Women

2/10/12 Travel+Leisure Valentine’s Day must-read: Muslim women talk about love

2/9/12 Muslimah Media Watch review, calling the collection ‘powerful and relevant’

2/8/12 Huffington Post How to get your book published when everyone keeps rejecting it 

2/7/12 Book Doctors blog From ‘He’s not that into you’ to ‘As good as it gets’ in under one minute

1/27 A Muslimah Writes On reading Love, InshAllah

1/27/12 BBC World Update: Host James Menendez interviewed co-editor Nura Maznavi on 1/25/12 about the contributors, intentions, and road to publication of Love, InshAllah.

1/26/12 Republic of Brown American Muslim women open their hearts in “Love InshAllah’

1/24/12 The New York Times: Lifting Veil on Islam and Love by Neil MacFarquhar was the #1 most read and e-mailed article in the NYT Books section for three days after its publication, catapulting the anthology to #1 on Amazon’s women’s studies bestseller list and into the top 200 books in the nation.

1/5/12 The Huffington Post: A Muslim Woman’s Experience with Dating, Sex, and Growing Up‘, an excerpt from the anthology was a top story on HuffPo Books, generating over 1,500 comments.

1/3/12 The Huffington Post: Muslim Women for Jon Stewart 2012 by Ayesha Mattu & Nura Maznavi is a satirical piece discussing the burning love Muslim women have for Jon. This article headlined HuffPo Comedy on its publication date.