Comment Policy


Thank you for taking this policy into consideration before commenting on Love Is An Orientation:

Comments are welcome. So are disagreements. However I will delete comments that are irrelevant, too long, off topic, trashing others, selling things, and especially those that reject the dignity and validity of any commenter, or myself.

A primary commenting rule is to share what you believe while not belaboring a point with the intention of converting others to your worldview or away from their own.

Comments that denigrate the discussion itself or participants in the discussion, will be deleted immediately. You do not need to be obnoxious, mean or profane.

If your comments are obstructive to the conversation, I will delete them. I also have no problem banning commenters that consistently show they offer no positive contribution to the discussion. I have a large audience and I keep a close eye on the comments so we can all have a civil discussion. I do not have any commitment to absolute free speech on my blog. This blog is an important medium to have safe discussions about the most heated topic within today’s culture, and I will not allow others to denigrate or manipulate someone’s ability to be open, honest and transparent—no matter where they are coming from. You may participate, but I do not sponsor wars, slander, threats or pointless arguments.

I’m not a perfect moderator, so if you want to accuse me of being hypocritical or inconsistent, I already agree.

I will owe no explanation to why I delete comments from here on out, as the groundwork is laid for peaceful and productive dialogue.

I will try to respond to comments and questions as much as I can, but there is no guarantee any comments or questions will be responded to.

*I was given permission to use the following Comment Policy from my late friend Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk (and buy his great book here), and adapted them slightly from his blog to fit mine.