Don’t Let Your Anger Turn Into Their Hate

Andrew’s reflection upon yesterday’s LGBT massacre in Orlando. There is a time for anger and activism; healing and hope. Now is a time for mourning. Don’t let your anger for what happened turn into their hate. [Read more…]

Why Do I Not Take a Side?

In a Q & A for Andrew’s new book, he answers why he does not state his personal opinion about LGBT issues. [Read more…]

What Is Love?

Download and share word-art on a quote about ‘what love is’ from my new book, Us Versus Us: The Untold Story of Religion and the LGBT Community. [Read more…]

Great Infographic for Research Findings in Us Versus Us

Download and share a concise infographic previewing some of my new book’s groundbreaking research findings about the LGBT community’s experience with religion. [Read more…]

Official Trailer for Andrew Marin’s new book, Us Versus Us

Here is the official trailer for Andrew Marin’s new book, Us Versus Us: The Untold Story of Religion and the LGBT Community, based on the largest national scientific research study ever done in the LGBT community regarding the intersection of faith, religious practices, and sexual orientation. [Read more…]

My ebook, Our Last Option, is Patheos Book Club’s Book of the Month

I just got word that my ebook, Our Last Option: How a New Approach to Civility can Save the Public Square, is the Patheos Book Club’s book of the month. Check out the interview I did with Patheos editor Kathleen Mulhern about the impetus behind Our Last Option and how to make pluralism work. You can also read the Preface, Introduction, [Read More…]

Upcoming dates for Living in the Tension Gatherings

    We have solidified the summer schedule for our Living in the Tension gatherings. As always, they will start at 7pm at 5255 N. Ashland Ave Room 120: Tuesday June 9th (this coming Tuesday!) Monday June 22nd (mandatory for any participants in June 28th’s Chicago Pride I’m Sorry Campaign) Monday July 13th Monday July 27th These [Read More…]


To our followers, partners, and friends: There has been a recent silence on our social media accounts and blog because the Board and I (Andrew) are in the middle of some organizational change. As in every organization’s lifespan, there are periods of transition. And after 12 years of The Marin Foundation creating a new path [Read More…]

He Knows Their Name: The Mom of a Transgender Teen Speaks Out

For sixteen years, that name was the one that the child used. When they were 14 and came out as gender fluid and pansexual, they flirted with another more androgynous name, but it never really caught on. As an affirming parent, I could wrap my head around their orientation and support it, but when I asked if they wanted me to call them that name, it was always with a sense of, “Please, don’t want that,” behind it. And for a while, those unspoken words were heeded. They were ambivalent about the name, and were content for those who knew about their orientation to continue to use their birth name. [Read more…]

Living in the Tension this Monday (5/4)

Please join us this Monday for a very special open-mic/bring-something-to-share/talent show night at our Living in the Tension gathering! This has become something of an annual tradition for us, and it’s always fun and inspiring to see and hear the artwork, songs, book passages, poems, stories, etc. that people bring to share with the group. [Read More…]

Conforming Toward Normalcy

Even though for many there is no longer a need to conform to conservative or Christian values, the felt needs to conform towards normalcy are no less intense. Just look to the popular MTV show Catfish. This docudrama details the all-too-common scenario of fake personalities online engaging in emotionally invested relationships that also happen online. The hook of Catfish [Read More…]

Living in the Tension this Monday (4/20)

  At this Monday’s Living in the Tension gathering, we’ll be talking about gender, how we experience it and express it. As a jumping off point, we’ll listen to a 15 minute audio clip from This American Life of an interview with a man who took high doses of testosterone, and how it changed the [Read More…]

“Am I a Bad Christian for Loving My LGBTQ Child?”

Finally they voiced the deeper question that drove all their worries, “Are we wrong if we unconditionally love and support our son?”

I was caught off-guard and almost fell out of my chair. [Read more…]

Trans Invisibility: An Interview With Our Friend Eli

How often do we really recognize full diversity of experience, expression and identity encompassed by the acronym LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender– and increasingly Queer: LGBTQ)? When we refer to this community as it is some kind of monolith, who gets ignored?

I’m joined today on the blog by my friend Eli, who is trans, to talk about the T in LGBT. He’ll be the first to tell you that he doesn’t speak for the entire trans community, and that his experience is innately unique. But like any experience, it’s valid. And I imagine it will resonate with many others, in and outside the trans community, who have been made to feel invisible. [Read more…]