Why Ferguson Matters


  ‘You deplore the demonstrations taking place…But your statement, I am sorry to say, fails to express a similar concern for the conditions that brought about the demonstration.‘ – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Letter from Birmingham Jail An introduction to today’s post by our Executive Director, Michael Kimpan :: Today is my day to [Read More...]

Facing the Music


Our friend Jennifer Knapp, who put on a special Living in the Tension concert for us back in 2012, has been working on a book, and it’s been out for not-quite 2 months.    If you’ve ever been a Knapp fan, you ought to try to pick up a copy of the book when you [Read More...]

Transgender Awareness Week

Transtextuality (Senate Bill 48)

This week has been Transgender Awareness Week, culminating in yesterday’s Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), on which we honor trans people who have been victims of homicide.   Some of you joined us yesterday in observance,  and we’ve compiled a few resources for those of you who want to read more.   The Transgender Violence [Read More...]

If You Don’t Get Our Newsletter…

Michael Kimpan NINES video

…then you’ve missed a lot of great things.   Because we love you, here are some highlights: Michael writes about his experiences at The NINES conference and at The Reformation Project, sharing with us this video from The NINES:  and this one from The Reformation Project:    Laura writes about her experience at The Youth [Read More...]

On Body Image

Possible headshot

I moved to Chicago two months ago now; I’m meeting with challenges here. Wear and tear, so far, includes the theft of my catalytic converter, a minor injury, and issues with my bank that’ve had me calling them weekly. Having worked in customer service, I know better than to antagonize folks who do the same. On my last phone call with the bank, though – the fifth, I think – I flipped, until someone finally explained the situation I was trying to address. And that was that. [Read more...]

Living in the Tension – November 17th

For our upcoming Living in the Tension gathering on Monday, November 17th, we will be discussing body image. Our current intern, Anna Stokes, will be sharing a part of her story and leading us in discussing how we experience and think about this topic in our lives. We will be meeting at 5255 N Ashland [Read More...]

The “Closet” is OK, But Here’s an Alternate Floorplan-Based Metaphor for Coming Out


The term “coming out” is an interesting phrase (with a long and fascinating history that you can find out about here). The imagery associated with it is one of emerging from a closet (a place of hiding) into a room (a shared space). It’s moving from a private space to a public one. It implies a decisive moment for an LGBTQ person. One minute their sexual orientation or gender identity is a secret, and the next it isn’t. [Read more...]

NEW: Support Groups for Christian Parents of LGBTQ Children

support group

It can be very difficult to find support groups specifically for Christian parents of LGBTQ children because they are few and far between and often not well advertised. Therefore The Marin Foundation spent the last few months researching and scouring the Internet to compile a list of these groups throughout the United States. [Read more...]

October Newsletter

Marin staff Spirit Day

In case you missed it (and if you did, you can sign up here), our October newsletter is here, and comes complete with this photo of your friendly staff over here at The Marin Foundation: If you’re in the area and free tonight, don’t forget to join us for our Living in the Tension gathering (details here). [Read More...]

Living in the Tension Gathering – November 3

For our upcoming Living in the Tension gathering on Monday, November 3rd, we will be discussing gender expression and roles. We will be meeting back in Room 124 on 5255 N Ashland Ave. at 7pm. If you’re available beforehand, we will be getting together at Lady Gregory’s on 5260 N Clark St. at 5:15pm to grab a bite to eat [Read More...]

Love is an Orientation: Tension

In 1963 Martin Luther King, Jr. was locked up in a jail in Birmingham, Alabama.  In a letter addressed to his fellow clergymen, King reflected on his life’s work to that point and said “I must confess that I am not afraid of the word tension.  I have earnestly opposed violent tension, but there is a [Read More...]

sacred cow-tipping (pt. 3 – the hypocrisy of a ‘hierarchy of sins’).


This post is written by Michael Kimpan, the Executive Director at The Marin Foundation. You can read more from Michael at his blog here – and his book, Love Never Fails :: Building Bridges Between the Church and the Gay Community will be available for pre-order soon (2015, IVP). – After initially addressing our culture’s addiction to answers we continued our series on sacred cow [Read More...]

On Sharing Stories

I grew up in a family whose most central value was “What happens in this house, stays in this house.”
My parents, young Christians, had broken away from their own families as teenagers, and were celebrating parenthood before either of them had lived two full decades. As the years went on, the home would grow to be full of the three headstrong girls they were raising (thankfully, none of us high schoolers at quite the same time), and headstrong independence in children brings with it situations that leave young parents grasping for control of the narrative… my parents found their stability in adherence to their decree that the home was as good as Vegas and the stories therein would not be told. [Read more...]

Living in the Tension – October 20

For our upcoming Living in the Tension gathering on Monday, October 20th, we will be welcoming Aidan Tharp for a Trans 101 session. Aidan will be sharing about general terminology, information about the transgender community, and good things to keep in mind. We are changing up our meeting space for this week only and we [Read More...]