Transition May 16, 2015

To our followers, partners, and friends:

There has been a recent silence on our social media accounts and blog because the Board and I (Andrew) are in the middle of some organizational change. As in every organization’s lifespan, there are periods of transition. And after 12 years of The Marin Foundation creating a new path towards building social, political, and religious bridges between the LGBTQ community and conservatives, we currently find ourselves needing to address culture’s shifting direction in new ways. We will give more details within the next week or so when our Board’s plans become finalized. Until that time we are only focusing inward, on our organization and immediate community of staff, volunteers, interns, and donors. In the mean time, we will not be answering any emails, calls, inquires, or social media requests until our new plans are revealed soon.

Thank you for all of your continued love and prayers in this time, and thank you for the continued good work you do as a vital part of this bridge building movement!

Talk soon and much love.

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