The 4 Rules of Sex – Rule Number One – The Gift!

The 4 Rules of Sex – Rule Number One – The Gift! August 17, 2018

I imagine the title, “The 4 Rules Of Sex”– raised some eyebrows – and maybe even some temperatures. Some people perhaps stayed away from this post and some perhaps came here because of the tile. But since it’s a topic we hear and read about everywhere else, doesn’t it make sense we hear about it here as well? Since people, especially youth, are being told to equate sexuality with identity and to wear sexuality as a badge of honor, doesn’t it make sense for Godly men to speak up?

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Sex is God’s idea and was and is a wonderful blessing within marriage!

Reminds me of a grandfather and his grandson on a fishing trip. The subject turned to sex. The grandson, a teenager, asked, “Papa, they didn’t have a whole lot of problems with sexual diseases, AIDS, and those kind of this when you were young did they?”

He said, “No, not really.”

His grandson asked, “Well what did you use for safe sex?”

He said, “A wedding ring!”

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    Good god help you over come worrys according roman 15:13 Philip 4:6.7 phipi4:19 psalm23 1-6psalm34:9.10mattew6:33seek frist kingdom and righounes shall all add unto you original hebrw day it already in your account it you receive already just belive jesus wii very soon in to life memorize brade just at door oky thankyou jesus give grece unto them s.a amen