Cracking The Men of Steel Code

Cracking The Men of Steel Code August 15, 2018

Fatherlessness has reached epidemic levels today. A large number of men seem to never grow up, in essence, these men have become adult teenagers. These are men who are irresponsible and don’t lead. Men who shun off all responsibility and just “want to have fun” all the time. No wonder our homes are in crisis.

The Crisis

We have a crisis in our homes (in large part) because we (men) have failed. Where are the men of steel? Where are the men that will stand firm? Let me ask you something, who gets the credit when things are going well in our business? If you go into bankruptcy, whose head rolls? The truth is that when things are going well, everyone gets the credit, but when things are not going well, the coach’s head rolls. Therefore, the one to blame for the home going bad is the man, not the woman!

7 Devastating Consequences of Fatherless Homes
7 Devastating Consequences of Fatherless Homes

Today, men have given up all authority and women are picking it up. No wonder the feminist movement has gained so much power! With so many men acting like children and not leading. Someone has to lead, an adult preferably. If the men won’t lead, the women will!

I don’t believe that the answer is in feminism. There are many capable men who are willing to lead and do take responsibility. We can never generalize and push men out of leadership roles, just because they are men. But we can’t expect immature adults who act like children to lead either.

So Many Fatherless

Did you know that thousands men walk out on their home each year, and many of them never say goodbye. It is because of that, that there are over One million children in single family homes.

Men, we have a call to father the fatherless. The family is important, because weak homes build weak churches, and weak businesses, and weak nations.

What America needs today are Men of Steel. I want to share with you 7 characteristics of a man of steel.

Characteristics of Men of Steel.

1. A Man of Steel is committed.

The Secret to Being a Man
The Secret to Being a Man

A Man of Steel is committed to God first. Without God, the man of Steel knows he is useless. This commitment to God is a commitment to know Him. Therefore he spends time in God’s word, in prayer and in ministry.

This commitment to God translates into a manifestation of the power of God in three areas of his life. The Man of Steel is committed to providing for the family. And this is not just physical things. It is emotional things as well. It is being the leader in spiritual things in the home.

The Man of Steel is also committed to protect his home, his wife and his children. A man of Steel is the umbrella of the home.

There is a third thing that a man of Steel is committed to. He is committed to pointing God’s Way. As the God appointed spiritual leader of the home, the Man of Steel will lead his family. His wife and children are his disciples and he is the teacher. Why are we allowing complete strangers to raise our children? We take them to school or daycare while we go to work and then they go to after-school care until 6:00 pm. We spend the rest of the evening getting them fed and ready for bed so they can get up at 6:00 am ad do it all over again. Men must lead intentionally and purposely so that it is the fathers who lead their sons and daughters to Christ.

2. A Man of Steel should be a man of conviction.

A man of steel studies what he believes and can tell the family why he holds the beliefs that he does. I don’t mean preferences, I mean convictions. The difference you ask? Well, it’s a matter of life or death! A man is not likely to give his life for a preference. On the other hand, a conviction is something people will die for if the need arises.

3. A Man of Steal is a man of courage.

Why do so many men HATE church?
Why do so many men HATE church?

Too many sons see weak fathers. Are you a man who stands for right even if it means you will not get ahead? Be fearless. What I have seen is that men don’t like to make decisions because they are afraid of failure. Remember, we can’t fail with Jesus. Yet, how many times in the home do we hear children ask if they can do so and so, and the response is, let me think about it when we know the answer should be no. What we are doing is teaching our children to make their own decisions because we won’t. This is why the bible tells us to “Let our yes be yes, and our no be no.”

4. A man of steel is a man of character.

A Man of Steel is a man of character, masculine character. We need men to be men and women to be women. A man should talk like a man, act like a man, and be a man. What kind of a man? A man of moral purity, for what you do in moderation, your kids will do in excess.

5. A man of steel is constructive.

He is always building up, not tearing down. There is a way to be critical by building up. To pull our kids close

WARNING - Pride will destroy your life
WARNING – Pride will destroy your life

and say we appreciate them. How do you come home at night? All day you have been Mr. Personality, then you walk into the house and kick the dog, or your wife. Do you pick up the newspaper after walking by the wife and kids, and bury yourself in the newspaper? We need to be constructive. A constructive man knows his wife. Some men never take 5 minutes to read a book to learn about their spouse, it is no wonder marriages are falling apart. God has given us dominion and leadership, and we need to take it and run with it. Proverbs says, “Train up a child in the way he should go.” We need to know the gifts and talents God has placed in our children so they go right.

6. A Man of Steel is a man of Confidence.

A Man of Steel is a man of Confidence. This means he has good Self-esteem, that he possesses a sense of belonging. Men need confidence in God; you need to know this about yourself. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. So have confidence in the family God has given you. Trust the wife and kids in everything and above all, be proud of them.

7. Finally a man of steel needs to be controlled.

The Secret of How to Be a Man
The Secret of How to Be a Man

This kind of man must be submitted to God, submitted in obedience to God. You need to be thinking and doing what God wants you to think and do. God’s word must control your life. Every choice you make needs to be in light of God’s word. A meek man is a powerful person.

Are you a Father and a husband? Are you a man of steel as outlined in these 7 points? Could you make some changes in your life? If you think you could, pray to God that He would make you the man that He created you to be.



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