March 11, 2012

Well..I’ve done it. Resisted for years. Clients and students begged but I said no. Perhaps I was inspired by SXSW and the great colleagues I met there discussing social media and its effects on religious organizations. Then again, it could be that I have had enough caffeine to finally take the plunge after years of just drinking half-caff (again by student request). Regardless of the reason, I present to you…my professional blog: The View from Dixon Hall.

Professional Blog? Yep, that’s right. From here, I will comment at length on organizations, communication, theology, strategy, and all things academic and professional. Doesn’t mean I won’t have some fun but it will mean that besides being free with the punctuation( I love ellipses and commas) and occasionally the sentence structure, this is a working blog. I will present some of the drafts of the new book and conference papers I am working on.It will be a place where students will find my expanded thoughts on questions and topics from class; the life of the mind; and the future of the field of organizational communication and why it matters. It will be place where clients past and present see my work and thoughts on topics that may give them ideas about how I can help them take communication and strategy to a new level. It will be the place where I will also contemplate how the WORD and the word are more than theological partners but do a lot of organizational business as well. From time to time one of my sermons will show up just for a little inspiration.

Looking for my now famous rants and raves about politics and culture? Well head on over to my “Rants from Dixon Hall”–Can’t promise you that you will like all my thoughts over there but you will be entertained. Occasionally, I will invite some of the great people I hang out with to post on here just to a) create a little hateration  and b) share the knowledge.

Welcome and come back…although I was one of those weird kids who liked talking to myself…

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