No You Can’t: Rules for White People and Halloween Parties (and other social engagements)

I don’t usually do public service announcements. Its not my job and frankly as my husband and I get ready to welcome three pre-schoolers into our home (yea!) my turn to motherhood has kept me quite busy. But, every year around Halloween, Fall Formals, and other theme parties, many of my lighter hue (read: White folks) friends, colleagues, and students get into trouble for what they in the aftermath will claim was an “innocent mistake.”Look, while everyone has the freedom of speech, no one has … [Read More...]

Hurricane Katrina: The Day that Uncle Sam Died

For all my bluster of critical scholar this and critical scholar that, I am a pretty normal American. The Star-Spangled Banner always moves me to tears; I watch the Olympics with a red,white, and blue bias; and not so long ago,  I believed in the fundamental strength of my government to take care of its people in a time of trouble.Even 9/11 didn't dent my childlike belief in Uncle Sam. Yeah, I knew we had our problems, I wasn't that blind. I knew that racism was real and income inequality w … [Read More...]

Waffle House and the McKinney Police: A Runaway writes home

"I do know this. It's the things we run from that hurt us the most." ― Norma Johnston  I am beginning to crave Waffle House. It usually happens about 2 or 3 weeks in my time in London. I miss a lot of things about home, especially the cute red-head that shares my house. But when I got on that plane back in May, right after graduation, I knew one thing for certain: I wanted to get the hell out of Dallas. I wanted to get out of the United States. I was running away.I love teaching i … [Read More...]

Dissenting Opinions on “A Teachable Moment” Part II: “Missing the big picture” by Dr. Stephanie Martin

Today's guest blogger is my colleague, SMU Assistant Professor, Dr. Stephanie (Sam) Martin.  After a 'warm' conversation in my office, I invited her to share her thoughts in this blog post.  Look for me to take my blog back over later this week.... enjoy!_________________________________________________________________________________It is a strange contradiction: In a free society like the United States, free speech is sometimes one of the hardest things to defend. In part, I think t … [Read More...]

Dissenting Opinions on “A Teachable Moment” Part I: “Not My Lesson to Teach” by Shanelle Little

To say that I have been surprised by the response to last week's blog is an understatement. In my wildest dreams, I never imagined that it would spark the conversation and controversy that it did. While a number of readers from across the United States and around the world (still amazing) voiced their appreciation for my views--I did hear the voices of those who believed I totally missed the point (some of those letters were like getting my teaching evaluations early--ouch!).Since I believe … [Read More...]

A Teachable Moment: How OU failed Transformation 101

I am a college professor. It is an essential part of my identity. Yes, I research, publish (not as much as I should), and consult but nothing gives me greater joy than my interactions with my students. Teaching, particularly the motley crew of pre-adults known as the 18-21-year-old demographic, is the means of grace by which I offer myself to God and the world.Pre-adults. That’s who and what they are. When they enter our classrooms, many of them have never formed an independent thought of t … [Read More...]

Damn Barack….

It was by all standards of oral communication, a magnificent performance. Passionate, clear, and responsive to the context of the moment, the President was truly in "the zone." As he ticked off item after item, on his "Middle Class" political agenda, the collective "Amen" from the Democratic base grew from a whisper to an outright shout. Community College for all? That's right! Affordable Child Care? You better work! Paid sick leave? Don't hurt'em Hammer!By the end of his 6500 word speech, I … [Read More...]

Hated Tide: The Real Reason you hate Alabama and Mika Brzezinski

Though not blessed with any children of my own, I am the proud aunt of 5 red headed little boys and the reluctant one of a blond pre-teen. Don't get me wrong, I love all of my nephews but my oldest nephew, Nathan and I have not seeing eye to eye for the last year.My two oldest nephews, Nathan, 12 and Zack, 10 are the sports fans of the group of 6. When I married into the family four years ago, I was given instant Aunt-cred because unlike the other women in the family, I loved sports as … [Read More...]

Ebola Crazy

Masking our Faith: Ebola, Dallas, and the Church

Dateline: October 19, 2014—Dallas, TexasAs of now, I am happy to report that the Zombie apocalypse is controlled.You laugh (I hope), but after three weeks of living at “ground zero” for Ebola in the United States, you would have thought that the “Walking Dead” were parading down Interstate 35. Usually Dallas doesn’t get this worked up for anything other than a Cowboys victory in December, an impending ice storm, or the OU/Texas game. But Lord have mercy, the mix of black people, black peo … [Read More...]


Sorry Mrs. Rice, We Just Don’t Care: Hypocrisy and Domestic Violence

Dear Mrs. Rice:I thought I would write to tell you how sorry I am for your troubles. I am not even sure if “troubles” really sums up where you are right now in your life’s journey. Compounding the horror of being knocked out and dragged about like a piece of trash by a man who says he loves you is the fact that the act is forever documented by the wonders of technology for your children, friends, family, and total strangers to see. The restraint it must take to remain silent as pundits, TV sh … [Read More...]