What Mark Driscoll and Family Have Been Up To

What Mark Driscoll and Family Have Been Up To September 17, 2018

The big lesson that God has been teaching us in recent years is that everything in life is a gift if you patiently wait and learn what to do with it. I have tried to take everything in life, the good and the bad, and figure out how to receive it as something that, if properly used, can be a blessing that glorifies God. If I can figure that out, then God uses it to do something good in me, which in turn He can do something good through me to bless others.

Let me give you one real life example. Some years ago, our family had to move for a variety of complicated reasons. I was bemoaning and questioning what the Lord was doing, though we knew clearly God was directing it. We had worked very hard to get our home ready to live in, and did not get to live there very long. Then, this happened after we had listed the home for sale and moved to another state:

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