Holocaust Memorial Day is too Jewish and the Left wants to end the exclusivity

Holocaust Memorial Day is too Jewish and the Left wants to end the exclusivity April 25, 2016

Speakers at Britain’s National Union of Students conference have roused support to stop commemorating the Holocaust because it’s not inclusive and gives too much attention to Jews.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new and, in fact, is a popular refrain among the younger crowd. Even Hollywood stars like Jewish-born actress Natalie Portman has said there has been too much emphasis on the Holocaust for far too long now. After all, they reason, there are other genocidal events from history that are equally as troublesome and should get the same attention.

Speaking at the NUS (should that be NUTS?) conference was Darta Kaleja who aired her grievance, reported by The Telegraph:

“I am against the NUS ignoring and forgetting other mass genocides and prioritising others. When during my education was I taught about the genocides in Tibet or Rwanda? It is important to commemorate all of them.”

Telegraph columnist Brendan O’Neill blistered at this display and blasted the leftist student’s for reaching “the logical end point” of their “perverse victimhood Olympics.” O’Neill is right when he says this goes beyond a memorial day and dips straight into anti-Semitism:

“Student bureaucrats seem to have an issue with Jews. Not only did conference delegates clap the rubbishing of Holocaust commemoration — they also elected as their new president one Malia Bouattia, who has bemoaned the West’s “Zionist-led media” and thinks the British government of being beholden to a “Zionist and neo-con lobby”. So the NUS is now led by someone who uses language reminiscent of one of the ugliest conspiracy theories.”

And, of course, the student’s outrage is misplaced. On the very first page of the Holocaust Memorial Day website, there are clear links to Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Darfur. So, tell me again, precious snowflakes, who’s the one being exclusive now?

There is no end game for the Left, really.  Nothing is off limits, and they won’t stop until their vicious appetite for conformity to their own radical ideas is satisfied. They have appropriated victimhood from actual victims to further their own ever-evolving cause. It is our job to continue to call them out on it.

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