Princeton wipes “man” from official lexicon

Princeton wipes “man” from official lexicon August 22, 2016

For those that don’t believe there is an all-out war on our freedom of speech, think again. The Left has always controlled the language, but the new war they are waging in the name of political correctness has accelerated. And they’re winning. The latest casualty is an Ivy League school that surrendered in the name of gender inclusivity.

Princeton University has scrubbed the word “man” from its official human resources guidelines. No longer is it proper to say, “Please get a clerk to man the front desk.” Instead, the instructions are to say, “Please get a clerk to staff the front desk.”

“Gender-inclusive language is writing and speaking about people in a manner that does not use gender-based words,” the HR guidelines states. “Gender binary is the traditional view on human gender, which does not take into consideration individuals who identify as otherwise, including and not limited to transgender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, and/or intersex.”

The guideline reinforces these definitions with multiple examples of replacing sex-based pronouns (like him, his, she, her) with the plural “their.” When in doubt, “eliminate the pronoun altogether,” it commands. A table was included to remedy a variety of possible infractions:

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 5.38.20 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 5.38.42 PM

Princeton’s director of media relations John Cramer told The College Fix that the guidelines “reflect the university’s initiative of fostering an inclusive environment.” It’s a model many other colleges and universities are following. And now that every school has diversity offices, the lines drawn are even more concerning with special attention given to addressing transgender students with a completely new set of gender-neutral pronouns — “ze, zie and hir, ey, em, eir and emself.”

The ridiculous notion that anyone would be subjected to learning a made-up language just to make another person feel accepted has no place in an institution of higher learning. These former bastions of free thought have turned into nothing more than extremely expensive snowflake factories. Though students aren’t required to follow the guidelines, imagine the scorn they’ll receive if they don’t. Changing the rules for everybody to satisfy the few is not a win-win situation. It’s an assault on liberty and personal freedom.

And if you think it ends here, you’re wrong. These snowflakes are America’s future leaders, and they are pre-programmed to gender-sanitize everything. I fear what might happen when they get their hands on our founding documents.

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