The same Left that is outraged by Trump encourages a culture of sexual immorality

The same Left that is outraged by Trump encourages a culture of sexual immorality October 12, 2016

Amid the outrage brought on by Donald Trump’s sexually explicit remarks caught on tape back in 2005, the Left has quickly forgotten the sexually charged culture it has embraced, encouraged and continues to forge.

Encapsulating this stunning display of hypocrisy is author and Thomas W. Smith Fellow, Heather Mac Donald, who wrote a piece called “Trumped-Up Outrage” over at City Journal. From her perspective, liberals have responded as if this is the most shocking thing ever said about women while acting like they are innocent of ever saying questionable things in a private space.

But what about what is said in the public sphere? Remember, actual supporters, even friends, of the Clintons and the Obamas have said similar things to millions with their blessing. Take for instance Beyoncé, whose lyrics speak of her own sexual prowess and her choreographed moves emphasize it. Is it any better that Beyoncé’s fans, many young females, are exposed to hearing things like, “When he f*** me good I take his a** to Red Lobster?” To date, there has been no outrage from the Left over this. Mac Donald adds that in the video for that song, Formation, a very young girl appears twerking and yet, “No objections to that destruction of the innocence of childhood from the DNC.”

Mac Donald writes how Mrs. Clinton found Trump’s words “horrific” but has stayed silent on the lyrical content of Beyoncé’s music or her husband Jay-Z:

President Obama has singled out Beyoncé for praise, and the singer is a big Hillary Clinton supporter, to not a word of protest from Clinton regarding her status as a role model for young girls. Bill Clinton met with Beyoncé and her husband, rapper Jay Z, in September. If Bill or Hillary thinks the lyrics of Jay Z’s “Big Pimpin‘” “horrific,” in Hillary’s words, they are not letting on.

Needless to say, “Big Pimpin’” speaks of nothing wholesome.

Clinton has supporters in Hollywood who have never shied away from exploiting sexual vulgarity to boost their own careers. Amy Schumer, for instance, has said, “I have used sex as a marketing tool and it has worked. I mean, my TV show is called Inside Amy Schumer.” Then there’s Lena Dunham, who not only regularly appeared naked on her HBO show Girls, but also wrote about fondling her sister’s genitals for fun when they were kids in her book. Dunham enjoys being an official mouthpiece for the Clinton campaign without ever once being called out on her past indiscretions.

The mainstream media doesn’t get a pass, either. As Mac Donald states, outlets like The Washington Post and The New York Times are drooling over themselves with their anti-Trump headlines. This faux-outrage doesn’t extend to other stories they appear to ignore: “Have they objected to college campus sex weeks, which routinely invite porn stars to offer how-to demonstrations on S & M sex? Do they squirm with discomfort when campus administrators pass out tips on the use of sex toys to achieve better orgasms? Not on the record, at least.”

Mac Donald then tears apart the hypocrisy among feminist thought:

The sudden onset of Victorian vapors among the liberal intelligentsia and political class at the revelation of Trump’s locker-room talk is part and parcel of the Left’s hypocrisy when it comes to feminism and sexual liberation. A routine objection to Trump is that he makes, in the words of the New York Times, “gutter attacks on women.” But why should women be exempt from Trump’s gutter attacks on anyone he wants to humiliate? Trump’s gratuitous nastiness to men and women alike, kicking  people when they are down, unfits him to serve as the premier civic role model for the nation’s children. But the feminists can’t have it both ways: declaring that women should be equal to men in all things and then still demand a chivalric deference to female’s delicate sensibilities. Either women are the same as men or they’re not. It is particularly galling to see the selective resurrection of Victorian values from the same crowd that has been pushing transgender locker rooms on the world, in an effort to destroy the last shred of girls’ innate sexual modesty.

A great moment in the second debate was when Trump hammered Clinton on her husband’s past sexual sins of which she had no defense. Mac Donald writes:

Trump said in his defense that Bill Clinton “has said far worse to me on the golf course.” That may be the most credible thing that Trump has ever uttered… though there is a huge difference between the reality TV star Trump bragging about his libido on a studio bus and Bill Clinton exploiting the power of the presidency to seduce a young intern. But Democrats are the most shameless in their outrage over the Trump braggadocio, having dismissed Bill Clinton’s White House and gubernatorial escapades for years, and standing as the party of maximal sexual liberation, unlike the Republicans. The New York Times rejects the relevance of Clinton’s predatory White House behavior on the ground that “Mr. Clinton is not running for president.” But the Times did not find Clinton’s behavior significant when Clinton was in office, either.

Democrats feel a moral superiority to everyone else. When it’s politically convenient, they will call out immorality. Otherwise, they celebrate it as liberation.

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  • hazemyth

    Are Trump supporters genuinely incapable of comprehending that the outrage is not about sexual vulgarity but about sexual assault?

    • JThomp187

      Thank you! That’s the scary part. These people on the right seem to gloss over that fact. Nobody on the left is saying not to be sexual (in fact, it’s people on the right who shame sexuality).

      This author was reaching and desperately wanted to correlate these situations. Failed attempt.

    • Toni_Pereira

      If you truly believe that the outrage is not about sexual vulgarity but about sexual assault,You must be stupid or deluded beyond perversion…

  • Donalbain

    Does the whole concept of consent confuse you?

    • Dartfin

      Apparently so, this dude spent actual time writing a whole article comparing what he feels is vulgar language to someone saying “Hey, I take liberties with people’s bodies!” He actually compared them. He’s an adult. And he compared the two. Like, he’s lived his whole life thinking “Hey, if I get famous I can just touch vagina and kiss on girls all day…so long as I don’t use naughty words to describe the act I’m committing!” His whole life apparently. And god forbid someone take issue with this mindset, well they’re just liberals who listen to naughty-word songs and hate freedoms and bore, bore, bore, bore, bore he’s dumb.

      Sorry I’m normally far more scathing, I’m just over talking to adults who should know better.

  • Marja Erwin

    Growing up, I was bullied and beaten up and once beaten unconscious. You quote concerns about “transgender locker rooms” but there’s actual violence against trans students, and there’re ways schools can either encourage or discourage this violence.

  • Scrofula

    Y’all are repulsed by Beyonce’s crude sex lyrics. Y’all adore your nominee’s crude sex talk. Nevermind the whole consent/assault issue, can you explain the difference?

  • MC

    For the lefties who say Donald sexually assaulted woman, funny how for 40years not once has anyone came forward to say that, until Oct 2016. And he did not say he grab these woman without consent, he said the woman will LET you do it when you are a celebrity. The hypocrites of the left are outrage by his words, but not the actions of the hollywood left who get awards for pushing raping and sexually assault in movies and songs…

    • Melora Hart

      They have come forward before now, how do you not know this?

    • Mike

      (other mike) Um, his own ex-wife accused him of marital rape while under oath. Other accusations have also surfaced before now.

    • wakingdreaming

      Women will “let” men do a lot of things they don’t really want men to do in order to keep men from getting MORE violent with them. Are you unfamiliar with all the recent stories of men who have KILLED women for turning down their sexual advances?

  • dybnaps

    One difference is Bay and Jay Z aren’t running for President, and trying to run our country. Trump is. As civilians those artists who I don’t care for, still have the right to express themselves through music. Trump on the other hand wants to lead at the highest office in America. He Doesn’t get those same rights at this time, and that’s what he signed on for. He knew that going in. Trump is not a musician writing lyrics to entertain fans, he is a down right predator, by his very own words. No one baited him in, and he was 59yrs old, and a grandpa. If he didn’t have his wits, and morals by then, he never will.

    • Jay Carr

      Let me start by saying I hate Trump AND Killary. Now, If you are going to pass judgement on someone TODAY for something they have said or did in the past, and say they are NOT FIT to be president, then you HAVE TO apply that same standard to EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!! So, if you are vilifying & judging Trump for things he ” SAID ” 11 years ago & that makes him unfit to be president…….I would think it would be fair to say for Killary getting a child rapist off after she knew he raped a 12 yr old girl then LAUGH about it. Saying that sometime girls have fantasies about being with older men. Would make her unfit to be president. Also, years BEFORE that getting kicked off the Watergate team of lawyers because her actions were so unethical, they had NO CHOICE but to kick her off the team. Obviously, she hasn’t changed AT ALL! Those are just 2 of the10’s among 10’s of things Killary has done or said that would NOT make her a person who should be President of the United States.

      • Mike

        So you don’t believe in the constitutional protection that all American citizens are (supposedly) guaranteed when being prosecuted for a crime? (Yes, even those accused of rape.)

      • Linda McQ

        Try to do your homework on what Hilary has or has not done.

      • DanD

        The idiot claiming that he fired Hillary from the watergate team wasn’t her boss and wasn’t in a position to fire her. He was someone who routinely butted heads with her boss, and objected to the legal rationale behind a memo she was assigned to write. She did her job perfectly well, and left the watergate team when it wound down at the end of it’s duties.

        In other words, you’re either lying or simply can’t be bothered to fact check even the basics of your accusations.

  • MC

    Bay and JayZ are invited to the white house and given the opportunity to give their morals credence by Obama. Just as worse. Obama and the Demorats have no idea how to run a country, not one person in his administration has never ran a business, has no business experience, and all are theoretical political people who live in a world of thinking instead of doing. Trump has actually built buildings, run businesses, hired and fired people, had to do budgets and keep people employed to feed their families. Hillary and Obama have never once created a job for anyone, much less the country. They make their living off tax payers whereas Trump makes money in the private sector. These bozos of the Demorat party have not the clue about solving the deficit, defense and want illegal immigrants as a new voting block….

    • Mike

      (a different Mike)

      Well, Donald Trump certainly knows how to stiff contractors and employees out of their income, how to use the court system to avoid paying his bills, how to run up billions in losses, how to avoid paying income taxes for decades, how to insult minorities, demean and assault women. Need I go on? For all his so-called “business acumen” if he had invested the money his dad started him off with in the S&P Index, he would have been better off today. So.. not so great at business.

      In all the months I have watched Donald Trump, I have yet to see him explain how he would actually “Make America Great Again” aside from saying he would appoint “good people” (unlike for his disastrous campaign, I guess) and hand over all the heavy lifting to his vice-president.

      Barack Obama has more class and talent in his little finger than Trump has ever had. Come to think of it, for all her flaws, so does Hillary Clinton.

    • lizdhm

      A country is not a business, Mike. Also, Trump has bankrupted multiple casinos. You have to almost try to do something like that.

    • Dan McLeod

      And you think Trump’s plan that adds 5 trillion to debt will solve anything?

  • Dartfin

    Had it just been talk that was sexual in nature, that would be one thing, something to shrug at, I mean he’d still have a laundry list of racist and misogynist things he’s said, but hey, this would literally just be guy talk. BUT that wasn’t the case, he openly admits to kissing women without their consent and advocates for this sort of action because of his celebrity. What aren’t you getting!? Open sexuality is far different from sexual assault. “Grab them by the pussy” without asking is sexual assault. Beyonce stating that she will take a man who fucks her good to Red Lobster is her rewarding the man for a job well done in CONSENSUAL SEX. My god, how am I explaining this to grow adults? I have 6th graders who know the difference. Know how I know? Because one of them told another not to grab a girl when she said stopped followed by the line “Don’t be like Trump.”
    A sixth grader understands consent better than Trump or apparently you Mark.
    A. Sixth. Grader.
    Be a better human being.

    • Linda McQ

      Wow. A sixth grader understands, yet adults like this author don’t. Gives me hope. I’ve been afraid that the kids, seeing trump admired by their parents as a Moses, a David, the savior of America, will emulate him, strive to grow up to be just like him. Sexist, elitist, racist, bigoted, dishonest, entitled, and controlling. Kudos to this kid.

      • Lark62

        Even the kids at Liberty Univ get it and have condemned Trump. There’s hope.

        • Linda McQ


  • Melora Hart

    How do you not understand that it’s about consent? Is that a concept too complex for you? Don’t touch someone’s genitals without their consent. It also happens to be a crime- since you don’t seem to understand that either! Liberals (but shamefully not all conservatives) are upset that a presidential nominee is bragging about committing sexual crimes against women. And that, right there, is what’s morally reprehensible. Not what people consent to do together, not what words people use, but what you do to someone without their consent.

    There. I explained it to you. Now you can understand how idiotic and shameful your whole article is.

    • lizdhm

      He’s an MRA. The concept of women as humans is alien to him.

  • Melora Hart

    I see you feel like you must lambast people over how sinful you feel transgender locker rooms are while just ignoring that Trump admits to purposefully walking in on women while they’re changing at pageants so he can see them naked. That he did this at teen pageants. And that when the children he walked in on brought up with his wife, whom they thought they could trust, she replied “yeah, he does that.”

  • You’re an idiot. It’s about consent. PERIOD. Otherwise adults can do whatever the hell they want. You can call that sexual immorality if you want. I don’t.

  • Lark62

    Consent. Consent. Consent. Consent.

    The message is clear and consistent. Consensual activity between adults able to consent is nobody’s business. Sexual assault, sex without consent, sex with a child, and every form of forced sexual activity are wrong.

    This is actually easy to understand.

    • Redboyds

      Go die of AIDS, you brainless fggt

      • Lark62

        Yeppers. Since the dawn of humanity, religion has been about control and power and the ability to shame others into compliance.

        With the loss of control and power, pretense falls away and the hatred and slime at the core of religion shines through.

        As Vince has so eloquently demonstrated.

    • Gabriel Axinte

      This is actually easy to understand
      Not for social-conservatives.

  • Marge

    It’s you all that is NOT getting it. First off, he tells you they LET you do it, because they are famous. What you are NOT getting is the constant sexual revulsion the left have been pounding out for years does add up to sexual aggression for both men and women. You like to think it doesn’t. Of course it doesn’t happen to everyone, but ask yourselves why is there such a high rate of rape culture in America and especially on college campuses. They are feeding into the male sexual ego and sayin hey yeah, women are free whores. Look how they ask for it, look how they display and advertise it, look how they want it, that’s how it really is. That’s why that poor stupid college student killed all those sorority girls when he was rejected. We like to think it was an isolated case, but I’m sure its what contributes to a lot of teh campus rapes. They show men that women are “EQUALLY” sexual as men, which we are NOT, and that we’re promiscuous enough that we’ll sleep around with just about any and every body. So these guys go to college expecting this fantasy to be real and played out, that they are going to have sex with a lot of girls, any girl all the time, anytime, anywhere etc. When this isn’t being fulfilled and it’s not how the left has been making it out to be, reality sets, they get angry and you have a guy raping or killing sorority girls because of rejection. Its the little things ladies and gentlemen that you think dont’ matter, but do in a HUGE way, just like pennies they add up. We have to stop this objectifying of women and young girls. Funny, how twisted feminism is and shows how dysfunctional it is. They want the power and respect by men, but they think they get that by being lesbianish (dress like men, act like men), being sexually aggressive (dressing like sluts, whores, sleeping around etc.) I might not being explaining that correctly but you saw that in the early 80s women started wearing pant suits and dresses that looked like suits. Women abandoned anything that was feminine for more masculine to give the sense of I’m a powerful woman and to be taken seriously. That was a HUGE mistake. Women being fooled. Anyway, off topic. No one condones any man that would assault women sexually, but I dont’ think he did so, he just has a huge ego and is aggressive as we’ve been grooming society for a long time and its been out for a long time, but now we’re going to be outraged by it, because its Trump running for presidency. really people…. Where was the outrage when Bill was caught using the whitehouse as a brothel. He has sexual assaults under his belt too,but no one was outraged by it.Not like they are over trump oh and the walking in on Miss Teen girls while int he dressing room, there’s an article that talks about the 5 girsl,but also which they dnot’ mention, there were 11 others that dont’ recall him ever being in the room and one evensuggested the one accusing him probably only said it because she’s a hillary supporter. that says A LOT. soooo. We need to rethink how we view sex, women and men in the future coming in regards to society. We need to clean it up and get back to basics. Free sex culture has bread wickedness and when its open, we all claim shock and horror. please,

    • Takashi Alekseev

      “First off, he tells you they LET you do it, because they are famous.”

      HE is in no position to explain why anyone gives consent. People give consent because they consent. No one can assume because you reach an arbitrary level of “fame” that they can touch someone inappropriately without their permission.

      “What you are NOT getting is the constant sexual revulsion the left have
      been pounding out for years does add up to sexual aggression for both
      men and women.”

      I don’t see any revulsion of sex from either party. Conservatives and Liberals recognize sex as a human trait.

      “Of course it doesn’t
      happen to everyone, but ask yourselves why is there such a high rate of
      rape culture in America and especially on college campuses.”

      It’s because parents raise their children to accept sexual assault. When you neglect teaching children how to responsibly deal with their sexual urges, they are left to learn for themselves, often from unwanted sources.

      “That’s why that
      poor stupid college student killed all those sorority girls when he was

      Elliott Rodger shot and killed seven people because he felt entitled to something that he absolutely did not. I don’t blame leftist culture or the women he murdered. I blame him, the parents that didn’t see any signs of his toxic entitlement nature, and the social groups that fostered his hatred.

      “They show men that
      women are “EQUALLY” sexual as men, which we are NOT, and that we’re
      promiscuous enough that we’ll sleep around with just about any and every

      Citation needed for whether women are not as sexual as men.

      “So these guys go to college expecting this fantasy to be real
      and played out, that they are going to have sex with a lot of girls, any
      girl all the time, anytime, anywhere etc.”

      Then someone needs to educate these guys about what college life is really about. I don’t recall seeing “free orgy” on my college application.

      “When this isn’t being
      fulfilled and it’s not how the left has been making it out to be,
      reality sets, they get angry”

      That’s perfectly acceptable. Anyone who has been rejected can feel angry, sad, any number of emotions.

      “and you have a guy raping or killing
      sorority girls because of rejection.”

      That’s perfectly NOT acceptable. If you have no impulse control because a girlfriend, boyfriend, or total stranger rejected your advances, you need to seek counseling. Do not pick up a gun or a knife, pick up a phone and talk to someone rational.

      “Its the little things ladies and
      gentlemen that you think dont’ matter, but do in a HUGE way, just like
      pennies they add up.”

      How many “pennies” should someone accumulate before you justify an assault? What would the dollar-amount have to be before you start believing someone was, in right-wing terms, “legitimately raped”?

      “We have to stop this objectifying of women and
      young girls.”

      Hooray. We agree on something.

      “Funny, how twisted feminism is and shows how dysfunctional
      it is.”

      ..and we’re back to disagreeing.

      “They want the power and respect by men, but they think they get
      that by being lesbianish (dress like men, act like men), being sexually
      aggressive (dressing like sluts, whores, sleeping around etc.) I might
      not being explaining that correctly

      You are not explaining it correctly at all. We are more than our clothes. A boy can wear every color of the rainbow. A girl can wear whatever damn well she wants. At the end of the day, they are equal. If you dress a baby boy in pink, it’s not going to “turn him gay”. If the girl chooses the football over the Barbie, she’s not going to “turn gay”.

      Women SHOULD be respected by men flat out. They shouldn’t have to feel that they need to *earn* that respect by dressing or acting a certain way.

      “No one
      condones any man that would assault women sexually, but I dont’ think he
      did so,”

      There are now over a dozen women who are claiming to be assaulted by Donald Trump. I think we should believe them until proven otherwise. To dismiss them outright would set a bad precedent to other victims of sexual assault.

      “he just has a huge ego and is aggressive as we’ve been grooming
      society for a long time and its been out for a long time, but now we’re
      going to be outraged by it, because its Trump running for presidency.”

      We have always been outraged by sexual predators. It’s why we have a national Sex Offender Registry. It’s why we’ve prosecuted high-ranking members of society like Bill Cosby, Jared Fogle, Jerry Sandusky, et cetera. The fact that Trump is running for President has not changed our outrage – it’s just been given a louder microphone.

      If we had known about the Access Hollywood tape years ago, I’m sure the press would’ve covered it the exact same way.

      ” Where was the outrage when Bill was caught using the
      whitehouse as a brothel. He has sexual assaults under his belt too,but
      no one was outraged by it.”

      No, we just *impeached the President* and stripped him of a professional law license. If you’re expecting the same treatment toward Donald, then I will gladly support impeaching Trump as well.

      “Not like they are over trump oh and the
      walking in on Miss Teen girls while int he dressing room, there’s an
      article that talks about the 5 girsl,but also which they dnot’ mention,
      there were 11 others that dont’ recall him ever being in the room and
      one evensuggested the one accusing him probably only said it because
      she’s a hillary supporter.”

      So, you’re allowing a violation of privacy of underage minors as long as there are enough people to outnumber the victims?

      “that says A LOT.”

      It says you should never be on a jury of a rape case.

      “soooo. We need to rethink
      how we view sex, women and men in the future coming in regards to

      Sex is here to stay. Marriage equality is the law of the nation.

      “We need to clean it up and get back to basics.”

      No. What we need to do is educate people about consent, healthy sexual relationships and behaviors, and how to responsibly deal with rejection. Do not treat men like mindless penises gone amok. You do us a great disservice when you do.

      “Free sex
      culture has bread wickedness and when its open, we all claim shock and
      horror. please,”

      It’s not the sex culture that has shocked and horrified me. It’s Donald.

    • Gabriel Axinte

      Free sex culture has bread wickedness
      How do you define wickedness?

    • Gabriel Axinte

      dressing like sluts, whores, sleeping around e
      And your reason to believe that all thse things are wrong is…

  • stevetat410

    Last I checked checked, Donald Trump is the only sexual deviant mentioned in the article actually running for POTUS. False equivalence.

    • Rocky

      The only thing false is you.

  • Alan Drake

    “Straw Man” attack at the worst – in defense of a moral monster.

    Even the official Playboy philosophy states that there are no moral issues in sexual relations between CONSENTING adults. Even Hugh Hefner is appalled at grabbing a woman’s genitals WITHOUT HER CONSENT.

    You have just forfeited any claim to moral judgment with this article.

  • pj3333

    Do you have a head injury? You are seriously equating crude lyrics about consensual sex written for entertainment with crude words spoken in a workplace about forcing yourself sexually on non-consenting women because you’re famous to get away with shoving your tongue down their throats and manhandling their genitalia against their wishes? That’s your “moral” position? SMH

  • slayerofvampyres

    So… do you think it’s hypocritical of Trump to talk about keeping Mexicans out of this country cause they might rape us all, and yet he talks of sexual assault??? How about all the trans women the crazy-ass republicans wanna keep out of bathrooms in case they might sexually assault someone (which almost never happens), yet you think Trump can be president despite all the rape talk from his own mouth and all the accusations he’s received from women??? YOU ALL ARE OUT OF YOUR DAMN MINDS. They are talking about consensual sex acts, Trump is talking about rape. This is not our hypocrisy.

    • Lark62

      Trump bragged about walking fully clothed into dressing rooms for the sole purpose of seeing unclothed women, and republicans give him a pass. Yet they would deny trans people access to restrooms when all trans people want to do is mind their own business.

  • Wheezy1952

    Is Beyonce running for office?

    • uhhuhh

      Even better question: Is Beyonce sexually assaulting somebody without their consent?

      • Ed Wade

        Actually, she is, she’s assaulting the minds of our children.

        • Toon

          Ed, you could have just typed ‘no.’

          • Ed Wade

            And you could have typed nothing and been just as relevant.

          • Toon

            I agree, your comment was not very relevant.

        • keelhaulrose

          Be a parent and monitor what your children are listening to, then discuss things that you might have a concern about. Its not hard.

          • Ed Wade

            Really? You follow your children around all day? There’s a lot your kid is exposed to that you don’t know about.

          • Although I disagree with your position, your point is valid about not always being there to monitor our children.

          • doggypaws

            I agree. There is a lot of trash out there including sexualized violence. I think it is disgusting and it is so pervasive it would be difficult for a parent to monitor most of it. Especially kids whose parents have to work two or theee jobs just to keep heads above water The bottom line is kids are exposed to a lot of it and there is not much parents can do. The last “liberal” to speak out about it was Al Gore’s wife during the Clinton admin and she got slammed for it. Also Chris Hedges writes a lot about the effects of it.

          • keelhaulrose

            Nice try, but no.

            I know enough about my kids to know who their favorite bands are. Five minutes on Google and I know the gist of the lyrics they’re listening to. I’ve never had a problem with what they hear, but if I did I’d talk to them about it. If my daughter asks me about something she hears in a lyric I talk to her about it. It doesn’t take following your kid around, it takes paying at least enough attention to know what they’re listening to or watching. You don’t even have to listen to it or watch it yourself.

          • Ed Wade

            Good for you- and good for your kids. I’m afraid you’re probably the exception rather than the rule, though.

          • keelhaulrose

            I’ve got a feeling I’m not that unusual. Every parent I knows has a grasp of popular music and if they think they might have an issue they dig into it. Its basic parenting, you’d have to be a really lazy parent to not know what your kids are listening to or watching, and you’d have to be uncomfortable with the concept of talking to them if you don’t want to bring up subjects they might be seeing or hearing.

        • ElRay

          Right, just as you’re assaulting their minds with ignorant, hypocritical, bigoted drivel.

          I’m sure you’re also on the band wagon to ban donuts, because obviously the donut vendors are assaulting over-weight people by tempting them with tasty confections. And you support banning pork products, because they’re an assault on Judaism & Islam, and all the vegetarian religions.

          Oh you’re not? Typical hypocritical, bigoted christian-only tripe.

          • Ed Wade

            You libtards assume an awful lot about people you know absolutely nothing about. You couldn’t be more wrong. Don’t worry fat ass, calm down, there will always be plenty of donuts.

          • Toon

            Funny how a person who can’t spell ‘liberal’ without spelling it wrong thinks he has any grounds to talk about the accuracy of others. And just as hypocritical is your complaints about the assumptions of others when your next sentence then makes assumptions about others.

          • Dan McLeod
  • Daniel L. Smith

    Ummm, what??? lol

    Dude, the Victorian Age called, they want their values back.

  • Wheezy1952

    This is the all too common “but Mom, they did it first!” playground excuse that substitutes for intelligent political debate these days.
    Except in this case the target isn’t even on the playground.

  • Rob Kneaul

    So your dumbass says it’s immoral for a man’s wife to brag about how good he fucks her. Sorry but God would be pleased that the couple he brought together enjoy sex with each other. But you excuse a scumbag attempting to force a married woman to commit adultery with him. You are no pastor, you are vile scum

  • Sean Prophet

    Just as Trump supporters fail to distinguish issues of consent, they also fail to distinguish between speech from private citizens and speech from would-be leaders. Convenient motivated reasoning that fails every test of logic.

  • Toon

    Here is the basic divide. On the right it is about the language Trump used.

    On the left it is about the action Trump described.

    On the right, it is about sexuality.

    On the left it is about lack of consent.

    In this article, tMark Meckler lists example after example of consensual sexuality, of women being in control of their own sex lives, yet he never once figures that out.

    Mark, I hope you are gay or celbate, since you can’t seem to understand that women have the right to be sexual on their own terms.

    • Javi Rodriguz

      Yes. You are completely right

    • Gabriel Axinte

      since you can’t seem to understand that women have the right to be sexual on their own terms
      For social-conservatives women s sexual autonomy is the highest evil.

  • DanD

    No, I don’t care what two or more consenting adults get up to. It’s their lives, and they aren’t hurting anyone (or anyone but themselves if you choose to believe that natural sexuality is somehow harmful).

    The moment one of the individuals is not consenting, then harm is inflicted, and that is not just immoral, it is criminal.

    If Trump had just been discussing his sexual activity, and it was voluntary, I would consider him a boor, but not be particularly outraged. Since it wasn’t voluntary on the part of the women involved, it is rape.

  • You don’t really understand consent, do you?

  • Rob Kane

    Mark is a men’s rights activist who equates sexual self-determination for women as promiscuous; therefore, sexual assaults and harassment are fair game. Consent is the primary factor that is ignored since “if she did not want to get raped, she shouldn’t have worn that dress.” How convenient.
    And why would Mark laud himself as “one of the nation’s most effective grassroots activist” instead of simply listing his accomplishments? Sounds a bit of self-adulation. Much like the bloviated article I just read.

    • Alasdair Norris

      Thanks for the context. I had no idea who he was, but this is a ridiculous article.

  • keelhaulrose

    Beyonce is a grown woman. She gives consent in her sexual activities, and then sings about it. If that’s not a role model for your kids, fine, but if my daughter wants to buy her partner mediocre seafood after a good, consensual sexual encounter that’s on her.

    Trump, on the other hand, doesn’t get consent. He’s like a toddler, he sees something he wants and grabs it despite not having permission. Most of us learn that’s not okay, but he’s not just grabbing a toy or a cookie, he’s grabbing a human being against their wishes. That’s wrong.

    You don’t seem to get that the left isn’t upset by the word, they’re upset by the action.

  • James McClymont

    Let’s see…

    Comparing songs about CONSENSUAL sex with Trump bragging about SEXUAL ASSAULT.

    Once again, we see the hatred, ignorance and misogyny required to support Trump.

  • Alasdair Norris

    Your argument is morally bankrupt. To conflate vulgar lyrics in songs and comedy with a presidential candidate who objectifies his own and other people’s children and brags about sexually assaulting women is ridiculous and bizarre. These are not morally equivalent.

  • Cassidhe

    I’m not necessarily a fan of many of Beyonce’s lyrics, but the difference I see between her words (and others like her) and Trump’s (and others like him) words is this: Beyonce is talking about consensual sexual activity, but Trump is talking about sexual assault. Or, as I’ve seen it stated elsewhere, the problem is not the word “pussy” but the word “grab.” Beyonce gets to make her own choices about her body and how she engages or does not engage sexually. Trump’s comments suggest that he has the right to make someone’s decisions for them. The latter is the moral questions “liberals” are concerned about.

  • Sheri Nevill

    The issue is CONSENT. Period. I don’t care how explict the words are if everyone involved was a consenting adult and I don’t care how politely it’s phrased if there is someone being sexually harassed or assaulted. There is nothing immoral about sex toys, bondage, orgies, one night stands, premarital sex, homosexuality or anything else you can think of IF EVERYONE INVOLVED IS A CONSENTING ADULT. A kiss on the cheek, however, if forced or coerced, is absolutely immoral. It’s not about how far it goes. It’s not about the words being used. It’s about whether or not everyone involved wants it to be happening or not.

    • Eric McKlan

      “There is nothing immoral about sex toys, bondage, orgies, one night stands, premarital sex, homosexuality or anything else you can think of IF EVERYONE INVOLVED IS A CONSENTING ADULT”

      I don’t believe this. Can you convince me otherwise?

      • Shannon

        No. Because you are a moron.

        Please tell us why any of those things are “immoral”?

        • Eric McKlan

          Dumb response, but I asked for someone to defend their statements first. I could tell how morality is not inherently objective, and rather often a projection of personal opinions, but I’m not here to explain my worldview, I’m asking you to defend yours.

          • John Nace

            And apparently operating under the assumption that you decide what counts as a suitable response to your entirely undefended assertions.

          • Shannon

            My worldview is simple. They aren’t hurting anyone, nor forcing themselves on others, so they should be left alone.

            I’m done. I know that probably won’t be sufficient for you, because as I said, you. Are. A. Moron.

            Worse than that really. Clearly you want to go back to the good old days when a woman’s place was in the kitchen, practically property of her husband. Sorry asshole, we rose above that almost a hundred years ago. Now the Trumpers apparently want to drag us back.

      • lizdhm

        Then don’t do any of that stuff. Problem solved.

      • Sheri Nevill

        Probably not. If you believe those things to be immoral, you’ll just go on believing it. The good news about drawing the line at consenting adults, though, is that you never have to be a part of anything that you deem immoral, uncomfortable or even that you just don’t like. You can believe that the people who do these things are horrible people. That’s fine. So long as you aren’t stopping people from doing what they want to do with other people who want to do those things, you’re perfectly free to live your life however you see fit. So is everyone else.

  • Jonathan D Saunders

    Since this article has been SOUNDLY ripped to shreds by numerous intelligent minds already, there is no need in me mimicking them other than to ask if the writer (bahahahahaha…not worthy of the title) understands the difference between entertainment and the actual real world workings and interactions of Homo-Sapiens and the Law? I assume not, which is a huge problem in the U.S.A. and which is why pedophilia and closet indiscretions and std’s and teen pregnancies and everything they say they are against is the most rampant in THEIR communities.

  • Robin Artisson

    The author of this piece writes:

    “But the feminists can’t have it both ways: declaring that women should be equal to men in all things and then still demand a chivalric deference to female’s delicate sensibilities. Either women are the same as men or they’re not. It is particularly galling to see the selective resurrection of Victorian values from the same crowd that has been pushing transgender locker rooms on the world, in an effort to destroy the last shred of girls’ innate sexual modesty.”

    1. Feminists do not declare that “women should be equal to men in all things.” Feminism, formally and at present, is an academic and social study of power and privilege and the unjust structures that bolster both. To reduce feminism to a simple rallying cry for women’s “equality” is to greatly minimize what feminism is. Feminists are striving for a world in which no one has to say “X should be equal to Y in all things.” That women have traditionally been marginalized in countless ways is both true, and a symptom of the deeper issues that feminism is studying and laying bare for all to see.

    2. The “chivalric deference to delicate female sensibilities” is not something that mainstream academic feminists are asking for, and in fact, the ludicrous idea that a sensibility can be “feminine” by its very nature, or that it is therefore “delicate” is a condescending patriarchal social construct with no basis in reality.

    3. “Either women are the same as men, or they’re not.” If this mental giant wants to try to force complex topics into simple either-or modalities, that only reveals the limits of his own intellect (but we had no great expectations of his intellect, based on this joke of an article to begin with.) But I’ll answer him still: his “Either-or” false dilemma can be re-phrased as it should have been in the first place: instead of an either/or duality, we are dealing with a both/and complementarity. Women are both the same as men and they are not the same as men.

    Women share much of the same biological and social heritage as men, but they do not share the precise same morphology and social conditioning as men at the same time. Women cannot be treated as simply “the same” as men because of the latter, but they deserve the same standards of justice and fairness as men because of the former. And only a deluded, privileged, patriarchally-invested moron believes that women will be given the same standards of justice and fairness as men in a society that not a century ago wouldn’t even let women vote.

    Women have special issues that will only be besmirched and ignored by the farcical attempt to treat them “just the same as men”- justice and fairness for women is born first in understanding that a society can’t be based primarily upon men, with women being treated as an adjunct sex, or as the “other” sex. Women are as human as men are, and are as socially invested and important to the functioning of society as men are, and as long as they are looked upon as the “other” group of humans for whom special political debates have to be held, we are already hopelessly lost.

    But until we reach that point of understanding, to treat women as “just the same” as men is as unjust as expecting black people and white people to both thrive if they are treated “just the same.” A just society makes fair room for differences; it doesn’t homogenize them away in an act of intentional deletion or ignorance of difference that inevitably favors the privileged segments of society.

    4. “It is particularly galling to see the selective resurrection of Victorian values from the same crowd that has been pushing transgender locker rooms on the world…”

    This outrageous statement really deserves no comment, but again, in the spirit of shooting this particular fish in this particular barrel… the idea that the “left” is sexually depraved is baseless conservative dogma, born in their puritanical obsession with/repression over sexuality and sexual issues. The idea that sexes must be segregated at all times is the true Victorian and puritanical paranoia here, not the idea that all the people who identify as one gender or another might share the same locker room.

    5. “In an effort to destroy the last shred of girls’ innate sexual modesty.”

    The idea that “girls” (females) have “innate sexual modesty” is a condescending and false patriarchal social construct. What women have, alongside men, is a natural and dignified right to the ownership of their own bodies, which means having the final say over when another person can cross the boundaries of their bodies and make bodily contact with them of any sort, sexual or otherwise. Modesty- a shallow conservative construct, variable from time to place, based on variable social and religious norms- has nothing at all to do with this dignity of controlling the boundaries around one’s self and body. If anything, conservative notions of “modesty” force (especially) women to cede control of their own boundaries and natural liberties and give that control to the sensibilities of others.

    Neither women nor men have “innate” modesty of any sort. We are conditioned by our societies and families to feel one way or the other about expressing our sexual feelings, or showing our bodies off one way or another: how we decorate our bodies, how we dress them, how we display ourselves and our desire for others. These are social artifacts, and there is nothing “innate” about how a person is conditioned. Conditioning is by its definition not “innate.”

    What we _do_ have, and should have, despite any other conditioning, is the dignified ownership of our persons. That is natural. That comes before conditioning.

    The idea that liberals are working overtime to destroy the sexual modesty of women is absurd to a level beyond which there is no deeper level of absurdity to aspire to.

    • Eric McKlan

      You talk about “patriarchal social constructs” and other feminist buzzword/phrases, but riddle me this: why do women deserve whatever kind of “equality” that feminism is aimed at? Why do they deserve to vote? And why do you think social constructs are some how invalid in a ? And why do you think that “conservative constructs” are bad? Leftists have constructed lots of things involving gender identity and yadda yadda other progressive sexual bullshit. Why do you think things that are “natural” are innately good? You hinge all your beliefs on ideology, just like the author, and just about everyone else.

      • Shannon

        “Why do they deserve to vote? ”


        Just your asking this is proof that feminism is still needed.

        • Eric McKlan

          Yes, really. You didn’t give me a reason, and in an intellectual debate your “are you serious?”‘s and “it’s 2016″‘s hold no weight. Get with it or get out.

          • John Nace

            Why do non-whites deserve to vote? Why do non-land owners deserve to vote? Why does anyone at all deserve to vote? Why is slavery wrong? Why doesn’t the United States have a king or, better yet, an emperor?

            If you plan on asking others to justify their support for equality in our politics and our culture then you’re going to need to justify your support for any degree of inequality. Get with it, or get out.

          • Shannon

            Because asshole, they’re human beings. Just as smart as you. Well, 80% of them are actually smarter.

            If I had it my way, you would be the one who’d be prevented from voting. Or owning guns or driving cars.

      • lizdhm

        Because women are people, Eric. If only you understood that.

      • The Witch of Endor

        Voting is a right not a gift for the “deserving”. However, I’ll play along: why do men “deserve” to vote?

      • Dan McLeod

        You’re questioning whether women should be allowed to vote? How fucking stupid are you?

  • Just another mama

    The difference is CONSENT. It really is that simple. We live in a free Country where we are allowed to be a kinky as we like or we can be as prudish as we like…but we still ALWAYS have the right to CONSENT no matter how spicy or bland we enjoy our relationships. It’s not about raunchy language of books or lyrics of music, as much as Trump campaign and the hypocrites of the religious right want us to believe. It is about CONSENT. If he is touching women without their CONSENT, bragging about touching women without their CONSENT, if he is walking in on naked teenagers and naked young women without their CONSENT then he is a predator, getting his yanks off on seeing women naked without their CONSENT, sticking his tongue down their throats without their CONSENT, cornering them and putting his hands on their private parts without their CONSENT. If this was any other person he’d be in prison already.

    50 shades of Grey is about a CONSENSUAL relationship – a lot spicer that many of us ever consent to. Beyonce sings about a CONSENSUAL relationship, a spicy one, but a CONSENSUAL one as does Nicki Minaj. Maybe the people on the right have such an issue understanding the difference because they can’t talk about sex without it being dirty. Welcome to the 21st Century. Get rid of sexual taboo. Sex isn’t dirty or wrong or immoral. But NON CONSENSUAL sexual contact is. There is a YOUGE difference.

    • MC

      Trump said “……and they will let you”. Well, if they let you flirt and more, whether they are star struck or not, is consent. Beyoncé and Rappers singing about raping woman and having all kinds of god knows what sex is much more problematic for morality on the youth. This just invites more acceptance of raping woman and slapping them around, as these rap songs propose…

  • Eric McKlan

    To everyone making arguments about CONSENT (in all caps, no matter what), do you have proof that what Trump did was sexual assault?

    • Just another mama

      Yes…the women who did not CONSENT are proof. His leering at a 10 year old on an escalator, all the contestants in the beauty pageants who were naked when he came parading through, his ex wife…do we need more?

      • Riley Evans

        Not only were they Miss America contestants, but TEENAGE ones as well. I doubt they consented to him prancing in and oogling them. Eric McKlan… you are a #Mansplainer.

        • Eric McKlan

          Guilty as charged, I don’t care about these things because they are conveniently timed hearsay and ultimately won’t change who I vote for.

          • Dan McLeod

            So you don’t care that he was walking in on naked 15 year old girls just because he thought he could?

      • Eric McKlan

        Do you have proof that all those things happened?

        • lizdhm

          Dude, there’s *video* of Trump leering at the 10 year old. There’s recordings of Trump confessing to sexual assault. And I know, the all caps thing is pointless. You don’t understand the word or its importance either way.

          • Eric McKlan

            So I’ve never heard about the 10 year old thing until now but it sounded like a joke. And as far as confessions of “sexual assault,” it all seems a bit “trumped up,” as in, he was assertive, and successful or got shot down, which is kinda the way some people operate. I don’t really agree with the behaviour, but I also have strict opinions on sexuality. I understand what consent is about, I just think it’s funny how big of a talking point it’s become and how it must just be some coincidence that it coincides with years of easing sexual morality within our society.

          • lizdhm

            The fact that you see someone making sexual comments about a 10 year old as a joke is not surprising, given what a disgusting excuse for a human being you’ve already shown yourself to be. The issue isn’t the definition of consent, it’s the importance of consent, which you again have demonstrated you don’t understand or don’t care about. Easing taboos about women’s sexuality does make it easier to talk about sexual assault, yes. I can understand how that might seem like a bad thing to a “man” such as yourself. Perhaps you could wear some sort of sign around your neck expressing all this in a shorter form so that women everywhere will know to give you a wide berth.

          • MC

            He said….”…..they will let you”. Well, if someone lets you, then that is consent. Even if they are star struck and let it happen. As for the ten year old girl thing, he was joking, and I have heard grown woman say that about boys, as in “…ohhh…he’s so cute…I could just marry him”.

          • lizdhm

            He said he didn’t wait to determine that. Grabbing someone and then assuming it was okay because they’re too shocked or intimidated to cause a scene right there is not getting consent. What you’re describing women saying about boys (I doubt grown women let you get close enough to hear their conversations, but whatever) is a far cry from what Trump said.

            But please, continue being disgusting.

      • Becky Rouzer Northcutt

        He said they happened. His words are the proof.

  • Oh sweetie, really? Now say it slowly, then look it up in a nice dictionary – consent. Bless your heart.

    • MC

      Oh sweeties, Bless your heart. Did you not hear Trump say “…..they will let you”? Well ,if a girl or a guy is so enamored by another girl or guy or starstruck and they let that person be flirtatious and more….that is consent. And Trump kissing of a woman is no more than how the French greet each other with a kiss. Trump didn’t walk up and stick his tonque in their mouths. Where were all you liberals harping on all this nonsense sex allegations when it was REALLY true during Bill Clintons Presidency and Hillarys involvement in covering it up? What was said by the media in the 80’s and 90’s regarding Bill-“—-a persons sex life should not be a factor in serving”. If it was, JFK would never have served.

  • I just want to add another voice to the distinction between assault and consensual sex.

    Would a legally wedded couple, where a husband assaults his wife be less immoral than a consensual couple having sex out of wedlock? No. Making a case for sexual morality is one thing, feel free to do that, make a good case; but Trump has never endorsed that, and his entire life is a textbook against your standard of immoral behavior. Affairs, divorce, bragging about assault, and surprise surprise, being accused of it.

    I am happy to have a conversation about sexual morality, but you are comparing apples and oranges.


  • Riley Evans

    1) The Tea Party is bullshit. 2) ONE word: CONSENT. The hell is wrong with you? And a lot of America? How can you not separate consensual sex from fucking sexual assault?! Repulsive pig. Most of us liberals think Lena Dunham is disgusting, too! So is Amy Schumer. Mark, you are not “one of the nation’s most effective grassroots activists” as you self proclaim. You are a disgusting MRA. You should seriously be ashamed of yourself and disappear.

  • pint_of_porter

    This is complete horseshit. Neither Beyonce or Jay-Z is running for President. I’m not defending their lyrics or music (it’s horrible garbage, in fact). But Trump is a racist, misogynistic sexual predator, and he wants the keys to the White House? Not a chance.

    • Ed Wade

      So, you would rather give the keys to a known serial rapist. And don’t tell me he isn’t running for president. He will damn well be more than influential as Hellery’s first lady.

      • pint_of_porter

        Bill Clinton, despite what the clueless Trump sycophants might say, isn’t the subject here. Trump is a sexual predator, and he’s the one running (and clearly failing. I’ll drink to that).

        • Ed Wade

          Yeah, well, as a libtard, you’re expected to say something that stupid. Bill Clinton can’t legally run again, and the people wouldn’t stand for it if he could, so we get his sick murderous wife instead. What do you think he’s going to be doing, knitting booties for his grandkid? He’s a fucking rapist, and she is, too, as his enabler, and you’re OK with that. Keep drinking, dumbass. If you ever get sober you could be dangerous.

          • pint_of_porter

            “Libtard”? Well, you’ve got me convinced, well done.

  • Scenario

    There do seem to be two widely different moral standards in the U.S. especially when it comes to sex.

    Broadly speaking, the liberal view is that what happens between two consenting adults is their business and no one else. The key word is consent.

    The conservative view seems to be that all sex is inherently evil and that only sex between a married man and woman is acceptable. Women get to consent once, when they say I do at their wedding.

    That’s why you get such odd arguments between liberals and conservatives. For example, when a teenage boy molests his much younger sister, the liberal looks at it as wrong because the girl was too young to consent. A conservative believes that all sex is wrong so there is no real difference between a 15 year old and a 5 year old having sex or two 15 year old’s having sex. Both are equally wrong because both are sex out of marriage. If both of the sinners beg god for forgiveness, all should be forgiven.

    Or date rape. Liberals are upset because of the lack of consent. Conservatives view sex as wrong anyway so rape is just a different form of immoral fornication. The only thing immoral would be if the offender physically beats the victim. If there are no bruises, there is in effect no rape for the hard core far right wing conservative.

    Conservatives talk about individual liberty but demand the right to have the government force people to conform to their particular moral beliefs.

    • Dan McLeod

      You’re forgetting how many conservatives have defended Josh Duggar for being “young and curious”, brushing off the behaviour as if it’s nothing major because it happened years ago.

      But yes, conservatives think consent is some form of dirty word that messes up their puritanical view of society that they want based on a goat herding fairy tale.

      • Scenario

        That fits right in. The young are expected to wander from the true course and be corrected by their elders. Because all sexual curiosity is a sin they tend to lump together natural harmless behavior and predatory behavior together and not recognize the difference.

        They believe that children should be protected from their transgressions but they end up protecting criminal behavior as well as normal curiosity that violates their cultural norms.

    • Gabriel Axinte

      that only sex between a married man and woman is acceptable.
      Do not forget about procreation!Do you want sex without creating children?You are a hedonistic liberal libertine who cares only about his self-gratification.

  • Someone needs to learn the difference between consensual and non-consenual sex.

    It’s not the words, it’s the sexual assault, stupid.

    • Ed Wade

      There was no sexual assault, stupid, there was only talk. Maybe it’s YOU that needs to learn the difference.

    • MC

      Trump said when you are a star or celebrity they will LET you do it. If any woman LET him be flirtatious and more….then so be it.

  • MC

    In 30 years of being surrounded by beautiful woman, no one has ever accused Trump of anything,not being a racist and not sexual assault. Trump statements in the audio recording said “….they let you do it”. Yes, if a guy is popular, or a star…then woman (or vice versa) will let you get flirtatious and more perhaps. But “if they let you do it”……And there’s the point: I’m sure Trump and many guys hit on woman, but if the woman says no or not interested, a gentleman backs off, as in Trumps case. In 2 weeks, 6 woman miraculously come forward to make such claims and get all the TV airtime available. In 30 years, all of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s sexual accusers can’t get the light of day on TV, and they were real victims….and one had to be paid off and one resulted in impeachment hearings for Bill,….all the while Hillary knew about it and covered it up and smeared and drug these woman’s name through the mud. What is it she said: “Every rape victim deserves to be heard”. Really? What about those woman who Bill assaulted and Hillary covered up? What about the millions of dollars she and Bill take from Middle Eastern countries that treat woman like crap? Is she going to give that back? I more worried about what Hillary has done, and will do and less about who Trump has offended with words. Actions speak louder than words. And if Hillary can’t protect one embassy (Benghazi) how can she protect a country? Wikileaks has confirmed: she is for open borders, illegal immigration, Demorats are in bed with the media, media give answers to Demorats before being interviewed, media changes interviews if Hillary does not approve it. She has done far more than Richard Nixon did in hiding and deleting emails, but yet gets not even a slap on the wrist. The woman never past the bar exam, was kicked off the Nixon investigation team for lying and stealing, had insider information in Whitewater land deal, lied about being under fire when she landed in Bosnia, and lied a bout a video being the cause of Benghazi. She used her State Department for The Clinton foundation as a pay for play organization, stealing taxpayers money for personal gain. The Clintons are crooked and liars.

    • Lark62

      Trump had been accused of racism before the campaign.

      • MC

        Nope…where’s the evidence? Just like these woman coming out 6 weeks before an election after 30 years….all lies

        • Lark62

          Wow, that was hard.

          I googled “Trump racism” and got dozens of examples. His support for the KKK, his racist attacks on a hispanic judge, his refusal to rent to blacks.

          Here is one summary of 13 examples. And it was written months ago.

        • Julie Reitz

          his businesses have actually been fined for their racist policies. there are dozens of instances where he has been accused.

    • Dan McLeod

      Trump has been accused several times over the years, his money has just managed to shut things up.

      You’re still going on the “BENGHAZI!!!!!1” war cry? It wasn’t her fault congress didn’t provide them with the funding for better security.

      • Ed Wade

        You lefttards keep using that bullshit excuse. This, at a time when Obama is taking multimillion dollar vacations daily, and Hillary “lost” $6 billion of State department cash. No sir, you can’t say those men died because there was no money. That’s just your way of deflecting blame to Republicans when it was democrats in charge. That’s a lie.

        • Dan McLeod

          It’s not a fucking lie. Read the investigations into it you fuckwad

          • Ed Wade

            Yeah, it’s a lie, dumbass, and I have . So, those 600 times Stevens asked Hillary for help, she looked in the State Dept checkbook and just didn’t have the money. How stupid do you think people are? Not as stupid as you I hope. You mad bro?

      • MC

        He was never accused and never paid off. Where’s the evidence. Libya and Benghazi is her undoing, ISIS is in more places than before she took over as Sec. of State. And she used the Sec of State Dept. as a pay for play through the Clinton Foundation…

  • It’s about consent. CONSENT. Is that so hard to understand?

    • John Nace

      Apparently so.

  • Skeptical Jane

    Thick headed, souless jackass. And a big F you to Patheos for publishing this shit.

    • Jonathan

      Yes, this was an awful post. But Patheos is a great place to write, because they look for good writers with appealing content. In the interest of discourse, they let us say pretty much whatever we feel we need to say, without censure. Perhaps this dude wasn’t a great addition in the first place, but the criticism is due the author, not Patheos.

  • sullinsea

    That’s why they are so desperate to frame Trump for assault rather than a violation of morality they shrink from like vampires from holy water.

    • Lark62

      The reason Trump is being accused of sexual assault is that he bragged about committing sexual assault.

    • Dan McLeod

      Trump has no morals. A moral person wouldn’t use his name to trick people into real estate deals he had no intention of making sure would be followed through on.

  • Layni Shepherd

    what a load of complete hogwash, whilst you write about this utter nonsense I don’t see any reference to the great Republican Roger Stone who for the longest time was one of the senior architects of the bully tactics used by George Bush and other Republicans including for most of his campaign Donald Trump… and you think that the Democrats are immoral… ! I have been at the same wife swapping gang bang orgies as Roger Stone and Paul Manefort along with their wives, I have to say Lydia Stone was always beautiful.. People like you are impossible… People like me actually know the truth… with the photographic evidence… people like you are useless.

  • Johnny MoonOwl

    Huge difference between voluntary sexual activity and involuntary sexual activity. Sexual morality means different things to different people. To assume other’s legal sexual behavior is immoral because you disagree with it is simply just being judgemental. To Dump Trump because he has obviously admitted to engaging in illegal sexual activity, well now, THAT is moral.

  • Mindy Madsen

    Sadly, the only thing this article does well is further promote a misconception that sexual assault is the same as what some may view as immoral actions. Donald Trump stating he wanted to grab a woman’s p*^%y just because he could is NOT the same as Beyoncé singing about consensual sex. Could her lyrics be considered vulgar? Sure, but it’s not the choice of words used – it’s the act they are describing … a Consensual act! Donald Trump’s words are describing a NON-Consensual Act! (If you’re confused, ask yourself if you think any of the women Donald Trump is referencing offered to take him out for lobster). Similarly to Beyoncé’s lyrics, could Amy Schumer’s overly detailed sharing of her sexual experiences be considered vulgar? Sure, but once again – they were her experiences by Choice! Consensual sex = if Amy Schumer told a dude he could grab her. Non-Consensual sex = Donald Trump grabbing a woman without her saying she wanted him to. Furthermore, anyone exposed to Beyoncé’s lyrics, Amy Schumer’s show, or Lena Dunham’s book were most likely exposed by Choice (Choice – seeing a pattern here?) & therefore knew the experience they would be consenting to. The author of this article equally made a choice – to search out experiences (all blaming women I might add) in an effort to try and confuse others into thinking that his own personal issues with freedom of speech & a woman’s right to choose if, when, and how to engage in sex were the actual real issues. They are not. The issue is NOT vulgar language, what some may view as immoral actions, supporting sexual expression, or the public discussion of sex. It is not Donald Trump’s choice of a particular word. The issue IS a man bragging about what he believes was his right – for no other reason than because he is a man in a position of power – to assault and violate another human. The issue is that he FORCED his sexual choice on a woman, thus STEALING her choice from her. The issue is that people, like Mark Meckeler here, are further promoting sexual violence towards women by choosing to further blame women for the problem. The only thing Mr. Meckeler seems to have done well here is to choose Strong, Independent, Sexually Confident Women as examples of how women do have a Choice – a choice to engage in a consensual sexual experience and a Choice to Say NO to unwanted comments & physical advances by ANY “man” – no matter what position of power they may believe they are in. Please stop perpetuating the violence by pretending that sexual assault and sex are the same thing- they’re not.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    Is this article’s author intellectually dishonest or just plain stupid?

    Can he really not see the difference between what consenting adults do, regardless of what I might think about what they do, and sexual assault?

  • Dan McLeod

    Hahaha. You’re complaining about Beyonce song lyrics while being incapable of understanding the concept of consent.

  • Jill Erin Cooperman

    This is one of the most clueless things I have ever read. CONSENT is the issue, not sexuality.

    There’s a huge problem with this argument, which I have seen over and over again: sexualization is not objectification. I can choose to own my sexuality and flaunt it, that does not invite objectification. And objectification, reducing humans to objects without rights, or to property to be traded, is the problem…not how much I enjoy sex or how much cleavage I show.

  • When he f*** me good I take his a** to Red Lobster?” To date, there has been no outrage from the Left over this.

    Are you kidding me? There is no similar outrage from the left over this statement because she is not claiming to rape people. Do you seriously not understand that people are not objecting to Trump using dirty words, but to him claiming that he forces himself on women?

    College campuses can invite all the porn stars they want so long as all the people involved are consenting adults, the issue here is not “sexual immorality” as defined by the Christian right, I have no problem with open relationships, porn or any of the other things you bring up here, I have a problem with rape, this isn’t inconsistency, I just don’t find consensual sex morally objectionable.

    • Elizabeth Slough-Mills

      She’s singing about her husband, too, not someone she just saw for the first time, the way Trump talked about just walking up to any beautiful woman and grabbing her without her consent. But, you know, Republican.

  • JamieHaman

    Another male writer who doesn’t comprehend Consent.
    He just doesn’t get it at all.

  • Blerg

    How is it you don’t understand the difference between consensual sex and assault?! No wonder you’re supporting the Tiny-Fingered Vulgarian.

  • MC

    For the libertards who keep harping on consent, Trump said….”….and they will you do it”. Well, if someone lets you get flirtatious and more, then that is consent. He did not say, “I force myself on them”. I’m sure he and many guys might try to kiss a pretty girl and if they say no or rebuke it, Trump has always been a gentleman toward woman. BTW, where was the liberal media when Bill and Hillary were covering up his now factual sexual assault on woman in the 80’s and 90s with Hillary dragging these woman’s names and reputation through the mud to cover it up.And she’s supposed to be the protector of woman? What did she say, “all rape victims need to be heard”. Really? What about those woman Hillary? And Hillary takes millions from Saudi Arabia, who is the worse abuser of woman anywhere…

    • Grab. Their. Pussies.

      • SgtOxUSMC

        Is that plural or singular?

    • Farelle

      ‘let you do it’ means ‘are to afraid to complain’, that’s right he used fear and fame to get away with sexual assault, just like Bill Clinton.

    • Elizabeth Slough-Mills

      Actually he DID say he forced himself on them, you fucking inbred moron. If you touch someone without permission, that is assault. But you think not asking permission first isn’t assault? Then I hope we meet someday, because I’ll stroll up to you and kick you right in the balls (if you have any), and when you cry like the little bitch you are, I’ll tell the cops, “He didn’t stop me–HE JUST LET ME, so he must have wanted it.”

      • SgtOxUSMC

        Will you let your girlfriend help? You are a viscous and.ignorant animal. Do you ever wonder why you don’t have friends? You have no idea what it means to be female. You need help!!!!!!

    • PeedroPaula54

      “Trump has always been a gentleman toward woman.”

      *points and laughs*

    • Dan McLeod

      Since when is flirting a little invitation for being groped? Are you fucking stupid on purpose or what?

  • Julie Reitz

    trump openly confessed to sexually molesting women whenever he wanted. How does that have anything to do with promiscuity or an open sexuality? what the “left” is upset about is the “grabbing” not the word “pussy”. The lack of consent is the problem…..

  • Farelle

    The issue here is consent, not sex, two consenting adults? 3 consenting adults? I don’t care, Trump however was describing assault, why do Christians have such a huge issue with consent, not seeming to recognize it as a concept?

    • Scott Terry Green

      Exactly fucking morons.

  • Scott Terry Green

    Are you really that fucking stupid Mr. Meckler? Please get real. Go to the fucking beach and you’ll see more ass than any concert. Let me guess, you’re a good christian too?

    • Elizabeth Slough-Mills

      It’s only okay to be sexual if you’re a Republican. Then you can be the biggest whore in Alaska and everyone sings your praise.

  • bobnelsonfr

    When has Beyoncé boasted of sexually aggressing anyone? This screed is so typical of the wacko fundies! Mr Meckler isn’t upset by violence; he’s upset by sex.

    Mr Meckler’s loyalty to Mr Trump is stronger than his loyalty to Christ.

    • Elizabeth Slough-Mills


  • Gary Roth

    This is what you call, “deflection.” When someone callls you out for your bad behavior, you point at others and say, “What about them?” Beyonce is not Clinton. Try to focus.

    • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

      Mom used to say, “When you point a finger at someone, three are pointing back at you.”

      Thumbs don’t count, apparently.

  • Charles R. Ingrao

    She is an entertainer. She is not running for office. Funny the ones who seem to be caught in your so called,”sexually charged culture”, are conservative Christian teabaggers. Go figure.

  • Elizabeth Slough-Mills

    It is DISGUSTING that you deflect from your incestuous, pedophiliac sexual predator of a candidate by attacking a wife and mother on the grounds that she rejoices in her womanhood and her sexuality. It’s doubly ironic because you have no room to accuse anyone. Melania Trump is little more than a high-paid whore who sold herself to the highest bidder for wealth and a green card. And how about Bristol Palin–the serial slut who seems determined to have a bastard by every man in Alaska? Look to your own house, you vile hypocrite.

    • Scott Terry Green

      I love you friend. Cheers!

  • heidi jo bean

    The same Right, that blames the woman victim in a sexual assault, are also outraged when a woman shows any type of sexual “prowess,” even in entertainment.

    You see, men, like this author, feel that their sperm is sacred. They feel that only the Man should have control of if, and when, a woman becomes a mother.

    They don’t understand that once they ejaculate inside a woman, they have literally given up ownership of their sperm. And they surely won’t think about being responsible with their “little guys,” especially when they are young, and/or dumb, and/or full of cum.

    They are predominately against abortion, because they want to control women’s sexuality. It has NEVER been about the babeez… it’s always been about their fear of women having an equal foothold, on anything, even one’s own sexuality.

    Hey author, take this tripe, you call an article, and shove it.

  • Mark L Evans

    Wow, you just don’t get it do you? It is about consent, it is about sexual assault. If he had just said “yeah, I like the pussy” then there would be nothing to see here but no he claimed to sexual assault women.

  • Why is your side so confused about the idea of consent?

  • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

    Seriously? You see no difference between song lyrics and someone actively supporting sexual assault?

    Wow. Just…wow. You’re totally confused about the definition of ‘morality.’

  • SgtOxUSMC

    Reading the comments below and all I can say is that most liberals have no idea what consent means. You need morals to understand consent. The left has no morals. If you would wait until marriage, the consent would be taken care of. Wow, on what I am reading, you people have no clue. This world is worse than Nero’s world. Just paint me as “deplorable” and proud of it. I and other’s, will not let this once proud country, be controlled by by the left any longer. Your day in the sun will end on November 8th thank goodness!!!!!!!!

    • gif

      No, actually. Just because you are married does not mean you have given consent at any given moment.

      • SgtOxUSMC

        You need to further comment for me to respond. You are being to general.

        • Luke Austin

          Hey Spud, it’s “too” general, not “to”. I thought grammar was your big thing. Up your flag pole, Spud.

    • Javi Rodriguz

      I don’t believe your twisted logic makes you deplorable; but you might grapple with a few terms like consent, sexual predator, and hypocrisy. I’m confused by your statement about Clinton moreover–how is she responsible for anyone’s lyrics that requires her apology?

      • SgtOxUSMC

        I grew out of “twisted logic” many years ago. I take it that you mean grapple instead of “grapple. The terms you mention fit Bill Clinton to a “T”. I am not sure where you get in my statement that I was talking about Hillary Clinton. I was referring to the post below. Now if you would like for me to comment on what you said, then I will. She is not responsible. Simple as that. Anymore questions?

        • Luke Austin

          Bill Clinton is NO excuse for Trump. How do you think that works?
          I assume your deflection of Trump sleaze to Bill Clinton implies that you hold Trump in the same contempt as Bill Clinton. That is the only logical conclusion, right? If
          Bill Clinton is deplorable then Donald Trump is criminal. It’s just that we can do something about keeping Trump out of the Oval Office. There is no excuse for Trump comments and sexual assaults on women. At least Clinton had the consent of the women he cavorted with.

          • SgtOxUSMC

            There is no excuse for Trump’s comments. But they were 11 years ago. The rest of the accusations have not been proven. Are you the same person as 11 years ago?. Listen, if you think Hillary Clinton is not a criminal, after all that has come out, then there is no hope for you. I handled classifieds information when I was in the Marine Corps. I would be in the brig right now if I had done what she did. That’s a fact.

          • Luke Austin

            Spud, the guy admits that he sexually assaults women. Multiple women have come forward at known risks to themselves and their families (one is now leaving the country to escape threats). Their stories were shared and verified with others at the time of the assaults. You, the “Trump Defender” say they are liars. Right on, Spud, keep on sleazin’.
            Hillary and Bill have no relevance to Trump’s criminal sexual assaults.
            Trump is a serial sex offender. He’s admitted it, on record.
            You are a turd who defends a sex criminal that you think should be POTUS. Sorry, you lose again, Spud.

          • SgtOxUSMC

            You are just spouting what you hear from the MSM. Can’t think for yourself. You need to try that.. Makes you sound a lot smarter if you try it.

          • Luke Austin

            Spud, why couldn’t you just leave it at:
            “There is no excuse for Trump’s comments.”
            No “But”s, none necessary.
            These are not just “comments” Spud, these are admissions of sexual assault. The man was bragging about it! Laughing about it! And his recent history on remarks about women back up his demeaning attitude to women.
            What don’t you get? You’re a loser, Spud, same as Trump.

          • SgtOxUSMC

            They are just comments. Prove they are not. Can’t do it can you? Thought not.

          • Luke Austin

            “You can’t handle the truth”. Spud.

        • Javi Rodriguz

          Everyone is lying; even Trump was lying when he admitted to sexual assault.

          • SgtOxUSMC

            Sorry Javi, don’t do Huffington Post. Thanks for talking so civil thou. Not true for others here. You were brought up right. Thanks.

    • Luke Austin

      You have big surprises waiting for you on Nov 9th and thereafter. The end is finally here for the GOP who hid their deplorables in the cellar until Trump opened the door and look what we’ve all found. Nut cases and sociopaths galore. But all of us progressives new you were there just waiting for your chance to grab the gold ring. Too bad.

      • SgtOxUSMC

        Yep, you are right. Hopefully this is the end of the GOP! They have progressed into the left. By the way, it is “knew”, not “New”. Progs claim to be smart but prove the opposite.

        • Luke Austin

          “Bud the stud” knows how to spell. Good for you, Spud.
          Stupid f’n alt-righter, huh. America is goin’ muti-colored and you white bigots think your Nazi threats are scaring somebody. Wooo! You scare me fat boy. You are fat, right?

          • SgtOxUSMC

            Calling me a “white bigot”? For your news I am 1/4 black, 1/2 Lumbee Indian, and the rest Scandinavian. Just had my DNA done last year. So see how you just can’t win. Ready to quit while you are behind? Give it up moma’s boy.

          • Luke Austin

            and 100% bigot. You’re never gonna get your Rightfart honorary KKK card declaring that heritage. Are the Lumbee the “lazy” ones? Ya know the ones that join the military to get outta work.

          • SgtOxUSMC

            Little boy Lukie has no life. Can’t even make any argument. Moma’s calling. It’s Saturday night and you have nothing to do. Tell you what. I feel sorry for you. If you need a friend, I am here. I know you don’t have any. Now, how was that, for someone so bigoted like me? Wanna know about the Lumbee Indian Tribe, look it up. Now, got anything else to say? Come on, I’m here for you.

    • Luke Austin

      Start your revolution. Get busy with those 2nd Amendment rights you want to exercise so badly. I and a lot of other progressive are waiting for you. You will be wiped out, thank goodness!!!!!!

      • SgtOxUSMC

        Think you are a “badass” hiding behind that keyboard? Progs are wimps. I am a retired Marine. No Marine is a prog thank goodness. I don’t think you and your “sissy” progs will do anything but whine like you always do. Keep hiding in your mom’s basement.

        • Luke Austin

          You are no Marine. You are a sleazy, lying, loser, coward and fraud. The same as your imbecilic Trump. See you in the streets MF.

          • SgtOxUSMC

            Another chickenass wuss hiding behind a keyboard. I’m sure you would pee on yourself if you saw me. So easy to hide behind that keyboard. Wanna meet me? I think not.

          • Luke Austin

            I’d love to meet you, Spud. Leave a hook-up message on Reno CL personals, mention “Spud needs dick” . I’ll be waiting…

          • SgtOxUSMC

            So now I know where you live. Stupid to do that. I thought you were dumb, but now I know. Be seeing you.

        • Luke Austin

          Trump’s a Marine too. HA!

        • Dan McLeod

          You’re a marine animal maybe. Probably a fat whale.

          • SgtOxUSMC

            Want to find out? Meet you anywhere, any time. You’re a wuss hiding behind a keyboard. Watch out what you wish for.

          • Dan McLeod

            You’re the useless fuck claiming to be some hard core marine. your threat is laughable. Oooh. Someone claimed to be military online. Real scary. Not.

          • SgtOxUSMC

            Took you long enough to respond. Couldn’t think of a comeback huh. Want me to take a photo of me and my retired ID card? By the way, I don’t threat. Don’t need to. Like I said, want to find out? You’re language belongs in the gutter with you. Now have you had enough? Just let me know.

        • The Witch of Endor
          • SgtOxUSMC

            So that’s what you look like. Aren’t the swords tough on your fish net stockings? You need a more original name. To many online using that. Need to be different right?

          • The Witch of Endor
          • SgtOxUSMC

            Prove what “honey”? Think I am a gay hater? Afraid not. Have a very close friend who is gay. Is the nicest person you could ever meet. Want me to have him post here to prove it? So you are bored? I’m not. Come on.

    • Dan McLeod
      • SgtOxUSMC

        It must be hard being you. Afraid to use words huh? Or you don’t know any.

  • Philip Abraham

    Wow. Mark Meckler’s essay : That’s one strangely twisted argument.

  • Luke Austin

    I don’t listen, watch of follow Beyonce. Couldn’t care less.
    Why would you condemn me for what you consider immoral actions of somebody I have no knowledge of other than her celebrity name. And she isn’t running for POTUS.
    That’s an insult to me. But hey, you’re an idiot, desperate to defend an indefensible sexual predator like DJ Trump with a completely irrational insult.
    You make me sick. I think Larry Flint is a Republican, want his reputation for all conservatives? Up yours and all.

    • SgtOxUSMC

      “Up yours and all all”. What the left resorts to when they can’t win an argument. Takes real brains.

      • Luke Austin

        Hey Spud, misquoted me. It’s
        “Up yours and all.”
        “all” is in reference to all your idiot pals in the “Breitbart Rightfart Party” “Hi” to all the “Rightfarters.”

        • SgtOxUSMC

          Your juvenile name calling is wasted on me. Grow up and maybe someone might believe you.

    • Jerry Grimes

      So, you’re ok with putting the rapist BJ back in the White House? Just for reference, here’s a long list of BJ’s sexual assaults:

      Some are hearsay, others ended up with him settling, like Paula Corbin for $850,000 to avoid trial.

      Oh, and Monica? The intern? With BJ’s, um, DNA on a blue dress? Impeached for obstruction of justice?

      So sure, let’s put that guy back in the White House. Sure. Defend that position. HillBillary are a package deal.

      • MindWarrior

        The white house interns are laying in for an ample supply of cigars, in anticipations of Billy’s return.

  • g75401

    Let me see, Trump boasting about sexually assaulting women is the same as Beyonce singing about consensual sexual behavior. I can see where you are accusing the left of a double standard. Let me retort…..Bill Clinton was a horrible person in your book for having oral sex performed on him in the Oval Office yet Trump is okay for forcing himself on, at least, 10 other women, his wife, Marla Maples, and, allegedly, a 13 year old girl. I get it completely. You probably still think liberals are all about moral relativism.

    • SgtOxUSMC

      Prove your accusations against Trump. Let me help you, you can’t. Quit trying to sound like the MSM and start thinking for yourself. You will sound a lot smarter.

      • The Witch of Endor

        No one needs to prove much of anything. Trump is doing that all by himself.
        There’s a rumor that Bernie will become chair of the Senate Budget Committee and we’re hoping Hilz will put President Obama up for SCOTUS. The Obamas did buy a house in DC…

        • SgtOxUSMC

          Just keep believing what you want to with the polls and the site you put forth. Would love to see your face on November 8th. See, this is just like 1980 all over again. The democrats would need to take the Senate for that t happen with Bernie. By the way, I like Bernie, he tells the truth. Hate he sold out to the Democratic Party. Especially since they treated him so wrong. Don’t you agree?

  • Douglas Trevett

    Boyonce is not running for president and therefore become the most powerful person in the world. You need to get a bit of balance in your life Mr Meckler and grow up a little!

  • The “innocence” of childhood is just another word for enforced ignorance. And it’s usually cynically deployed, by people who want to feel superior others by virtue of possessing special knowledge that others don’t have. Do people really think that kids don’t think about sex and sexual activity when they are young? Hint – they do. And denying them access to factual information about it doesn’t make them stop thinking – it just means that their thinking is all screwed up, and may take quite a while to repair.

    I grew up back in the 1950s, when there was next to no information about alternative sexualities available to nice middle-class kids. As a result, I did some psychological numbers on myself that basically froze me out of anything sexual for the next 20 years. It took me another 15 years to come to terms with myself, once information became available. Anyone who thinks this is as a good situation needs to experience it for him or herself.

    I’m not saying that Beyonce constitutes the most effective form of sex education there is. But it is enormously better than no information, which only begets confusion and frustration. At least there is the possibility for some dialogue on the subject, which for gay kids in particular is essential.

  • sabarclay

    Are you actually incapable of recognizing the difference between sexual liberation and sexual assault?

    • Jewll

      Yes, yes he is. See, in his distorted view of reality, women are not human beings, just property. Their value is tied to whether their hymen is intact if they are single and to their ability to not think about sex except in terms of pleasing their husbands and baby-making if they are married. To be sexually liberated is to be less than female in such a distorted worldview.

  • Aubreythecat

    Yes, the word you’re forgetting is “Consent”. Look it up.

    Democrats feel a moral superiority to everyone else

    Can you wonder why, when you don’t understand the difference between a woman like Beyoncé celebrating her own sexuality and a 60 year old bloke grabbing an unwilling woman by the genitals?

  • Charissa Grace White

    Thanks for trivializing my abuse and reducing it to my supposed ignoring of a culture of sexual immorality…yeah I was REALLY IGNORING IT while that monster pawed at me, spat in my face…and then lied about it.

    Yeah…I ignored that.

    You are really really…oh God. I would have to simply start swearing at you to express my outrage and horror at how badly you have missed the boat, you hapless hapless jerk.

  • tommymato

    Er, Beyonce isn’t running for President.

  • Mike C

    The problem isn’t the word “pussy” it is the words “grab” and “without asking”. Do you get that?

    • lady_black

      I’m not sure he does. He’s either not the brightest bulb in the string, or a really, really deplorable basket (pun intended).

  • Christopher Angel

    The entire premise is a distraction from the real issue. Herr Drumpf is not being called out due to immorality he is being called out for celebrating and participating in sexual assaults against women. Yet again this entitled buffoon has shot his big mouth off. For decades he has had handlers to respin his constant missteps. When he was just another attention seeking prat few paid either much attention. He is in the big leagues now and he has no clue how to handle it.

  • Sex isn’t the problem, you troglodyte, rape is. Sexual assault is. Not sex, consent. Consent is the issue. Consent is the entire issue. Not sex, consent. If this is the kind of self governance you fight for, the kind that does not know that rape is a generally bad thing, then what the fuck are you doing?

    • David Ansell

      The same mentality that lumps gays, lesbians, sexual predators, pedophiles and acts of bestiality in the same moral camp. What a jackass!

    • Trump did not rape anyone! Clinton did and a predator and pedophile like him running around the White House would not be a great thing for the USA. Hillary Clinton was and is to Bill Clinton what THE Football Coach for Pennsylvania University who profited for decades the Clintons have done worse welling country secrets. That IS CALLED TREASON!
      They have gone a little bit TOO FAR! She is NOT Presidential Material.
      Degeneration and immorality in the White House, Air Force One , you name it, they have done it and so have the Obamas. IT STINKS!!!!

  • burton brunson

    Real interesting. Someone who knows his argument is weak tries to intimidate his adversary with irrelevant name calling. Most of the critics in this case avoid the real issue of the article — an alleged culture of sexual immorality — and try to switch to a different issue, a view that only involuntary sex is wrong, with implication that no consensual sex is immoral. Broadly speaking, some people feel that the culture portrayed by the Beyoncé photo in the article stimulates sexual activity, to a level that produces too many children who will never know who their daddy is. Other people feel that’s not the case, or that it’s not important that some children are raised by a single parent. The message of the article doesn’t push for Trump; it addresses the callous hypocrisy of the left in paying so much attention to Trump’s announcements, and so little attention to the plight of fatherless children and their confused and terrified sires. Some people think progs/libs/leftists lack the capacity to relate cause and effect, therefore have no concept of consequence. These posts do nothing to counter that view.

    • lady_black

      Only non-consensual sex is wrong.

  • Yes, This is Michelle Obama’s friend a woman that mingles with her daughters and it is OK , because it is them. They are HIPOCRITES. The same IMMORAL CAMPAIGN that Barack Hussein Obama ran in 2007- 2008and 2010 and 2011 and the Clintons have always acted high ad mighty and his administration was THE MOST IMMORAL EVER > PROMISCUITY WAS IN SCHOOLS ALL AND HE AND SHE PROMOTED IT.. Do as I say Not as I do, same with Michelle Obama’s school lunches, while he brats ate delicious succulent well balanced meals the rest of the country school kids ate CRAP that they wouldn’t eat even if paid to do so and kids in schools were starving. I would ask Michelle Obama was this part of the plan to get the populous used to CRAP because thanks to her husband there is going to be RICH and POOR in the country like England during Robin era.
    That is the direction the country is going. BACKWARDS. They , the Obamas squeeze us , live large as they had never lived before because they are slimy LOUTS , Yokels that are CHEAP gross people that like to live like Leashes! sucking others blood. Barack Hussein Obama’s Father and mother did that used the system and abused the government claiming all kinds of things to climb up with NO EFFORT the ladder and become the MAFFIA KING that riles the country. The Clintons mafiosos the same , but not so aggressive got overcome by the Obamas who run a slimy campaign used the internet, geeks in DC that worked for him and took over Clinton’s organization they were rougher and knew their methods. Tim Kaine is another hypocritical slimy thug another sucker and leash that found with his wife that theu can live of the people. The corruption, immorality is so embedded in the USA culture that those that extend their hand and get something do not care they are helping this mafiosos destroy our country. If Clintons get in the White House again GOD SAVE US. THE GODFATHER OBAMA wil keep dealing drugs and Clintons selling the country! Some kids will never find out What Ethics, Morals, Principles, Virtues, Scruples etc… etc…are. So sad, Total CORRUPTION and IMMORALITY!

  • MindWarrior

    Arguing over things that are low in priority, waiting for an election that’s already been decided. See what the boyz in the back room’ll have….

  • MaryAnne Inok Oragunye

    Entertainment and real life crime of groping people, unwanted sexual advances are two different things please. The entertainers are not running for the office of the President of the United States, Donald Trump is.

    • Burgess Krell ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Was he running for President when he made that private remark?

      • lady_black

        Orange baboons don’t change their spots.

        • Burgess Krell ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          and by that you mean felonious Clintons do not stop committing felonies. Thank you for your admission 🙂

        • wsurfs .


          • lady_black

            As nasty as I wanna be.

          • wsurfs .

            Continue wasting your time..!! It’s your pitiful, simple, little life….!!!!

    • Mary Rose-Smith

      You don’t see the correlation between the lyrics in music and they way young people think and act? Singing artists need to clean it up and take some responsibility for the culture they have created.

  • who what huh

    Yeah, yeah, Republicans don’t see the difference between what consenting adults do and some 60 year old married man bragging about grabbing women by the genitals without consent, and think the former is worse if anything. We get it.

    • Phil Moncrief

      Yea and you will continue to post inarticulate dribble under a false name .
      BTW it’s not a crime to talk about it, but Mr Clinton has actually done it for years ….

  • Scrody

    Consensual sex. Sexual assault. Rape. Learn the difference, and then try again.

    • Alien & Stranger

      All depravity. But then leftists don’t acknowledge theirs.

  • Earl Wyatt

    Yeah right the commentors here are a bunch of hypocritical shills. When are Rap artists like JZ and co’s lyrics about anything other than violence and being degrading towards women. Some of the most disgustingly depraved rap “artists” are regularly invited to the WH. Just listen to their lyrics. Heres the context of what Donald Trump ACTUALLY said and the context. Hypocrites like yourselves have probably said far worse:

  • lady_black

    Let’s be real clear here. The objection isn’t to “immorality,” “dirty language” or anything like that. It’s about sexual assault.
    The larger culture doesn’t make sexual assault OK. It doesn’t make it OK to grab women and kiss them and grope them without consent. And it SURE doesn’t make it OK for a skeevy pervert to walk in on teenage women in states of undress to “inspect.” These are BOUNDARY violations. And shame on you for excusing them.

    • Dan

      You’re just envious because no man wants you.

      • lady_black

        LOL. No, maybe YOU’RE envious because no man wants you.

      • wsurfs .

        ,,,or maybe no woman, either….!!

    • Phil Moncrief

      No … a ” boundary violation” is not sexual assault. maybe you should focus on becoming more intelligent before you post on the internet. And Mr Clinton has been accused of assault many many times.

      • lady_black

        And is Mr. Clinton bragging about his assaults?
        I don’t need to “become more intelligent” to post on the internet. My tested IQ of 143 is more than sufficient. “Boundary violation” is a broad category that includes sexual assault. A boundary violation can be as simple as giving unsolicited advice, or as complicated as a sexual battery, which is unwanted touching of another in a sexual manner. What Mr. Trump was speaking of, grabbing women by the genitals, or kissing them without consent definitely falls into the category of a sexual battery. I’m using the word battery because it’s more legally precise than assault.

        • wsurfs .

          GO to your “safe space” and suck your little thumb, LOSER…!!

        • Ron Swaren

          And there are also women who throw caution to the wind when they find a wealthy man. They are commonly called “gold diggers” and frequently get into situations over their head. No matter what their IQ is.

          • lady_black

            What does THAT have to do with a hill of shit?

          • Mary Rose-Smith

            I’m sure those are the women Trump was referring too. You cannot even see that “Queen Bey” dances and gyrates like a stripper. She looks like trash. OH – and while we are on the subject of Beyoncé…if she is so “Black Power”…Why doesn’t she rock her natural hair instead of that blonde thing she wears? Madonna was my idol back in the day – but I grew up. Dry humping the stage – crotch grapping antics are not in line with my personal values. So Trump says he can grab ***** because he’s rich – he’s probably right. Women with low morals and IQ’s probably would let him do so. He didn’t say he’s done it. Where as we all know Bill took advantage of his position to have a sexual relationship with a young naïve intern. That is just as disgusting. Blindly idolizing someone gets nobody anywhere.

          • lady_black

            Who’s doing that?

          • Mary Rose-Smith

            both sides

        • Donald

          Oh, so your saying it’s okay for Bill Clinton to have sexually assaulted women and get his manhood sucked in the white house by a young lady intern because he isn’t bragging about it. Well that’s messed up, What a hypocrite! You want to call out Trump for some sexist comments he said over 10 years ago but give Mr. Clinton a free ride because he wants all his sexual assaults in the past to stay undercover. (no pun intended) I guess it’s working because we have people who defend Clinton for his actions and condemn Trump for his words! “Boundary Violation” Hmmmmm, nice wide brush you have there or is it a really narrow brush!!

        • Vina Evans

          When you have to tell someone your IQ score, you’re not very intelligent!

          • lady_black

            That’s bullshit, and you know it.

          • Vina Evans

            So classy like Beyonce, you are!

    • wsurfs .

      Bill Clinton does all those things and much, much WORSE..!!

  • bafco2012

    Is the audience behind their protective screen bcuz it looks like Beyonce is gonna blow toxic chunks on stage like Hillary bus did on the streets of Georgia. Her bus had IBS. That’s right, irritable bus syndrome. 😛

  • bafco2012

    the detestables Miley Cyrus and Modanna help Hillarys campaigns motto: “A little less talk and a lot more action.” Miley becomes a street walker & Madaonna said she will give blow jobs in exchange for a vote for Hillary.. She will even do a hanging Chad. Proverbs 6:12-31

  • wsurfs .

    Beyonce and JayZ are NASTY…!