Advice to Young Men: Don’t Marry Feminists

Advice to Young Men: Don’t Marry Feminists May 25, 2017

I had a son and I had a daughter, and I whole heartedly support nationally recognized parenting expert Suzanne Venker’s recent advice she gave on PJ Media.  She imagined giving her too-young-for-marriage son advice about marriage, and she summed up years’ of collected wisdom in this one sentence:

Son, don’t marry a feminist.  

“Feminists are perpetually angry and dissatisfied,” she explained, “and have no sense of humor.”  But that wasn’t the only reason.  Not by a long shot.

Don’t marry a feminist.

Don’t marry a feminist, son, because she has an ax to grind, and someday you’ll become her target.

Don’t marry a feminist because she’s unable to give for the sake of giving. Feminists always tally up a score.

Don’t marry a feminist because family will not come first. Her career will.

I can already predict that Venker will get criticized for her column, but she’s telling the absolute truth.  have you ever met a self-identified feminist who says, “my family is the most important thing in my life?”  Me either.  She goes on:

Don’t marry a feminist because equality, not marriage, is her ultimate goal. And for marriage to work, the focus and commitment has to be marriage.

Don’t marry a feminist because if you get divorced, which you likely will since competitive relationships don’t last, she’ll blame you — and then use your kids as a weapon.

Don’t marry a feminist because you’ll never be happyI love it.  This is good advice for young men.

Image Credit: Flickr Garry Knight


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