LGBT Activists Angry at – Wait for It – Gay Parents and Those Who Support Them

LGBT Activists Angry at – Wait for It – Gay Parents and Those Who Support Them February 7, 2018

The left is eating its own, so pop some corn.  Apparently, lesbians are upset that gay dads are getting all the attention. A Slate article recently delved into gay-dad bigotry against other gay couples.  Yes, really.  It reads:

In other words, there’s still a social hierarchy in the gay fatherhood world, with coupled white parents at the top. Unsurprisingly, these men also tend to have lots of disposable income. (Surrogacy can cost upward of $75,000, though Carroll says it was uncouth to discuss these costs explicitly in the group.)

“Even adoption is stratified,” Carroll said. Potential adoptees, she noted, “must prove they have the physical space and income to provide a stable home.”

Wait, what? So, determining if you can provide a safe stable home for a child is bigoted now?  This article takes the anti-adoption fervor of the Left, adds in homosexuality, and comes up with a cocktail of nuttiness.  It continues:

“The gay people who said that society should accept gay couples as adoptive parents and families because they are families like everybody else — they’re now the bigots who have otherized and excluded other gay parents.”

Wait, there’s more:

“The representations of lesbian and gay parents by the ‘enlightened’ media evinces a form of homophobia that is at once less dramatic and more insidious, focusing as it does on acceptance of gay parents as heterosexual clones,” she writes. Gay parents who didn’t fit a certain mold were sidelined to present a comforting image to straight society.

It seems like the new mantra is this: Everyone is a bigot, especially if you’re working really hard not to be a bigot.  Then you’re a really bad bigot.  Is there a rule book somewhere?

If there was, it would be filled with rules. I’m sure they’d include: don’t you dare dress your adopted baby in blue if it’s a boy, you cis-centric jerk.

I’d shudder to read the rest of them.

Image Credit: Rebel Circus

Hat Tip: The American Conservative

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