Brown University Introduces ‘Safe Spaces for Men’ Where They Can Unlearn Masculinity

Brown University Introduces ‘Safe Spaces for Men’ Where They Can Unlearn Masculinity April 15, 2018

Ever heard of safe spaces for men, cozy little nests where men can learn about their own “toxic masculinity” and where they can unlearn “what it means to be a man?”  Okay, I’ll wait until you stop laughing, but this is no joke.  Well, it is a joke, but this is actually being offered by Brown University’s Health Services office.  “Modern society is quick to bestow unearned privilege on men … there is nothing in place to teach men — young men especially — how to avoid abusing that privilege or how to leverage it for good,” Brown ominously warns.

Never fear.  They have a class for that.  It’s called “Unlearning Toxic Masculinity,” and it “offers a three-pronged approach for helping male students recover: a weekly discussion group to unlearn “toxic masculine norms,” a biannual magazine, and a video series.”  According to PJ Media:

The crux of the programming revolves around Masculinity 101 Peer Education, a peer-to-peer weekly discussion group that convenes male students to talk about issues such as “Cultivating Empathy” and “Harm and Healing.”

Apparently, 8 students will facilitate these workshops, which aims to instill “healthier norms of masculinity can and should look like.”  But men should be embarrassed to show their faces in such a place.   Any who do so should be mocked mercilessly.  Good place to set up some lawn chairs, bring a cooler full of beer, play some loud country music, and laugh as any guys come and go.  It would be very entertaining.

Is that too harsh?

Okay, at least this:  We should stand outside and provide “rescue” services for these guys.  We could offer to take them to the gun range, teach them how to safely use firearms, and afterwards we could sit around, drink beer and watch old westerns.

But I have to give the university credit.  Brown wants this workshop to be where men can unlearn “what it means to be a man.”  If any man goes willingly into this classroom, I’d say… mission accomplished.

Hat Tip: PJ Media

Image Credit: Pixabay

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